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The Zodiac - After 50 Years The Serial Killer Has Been Identified!

There is no other serial killer as stirring to the imagination as the Zodiac. In the 1960s and early 1970s, he took the lives of innocent people in the San Francisco area and sent letters to local newspapers with descriptions of his crimes and mysterious ciphers, the breaking of which would reveal his identity. Over the years, forensic experts and amateurs have studied them, but to no avail. Just as the extensive search for the killer was to no avail, The Zodiac remained elusive for more than 50 years, keeping successive generations of detectives awake at night. During that time there has been much speculation as to who he might have been, but only in recent days has an independent investigative team announced that the killer has finally been identified! Who is likely to be the Zodiac? Will he finally end up behind bars and answer for his crimes? What is the story behind this most famous serial killer in America? Read on to the end to learn about one of the most extraordinary crime mysteries in history.

The Zodiac - Serial Killer

The Zodiac Killer has been officially linked to five murders and two attempted murders that occurred in 1968 and 1969 in the San Francisco area. However, he himself, in letters sent to newspaper editors, claimed responsibility for sending at least 37 people back to the other world. He marked his correspondence with a rather peculiar symbol, similar to the logo of the Swiss watch company Zodiac, and this is what gave rise to the most memorable nickname in the history of criminology. The murderer's case frustrated investigators and went unsolved for years, but it also inspired three other copycat killers, as well as a number of books, documentary programs, and films. In 2007, the most memorable production was titled "Zodiac," starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo, and few people realize that even "Dirty Harry" with Clint Eastwood alluded to the case of the famous serial killer. And what is the real, not movie, story of the Zodiac? Who did he choose as his victims? Read on…

The Zodiac - David Faraday & Betty Jensen First Victims

On Friday evening, December 20, 1968, a pair of teenagers decided to have a romantic time by parking their car along Lake Herman Road, which was a well-known meeting place for lovers. David Faraday, 17, and his younger girlfriend, Betty Jensen, did not realize that their date would have a tragic ending. At one point, another car parked near them, and its driver got out, fired shots at the teens, and disappeared without a trace. As many as five bullets were found in the body of Betty, who with the rest of her strength got out of the car and was found by police in the nearby bushes. David said goodbye to life from a head wound. Officers were unable to determine who was responsible for the crime or what the motive was. No witnesses have been found either.

Darlene Ferrin & Michael Mageau - More Zodiac Victims

A few months later, on July 4, 1969, another crime occurred. Another pair of young people were attacked in a Blue Rock Springs park near where the mysterious killer first appeared. Darlene Ferrin, 22, and Michael Mageau, 19, were sitting in a car when another car parked near them. It drove away a moment later but returned with a screech of tires, blinding the couple with its headlights. Darlene and Michael initially assumed it was the police because the driver got out and approached them with a flashlight in his hand. But he was also holding a gun, with which he deprived the girl of her life and fired a shot in the direction of her partner. After that he immediately drove away, not realizing that Michael would survive, and tell the police everything that happened.

The Zodiac Reveals Himself

After the attack in Blue Rock Springs, the criminal himself called the local precinct, reporting the double murder. He disclosed in detail where it occurred and what firearm was used, and confessed to the December 1968 crime. Without revealing his identity, he said goodbye to the surprised officer on the other end of the line and ended the call. The call could not be traced, and when the police cars went to the crime scene they also found no clues that could have helped capture the criminal. The case became even more complicated when, shortly thereafter, the editors of three local newspapers received letters detailing crimes from Lake Herman Road and Blue Rock Springs. The sender, who signed his name with a symbol similar to the logo of the Zodiak watch company, also included cards with cryptic ciphers written in numbers, letters, and characters and threatened to continue his attacks on young people if they were not published on the front pages of the newspapers.

The Zodiac - Mysterious Letters With Ciphers

Newspaper editors complied with his demands because supposedly decoding the encrypted messages could help identify the perpetrator, at least that's what he himself wrote in his letters. However, this was not the case. The code was cracked by a local teacher who, in his own home, studied the ciphers posted in the newspapers. He discovered that their author only described his passion for taking people's lives, but did not reveal any details of his identity. The newspapers gave the criminal the nickname the Zodiac, and regularly received further puzzling letters with codes. However, they were much more complicated than the first one, also even forensic experts or the FBI laboratory were not able to break them.

The Zodiac Remains Elusive

The police searched unsuccessfully for the addressee and perpetrator of the killings, and a whole staff of officers was involved in the investigation. It was feared that the Zodiac would attack once again, and in September 1969 this indeed happened. This time the crime occurred near Lake Berryessa, where two students had gone on a picnic. Cecelia Shepard and Bryan Hartnell were approached by a masked assailant who began stabbing them. He then wrote his Zodiac sign and the dates of previous crimes on the door of their car. He also called the police bragging about the new murders, but did not know that the Bryan he wounded survived the attack. Unfortunately, the last victim, attributed to Zodiac, was not so lucky. He was cab driver Paul Stine, attacked in October 1969 in the heart of downtown San Francisco. The man died while on the job, shot by a passenger who turned out to be a notorious serial criminal. After this act, Zodiac again sent letters to newspapers, and one of them even included a piece of the cab driver's bloody shirt. In the text, he described the entire course of his crimes, mocked the police officers who were looking for him in vain, and threatened to commit more murders.

The Zodiac - Suspects

No evidence could be found that Zodiac had taken the lives of more than five people, even though he himself boasted of some 37 victims. The criminal stopped sending out his letters at the end of 1969, and in the last one, he wrote that he no longer had any intention of informing the police of his actions. Investigators were still unable to learn his identity or crack the complicated code he always included in his correspondence. However, based on the testimony of survivors of his attacks, they were able to create a memory portrait and collect DNA evidence from postage stamps attached to the mail. Several suspects also emerged during the investigation. One of them was Arthur Leigh Allen, a repeat offender who lived near the site of the first crime but was ruled out after genetic testing. Other suspects included journalist Richard Gaikowski, a certain Rock Marshall, and many others. However, no one was ultimately proven guilty. However, this did not mean that the search was over. The case of the mysterious Zodiac was so fascinating that from the time of his crime to the present day, efforts were made to discover who he was. The answer has only now emerged. Does this mean that the most puzzling criminal case in American history has finally been solved? Read on to find out…

The Zodiac Identified?

The Zodiac case was investigated for years by an independent group of investigators called The Case Breakers. It includes more than 40 former law enforcement personnel, journalists, and even military intelligence officers. Together they have investigated dozens of other unsolved criminal cases, but the Zodiac case has brought them the most fame. For in recent days they announced to the public that they had finally solved the mystery of his identity. Based on new evidence, the Zodiac was found to be an alleged criminal Gary Francis Poste. The Case Breakers credited him with committing the crime against young Cheri Jo Bates, which occurred in the San Francisco area before Zodiac even began killing. However, he never made it into police hands, but instead, evidence was collected at his home located near the city, which the investigative group now believes has linked Poste to the Zodiac.

Is Gary Francis Poste The Zodiac Killer?

The first piece of evidence is supposed to be a photograph of Poste, whose scars on his forehead are supposed to be a perfect match to the Zodiac's sketch drawn up from the testimonies of people who were attacked by him. The Case Breakers were also supposed to decipher some of the mysterious codes sent by the criminal in the letters and found the name "Poste" right there. It also turned out that the suspect had the same shoe size as the criminal. One of his neighbors also testified that the man was proficient with firearms and that even when she was young he taught her how to do it. She stated that when she saw Post, he always seemed very suspicious to her and gave her the impression of a person who leads a double life. Another discovery by the group of investigators was also that unfortunately, Gary Francis Poste passed away from this world in 2018, and so far the police are refusing to conduct DNA tests that could have been the final proof to confirm that the man is the Zodiac. The San Francisco Police Department has stated that as of now, they cannot speak about potential suspects in the serial killer's case because the investigation into him is still ongoing! So, whether we will finally know the truth about Zodiac, time will tell.

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