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Woman Died After Childbirth. A Common Case But The Hospital Could Have Stopped It?

For most people, the day their child is born is one of the most beautiful days of their life. Nowadays, with how far technology has progressed childbirth is relatively safe and there usually are doctors that are around to help should any complications arise. However unfortunately there are chances where either not even the intervention of medics helps or when they dismiss any signs of something being wrong. This is exactly what happened in the case of Samuel Volrie Jr and his partner Maria Guadalupe Corona who lost her life not long after childbirth. What exactly happened and could her death have been avoided? Read on to find out the heartbreaking story of the couple.

Maria & Samuel - Happy Couple

At the start of October 2021, Samuel took to Cafe Mom to share the story of him and his partner. The couple had lived in Beaumont, Texas. Sam, who has an 8-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, had said that he and Maria had first met at work. Speaking about her he said that she was the woman he needed and that over the span of five years she had made him a totally different person, a thing for which Samuel’s mom had loved her. In his post, he highlighted just how much of an amazing and selfless person Maria was and that thanks to her his life started improving, such as him buying his own car, a house, and getting a promotion. Yet their happiness was about to reach new heights.

Maria & Samuel - The Happy News

One thing that Sam highlighted in his post several times was just how much Maria had cared about others...more than herself. And even in her obituary, her family wrote that she was always “a mother hen”. This is why as many had commented on the post, she would have made a wonderful mother. And that was about to come true when she told her partner that she was expecting. As Sam wrote the day that she had given him her positive pregnancy test he was so excited because this time he was ready for fatherhood because as said he had the perfect woman and was a better man.

Maria & Samuel - The Big Day Finally Came

The two would finally get a chance to raise a child together, and their little one would be the first of three as they had plans to have more kids. Then the big day that all expecting parents eagerly awaited, came on September 1st, 2019. In the early hours of the morning, Maria’s waters broke and she was about to give birth to their daughter who the couple decided to name Alina Victoria Volrie. As he said the two of them rushed to the hospital where Maria would endure labor for “hours and hours”, however, as her partner said, she took it like a soldier. Though things were about to turn a little “sketchy” so check out the next page to find out what happened.

Maria & Samuel - Things Weren’t Right From The Beginning

While the couple got to the hospital without any major issues they were a little bit wary about the doctor that would be delivering the baby as the doctor who had worked with them throughout the duration of the pregnancy was on vacation. As Sam expressed, he wasn’t fond of the guy and neither were his nurses, and one had even admitted to the expecting parents that he would often overexert his patients by making them push when it was too early to do that. Though as Volrie Jr. added, they didn’t have much choice at that point, and despite the situation being sketchy, their daughter was delivered alive and safe and that was the important part.

Maria & Samuel - Daughter Ended Up In ICU

Once Alina was born, due to a “hospital procedure” she had to stay in the intensive care unit for reasons that Sam wrote made no sense, and even after all this time they still don’t, though he did not specify what the reasons given to them were. And so the two parents didn’t get a chance to spend quality time with their newborn baby and if they wanted to see her, they had to walk across the hospital floor to the ICU room which was an extremely difficult task for Maria as she was in a lot of pain and could barely move. Though things were definitely not right, something that the 28-year-old woman knew. Read on to find out what had happened next.

Maria & Samuel - Maria In Constant Pain

The other women who had babies at the same time as Maria were moving just fine. Even one of the ladies that she knew and whom she had a discussion with, in the hospital told her about she felt after giving birth and that everything felt completely fine, and that she was able to move. However, that was not the case for the new mother, she needed help with getting to the bathroom which Sam said was only six feet away from her, and that she just knew something wasn’t right. However, she was still determined to see her daughter in ICU so she had made every excuse to get down there, despite not being offered any wheelchair by the staff at the hospital. Sam said that she would breastfeed their daughter any chance the nurses told her that it was okay for them to visit her.

Maria & Samuel - She Was Asked To Leave Despite Her State

As time passed after Maria had given birth, instead of getting better, she was getting worse. A day and a half after delivery Sam had described her as “a wreck”, however when a nurse had come to their room it wasn’t to offer help to the new mother who was in bad shape but to give them the news that it was time for the couple to pack their things and leave. Sam had tried to urge the doctors to keep them there as his partner wasn’t well and needed help, they were keeping their baby in the ICU for a few more days, and they needed to be close. However, the response the couple got was, “Sorry sir, but insurance won’t pay for her any longer.” Though as Sam had later said, for them, it was the beginning of the end, so read on to find out what happened.

Maria & Samuel - The Day It All Changed

Due to the fact that he had no paternity leave, Sam had to go to work and as his partner wanted to be in the hospital with their daughter, he would drop her off there on his way to work and Maria would spend the whole day in the hospital. And as he said, all the while she was in the building, she was “dying on the inside” and as he added, he had no idea about it and according to him “the hospital had no cares”. That night when the couple went back home it was the worst night of his life as the whole time Maria was out of it and sometimes even unresponsive. The next day the pair knew they had to get help and so they went to another hospital. In his post, Volrie. Jr had talked about how eerie it was to see the mother of his child hooked up to all these machines. The last words she said to him were, “Don’t cry baby” before doctors had told him to leave the room and to this day he can still hear the alarm, can still feel the wind from doctors running past him, responding to the “code black” in Trauma 2 and the events of September 5th, 2019, the day his life took a different meaning, still haunt him.

Maria & Samuel - Medical Negligence

While the official cause of death was never revealed in his post, Sam has revealed that it was due to medical negligence. On his website “For Alina” he wrote that after Maria’s passing he has connected with thousands of people around the world and that he finds that with some they share the same experiences. Two years have now passed since Alina’s mother had lost her life and Sam has been taking care of the little girl full-time with the help of Maria’s family and his oldest sister and he wants to continue doing everything he can to honor the spirit of Maria Corona.

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