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Woman Killed Husband With Sugar For Abuse Against Children?!

In 2007 Corinna Smith, from Neston, UK, had lost her son to suicide and over a decade later she allegedly had proof about the reason why he had taken his own life. That was enough for the 59-year-old Brit to take action against the supposed criminal and so she took the life of her husband! What did Smith’s daughter tell her that made the woman turn to such heinous actions? In what painful way did she exact her revenge? And what did she do after committing the crime? Read until the very end to find out all the details about this horrific case!

Corinna Smith - Death of Her Son

In 2007, Corinna’s son Craig had taken his own life. Before his suicide, he was in trouble and according to local media, he spent time in prison for an assault. Allegedly he had told his mom that the man he attacked was a ‘paedophile’ who had ‘touched him sexually’. But it seemed that the identity of the man was never revealed at the time and no action was taken against him as the day after he made this revelation to Smith, he ended up taking his own life.

Corinna Smith - Daughters Revelation Clears It All Up

Though it was once her daughter revealed some things that had allegedly taken place in their childhood, that led to Smith connecting the dots. As the court heard, Corinna had become enraged after her daughter told her that her husband of 38-years, 80-year-old Michael Baines had prayed on her and her brother “for many years when they were children”.

Corinna Smith - Plan For Revenge

The mother of two had already planned out her revenge. She had taken a bucket from the garden in her house, she boiled as little as two kettles of water and then mixed it with three bags of sugar. This mix had made the liquid more viscous, thicker, and stickier so that it stayed on the skin and caused greater damage and that is exactly what happened. But read on to find out what Smith did next.

Michael Baines - Horrific Injuries

Once her mixture was ready she had made her way into the bedroom of the house that she shared with her husband. Michael was in bed asleep at the time when Corinna had poured the boiling liquid over his arms and torso. As you can imagine, after suffering from such an attack, 81-year-old Baines suffered significant burns to 36% of his body and left him in excruciating pain. However, his wife did not stick around to witness her husband's agony.

Corinna Smith - Flees The Scene

After committing this heinous crime, Smith had fled the scene but not in the way you might think. While some people would try to leave the city or even the country, Corrina went to a nearby house and banged on the front door until the person living there opened it. They were the ones who had contacted police and an ambulance after she had told them “I’ve hurt him really bad, I think I’ve killed him.” But that wouldn’t be the end of the fight for either Smith or Baines so read on to find out what happened.

Michael Baines - Fight For His Life

Not long after the phone call was made, officers arrived at the address. They had found Michael in excruciating pain and whimpering in bed with the skin on his right arm and hand peeling off. As the officers on the scene said in court the 80-year-old had told them that he was burned all over, that his wife had poured boiling water over him and that he wanted to just die. The ambulance had taken him to a burns unit at the nearest hospital where he was stabilized in the critical care unit and later the high dependency unit. He had spent around five weeks in hospital and needed repeated surgery and skin grafts, but unfortunately, his condition deteriorated and he died a month later, on August 18th, 2020.

Corinna Smith - Arrest And Court

Following the incident, Corinna was initially charged with grievous bodily harm. However, after her husband had passed away as a result of the injuries that her actions have caused to him, the case was no longer that of injury. Soon Smith was being charged with murder. Her trial at Chester Crown Court took place in June 2021 and lasted for five days with the sentencing taking place July 9th. Make sure to read until the very end how the case ended for Corinna.

Corinna Smith - The Trial

During the trial, the persecutors had looked over the case and revealed the reasons for her acting out against her husband. They had stated that they were unable to say whether the allegations against Michael Baines were true or not but that they accepted that they were made and that Corinna had believed them to be true, which is what caused her to act in the way that she did. Smith herself pleaded not guilty, arguing that the manslaughter was due to loss of control.

Corinna Smith - Her Sentence

However, the loss of control argument was weakened by the planning that was needed to carry out the attack, especially by the fact that it would have taken around 13 minutes to boil up all the water in the kettle. The prosecution case was that the 59-year-olds actions were deliberate and considered and that she acted out in anger to exact vengeance for what she believed that her husband had done. And so, after the 5-day trial, the jury had announced that they believe that she intended to either kill Michael or to cause him some serious harm and because of that, they found her guilty of murder. As per a report from the BBC, she has been jailed for life with a minimum of a 12-year sentence before she can apply for parole.

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