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She Gave Birth To A Baby At the Age of 5! She Is The Youngest Mother In The World!

Small children in the consciousness of every normal person are innocent beings. It happens that once in a while in the media we hear about pregnancy and childbirth of, for example, a 12-year-old girl. Such information is shocking, frightening, and sad at the same time. However, there are worse cases in the world than early teenage pregnancies. Lina Medina gave birth to a son at the age of only 5 and became the youngest mother in the history of medicine. However, this was not the only drama the girl experienced. It was obvious that if there was a pregnancy, there must have been rape and fertilization. At first, relatives and doctors thought that there was a tumor growing in her stomach, but the truth was completely different. Lina gave birth to a healthy son. What was the fate of the youngest mother in the world? Read her story…

Unnaturally growing belly

Lina Marcela Medina was born on September 23, 1933, in Ticrapo, Peru, one of nine children of Victoria Losea and Tiburelo Medina. When she was five years and six months old, her parents were deeply disturbed by the fact that their daughter's abdomen was unnaturally swollen and growing quite rapidly. Fearing serious illness, in mid-April 1939, her father first decided to consult a local shaman to whom he took Lina. The shaman judged that the girl had some kind of tumor and recommended that the father of the several-year-old go to the hospital to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible. However, no one expected the diagnosis…

A shocking and frightening diagnosis

Lina was taken to a hospital in the nearby town of Pisco. The doctors, like the shaman, initially thought there was a tumor growing in the five-year-old's abdomen. However, after a more thorough examination, they came up with a surprising yet frightening diagnosis - seven months pregnant! Doctor Gerardo Lozada, whose patient was the girl, additionally ordered specialists in Lima, which is the largest city and capital of Peru, to confirm the pregnancy. Detailed medical diagnostics made it possible to determine that little Lina was probably pregnant at the age of only four years and ten months…

Expecting 5-year old. How is it possible?

This question was asked by everyone. The announcement of the pregnancy of a five-year-old girl caused a huge stir and disbelief. The pregnant girl was then taken to a hospital in Lima, where she underwent specialized tests. Thanks to detailed diagnostics, it was established that Lina suffered from precocious puberty syndrome. We speak of this case when symptoms of faster development occur in girls before the age of 8 or before the age of 9 in boys. This problem usually affects the female sex and the first symptom is usually enlargement of the breast glands.

First menstrual period as early as infancy

Lina's body began to mature extremely quickly. Doctors determined that she began menstruating regularly before the age of three. She received her first menstrual period at just eight months of age. In addition, little Lina's whole body showed other syndromes of precocious puberty, such as fully developed breasts. Precocious puberty, however, is one problem. More frightening, however, is the fact that Lina, then 4 years old, must have been impregnated... The pregnancy of a few years old has received a lot of publicity both in Peru and around the world. Doctors and midwives from home and abroad wanted to see the girl, and her case was discussed in scientific lectures and magazines. Producers from the United States wanted to make a documentary about her case, offering financial support, but the offer was rejected by her family.

Youngest mother in history

Six weeks after her diagnosis, Lina Medina gave birth to a strong and healthy son weighing 2.7 kg. She had fully developed genitals, but the birth had to be done by cesarean section due to her small and narrow pelvis. Lina became a mother at exactly 5 years, 7 months, and 21 days old. This makes her the youngest person in medical history to ever give birth to a child. The boy was named Gerardo, in honor of the doctor who first recognized the pregnancy. The son of the youngest mother in the world was raised by a girl's parents and lived in the belief that Lina was his sister. He learned the truth at age 10.

A mystery that was never solved

In the case of such early motherhood as Lina's, from a medical point of view, the matter was cleared up. However, some unanswered questions remained. To this day, it remains unclear who the father of her child was. Medina has never revealed the identity of the man who abused her or the circumstances under which conception occurred. She was only 4 years old at the time of the abuse she suffered, so some have suggested that she simply could not give accurate answers because she did not know when or how it happened. She may have been aware and aware of the harm that had been done to her, but due to trauma, fear, or other reasons, she did not reveal the name of the man who abused her. Police were trying to identify the perpetrator of the assault on Lina. Her father was arrested on suspicion of rape but was released due to a lack of evidence. Suspicion later fell on one of Lina's brothers and an uncle, but this also proved to be wrong.

Lina's adult life

Despite such traumatic experiences, she had a relatively good future. A doctor who diagnosed her pregnancy took care of her fate. Growing up, the Peruvian girl received education under his protection and was employed as a secretary at his clinic in Lima. Dr. Lozad also helped with her son's education. Lina established a private life for herself. In the early 1970s, she married Raúl Jurado, with whom she had another son. Her second child was not born until she was about 39 years old. Lina did not use what happened to her to gain publicity and did not tell her story. For decades she tried to stay away from the attention of newspapers and television. She also refused all interviews. Although decades have passed, the media is still interested in her case, she has consistently turned down offers from reporters. Medina lived to a ripe old age. She still lives and resides on the outskirts of Peru's capital city. Her firstborn son lived to be 40. He died in 1979 of a rare bone marrow disease.

This is not the only case like this…

What happened to Lina is not an isolated incident, though unique in terms of her age - she was simply the youngest, being the only one of the unwed mothers to be five years old. However, history remembers more pregnancies of little girls who gave birth to babies. There is a horrifying fact behind it - after all, most of these cases are the results of rape or, for example, barbaric traditions according to which girls were forced to belong to a harem or to marry. Mostly, however, these are the stories of abused teenage girls, sexually abused from the first years of their lives by, for example, fathers, stepfathers, uncles, brothers, neighbors, or other men... Pregnancy occurred, of course, in those children who matured exceptionally early, which, however, does not happen very often. The scale of the abuse of children a few years old was and still is shocking.

Other mothers who were a few years old

About eighteen years after the birth of Lina Medina, another Peruvian girl, eight-year-old Hilda Trujillo, gave birth to a daughter in Lima. She gave birth to a child by natural means! It was determined that she had been raped by her then 22-year-old cousin, who was arrested. An obstetrician present at the birth admitted that the rape of a minor of several years was not unprecedented. Pregnancies of eight-year-old girls have been documented by medicine at least a few times. Pregnancies of nine-year-old girls, on the other hand, history knows of dozens. The world's youngest mother after Lina was "Liza" Yelizaveta Pantueva, who came from the USSR, now Ukraine. She was 5 years old when her 70-year-old maternal grandfather raped and impregnated her. She had her 6th birthday a few days before giving birth. Pantueva's parents did not want a C-section to be performed, Liza gave birth to a baby girl weighing 3 kg using obstetric forceps and retractors. However, the baby died during delivery due to early placental abruption. She was in good health and, according to doctors, would have survived if she had been removed more quickly from the belly of her few year old mother and oxygenated.

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