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A woman has intimate relationships with spirits and with one she wants to have a baby!

For many people, the scariest horror movies are those that deal with the presence of paranormal beings in the world of the living. Haunted places, souls of the dead that for some reason can't leave, evil spirits... we close our eyes during the screening and then flinch at every sound, especially when the lights go out. What's more, stories that are believed to be real and not the work of fiction of a movie script often disturb and even frighten us. However, for one British woman, ghosts are very friendly beings and passionate lovers! In one of them, she found her soul mate and true love! As if that wasn't enough, convinced of the strength of shared feeling, she accepted the engagement and planned a child. There are those who marry animals, others objects, or even themselves! And Amethyst Realm decided to marry a ghost! How did her romance with paranormal beings begin, and how does she describe the rapturous intimacy? Why did she cancel the ceremony, and what about her and her invisible lover's future together?

The beginning of a fascinating friendship with ghosts

Amethyst Realm's last relationship with a living man ended about 13 years ago. According to her, she has had about 20 lovers since then. There wouldn't be anything extremely shocking about this if it weren't for the fact that she has been having all these sexual adventures with ghosts! A few years ago, the woman first appeared on the British breakfast TV show This Morning and revealed that it all started in the absence of her fiancé, who was working a lot. When they moved to a new house, she started to feel someone's presence after a while. Unlike other people who would be terrified in such a situation, the then about 20-year-old girl felt comforted instead of scared. It was then that the spirits began to seduce her...

First lover

As she recounted, one day the relationship with the spirit whose presence she felt went to the next level. Dressed in sexy lingerie, she dimmed the bedroom lights and waited to see what would happen. In her words, she had waited so long that she had lost hope. Moreover, she thought she had frightened the spirit with her boldness! However, as she began to fall asleep, he approached her. And it was that night that she had sex with the ghost for the first time.

She cheated

When Amethyst established an ongoing relationship with a disembodied being she was then engaged to a flesh and blood man. Their relationship ended when her fiancé returned home and discovered she was cheating on him. Out of the corner of his eye, the man noticed a figure running out the back door. In depicting these events, Amethyst confessed, he failed to explain that he had seen a ghost. The woman claims that the ghost showed her boyfriend his physical form, which she had never seen. "I think he was in love with me and wanted me to end the relationship," she said in an interview.

Long-term relationship

The breakup of her real relationship didn't worry her very much because she didn't have time to feel lonely! Her first romance with a ghost lasted three years! As she revealed, she has since had about 20 romances with paranormal beings! On a British talk show, she detailed her intimate encounters with horny ghosts that began to haunt her regularly at her home, which is located in Bristol, England.

Sex with horny ghosts

Realm invariably asserts that she has experienced orgasms with her invisible partners and each one has been more satisfying than the ones she has had with live men. About the actual experience of intercourse with a ghost, she says, "It's hard to explain, but I feel full penetration”. And they are very intense experiences that she recommends to everyone. She explained that she feels their breath on her body and how they push against her. During intercourse, she feels special energy and a sense of "a kind of weight on her, which at the same time becomes weightless". As she pointed out in an interview, each of her invisible lovers was different and brought different sensations. As if all this wasn't enough, just a few years ago Amethyst was firmly convinced that when she finally hit upon the right spirit, she would be able to have children with him!

She found her soulmate

Amethyst Realm met the love of her life, a ghost named Ray, during a business trip to Australia in 2018. As she confessed in an interview with The Sun, starting a new relationship at the time was the last thing she was thinking about. When she went for a walk one day, she suddenly felt THIS incredible energy. As her time to return to England approached, she worried that she would have to leave her new lover behind because, as she explained, ghosts tend to stick to one place. However, when she boarded the plane she felt his presence and realized that he was not going to leave her alone. He returned with her to Bristol and so began their journey into the future together!

Elation on a plane with an invisible lover

Realm confessed that she was so happy and excited that they had to do something about it! As she said: "so we went to the airplane restroom and well, I'm now a member of the Mile High Club". Her relationship with Ray developed very well. In a 2018 interview, when asked by confused interviewers what it was like to be in a relationship with a ghost, she stressed that it was just like being in a normal relationship - she feels hugged, kissed, has conversations with her chosen one sometimes. During a trip to celebrate their nine-month anniversary, the paranormal Casanova decided to take a special opportunity! At the Wookey Hole cave in England, he asked Amethyst to marry him!

A paranormal engagement and a baby

The moment when the invisible boy asked this very important question was special to her. As she said: "There was no kneeling on one knee, he has no knees. But for the first time, I heard him speak. I actually heard his voice and it was beautiful. Deep and sexy and real." Realm also revealed that her friends and family welcomed the extraordinary engagement. At the time, she talked about planning her big day as a "pagan" ceremony, saying: "We haven't discussed the details yet, but I think it will be quite a big step". She later continued: "We're thinking about having a baby. It sounds weird, but I've been thinking about it, and pregnancy with a spirit is not impossible." According to her, the alleged/phantom pregnancies, are actually ghost babies trapped in human bodies. The British woman believes that women can get pregnant with ghosts, but because their mind is unable to cope with the situation, childbirth does not occur. She summed up her maternity plans with her invisible beloved: "it can definitely be worked around somehow, but I don't know how yet".

She called off her wedding to a ghost after he "continually disappeared"

In October 2020, however, Amethyst called off the wedding! And it wasn't about the fact that her chosen one was a ghost! The 32-year-old appeared on one of the shows and, when asked how her private life was going, solemnly confessed that the ceremony would not take place because her chosen one had completely changed during a vacation in Thailand and had become very reckless. According to her, it was all due to the fact that he was partying a lot and fell into bad company. She also began to suspect that he had started drinking and doing drugs! Suddenly, he was no longer interested in the relationship and would disappear for long periods of time. When he would return, he would bring other ghosts to the hotel who would stay around for days. Then she experienced crackling, banging, and strange noises. As she recounted: "I had never had a negative experience with ghosts before, but it was quite frightening, one just followed me around and the other left a constant unpleasant smell, things were being moved." Not wanting to write off the relationship, Amethyst tried to talk some sense into Ray, but after he was unable to change, she kicked him out of the house and had to get rid of him like she would any other ghost - using sage cleansing. And although she is devastated by the loss, she is not discouraged and is confident that she will eventually be ready for a new relationship with another spirit.

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