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Morgue Worker Raped A Dead Man And Got Pregnant!

Sometimes there are some stories that just seem so shocking and surprising that they’re hard to believe. The case of Felicity Marmaduke that started circulating the web in 2010 was one of them. This mortuary worker had allegedly taken her job of caring for the bodies of the deceased and preparing them for burial a little too far when she had sex with a corpse that had been brought in from the morgue and then later found out she was pregnant! What happened to the woman? And what plans did she have for the man’s family? Make sure to read until the very end to find out the surprising twist in this story!

Necrophilia - What Is It

Necrophilia can be defined as having a sexual attraction towards or a sexual act involving a corpse. Reports about it have been reported throughout history, from ancient world sailors to ancient Egypt. But when looking to find cases of people who had acted upon such urges, one does not have to look to something that happened thousands of years ago. Some of the most infamous people that had admitted to having intercourse with the bodies of the deceased have been serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy who both at one point revealed that they would have intimate relations of various natures with the corpses of their victims.

Felicity Marmaduke - Exemplary Employee

But to hear about such horrific actions you don’t necessarily have to look at serial killers or those who have gone down in history for those acts. One person who would be the last one anyone would suspect of doing something like that was Felicity Marmaduke who had, according to reports, worked at Mourning Glory Mortuary just outside of Lexington, Missouri. As it was reported her employer was pleased with Felicity because he saw that the young woman took her job very seriously.

Felicity Marmaduke - The Crime

The woman’s shocking interest had reached its zenith when the body of a man who died as a result of a car accident, was brought into the morgue. At that point, nothing seemed to suggest that something out of the ordinary would take place as the 38-year-old began washing the body as she always had done while working there. Though as reports stated, it wasn’t until she noticed that the body had an erection that things changed. And for those of you who may be wondering, a post-mortem erection, which is sometimes called “angel's lust” is possible! It was at that point that Marmaduke couldn’t allegedly contain her urges anymore and after making sure the doors were closed properly, she engaged in sexual intercourse with the dead man.

Felicity Marmaduke - Pregnancy

She would have gotten away with her actions had it not been for one thing. A few weeks later, the woman’s period was late. Not thinking too much of it, she went to see a doctor who did some tests which had come back with one clear answer, that she was pregnant. Felicity had no idea who the father of the child could be as she did not have intercourse with any man in recent times...that is not counting the necrophilia that she had committed at her job!

Felicity Marmaduke - Revealing The Truth

To the woman it must have seemed impossible that she was pregnant and so during the examination she admitted to the doctor that it was impossible for her to be pregnant due to the fact that the only man she had sex with was a corpse. However, later she did also reveal that the deceased man, whose identity was never revealed, had an orgasm. And while that sounds crazy, it is something that can happen but only in rare cases, such as if the person has recently passed away and the body hasn’t started the decomposition process. But that is not the only surprising thing about this case so make sure to read to the very end to find out what else happened!

Felicity Marmaduke - Arrest

As you can imagine, the gynecologist could not believe what he was hearing and did as many people would have and immediately called the police. According to reports, the pregnant woman was arrested the very same day and during her interrogation admitted to having done such a thing many times before. Marmaduke said that she had used the organs of deceased people for sexual purposes in the past and that she never really paid any attention to the age of the person. She was held on bail for $250,000 and officers had charged Felicity with desecration of the dead and necrophilia. Prior to her arrest, some reports also suggested that she had intended to sue the dead man’s estate for child support!

Necrophilia Case - Other Cases

The news media occasionally do report cases of workers or other people at mortuaries/cemeteries attempting to engage in sex with bodies of the deceased, or even serial killers like the aforementioned Dhamer and Bundy. Such has been the case of 60-year-old Kenneth Douglas who worked as a morgue attendant in Ohio between 1976 and 1992, where he admitted to sexual crimes against the dead woman while working the night shift. As per a report from the Independent, he admitted to sexually abusing the cadavers of over 100 people over a period of 16 years. Douglas wasn’t discovered until 2008 when his semen was found on a 19-year-old murder victim. For his crimes, the man was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Felicity Marmaduke - Not All That It Seems

And while such cases have happened in real life, the story about this particular pregnant mortuary worker Felicity Marmaduke was not one of them. While the story went viral online back when it was first published, a post on the website Snopes, which often debunks fake news articles, had revealed that this story first appeared on the Dead Serious News site whose ‘About’ pages notes that “Dead Serious News is a satirical website that is updated on an irregular basis. With the exception of the names of public figures, all names are fictional.”

Jennifer Burrows - A Similar Case

Snopes had also revealed that another story went viral on the web in 2016 that alleged that a Jennifer Burrows who was an assistant pathologist with the Jackson County medical examiner services was accused of a similar crime after she had allegedly given birth to a baby boy as a result of having intercourse with a corpse. This story which was supposedly recycled from the Felicity Marmaduke one was published by World News Daily Report which was labeled as a fake news site and once again, another story about a woman pregnant with a dead man’s baby was debunked.

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