Published 2021-10-25
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Mother and daughter charged with murder of patient. They performed illegal plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery and various types of aesthetic medicine procedures are becoming more and more common. However, the problem is that there are unscrupulous people who claim to be specialists and decide to make money on the gullibility of customers, endangering their health and lives. Such an example are two women from California, a mother-daughter duo who, according to police, have been performing treatments for years without having the knowledge or competence. A few weeks ago, they were charged with murder after they performed an illegal buttock augmentation procedure on a 26-year-old girl. Their patient, who was an aspiring actress, died. How did the fake specialists operate? What happened and why did the young woman become their victim, paying the highest price possible? What did the services of the Los Angeles Police Department have to say?

She wanted to enlarge her buttocks

Karissa Rajpaul died at the age of just 26. She wanted to enlarge her buttocks while not spending all her money on reputed surgeries. She took advantage of an ad posted online and went to two women who offered this type of procedure much cheaper. According to authorities, although they allegedly presented themselves as specialists, they had no credentials. According to the information, Rajpaul came to the United States from South Africa to start a career in the adult film industry, and plastic surgery was supposed to help her do that. She was also an aspiring social media star.

Body changes at any cost?

The patient apparently did not realize that she had put her body in the hands of a duo of fake aesthetic medicine specialists who did not have the proper knowledge. However, considering the home-like conditions in which the treatments took place and their temptingly low price, they should immediately give food for thought. It can also be assumed that 26-year-old, regardless of the puzzling circumstances, wanted to get what she wanted and be the owner of larger, rounder buttocks. The advertisements of the treatments performed by the ladies looked invitingly good and perhaps that is why she decided to trust the duo. Many people like Rajpaul must have wondered 'what could go wrong'? Well, everything. And the price was too high, the girl paid with her life…

She showed the procedure online, which became evidence of a crime

While undergoing the procedure, Karissa filmed part of the procedure with her phone, which took place in an ordinary home in California. She also took multiple photos of herself documenting the buttock augmentation process. As revealed, this was the third procedure that the fake doctor duo performed on her body. And it was to be the last. The young woman did not film anything more. She died a short time later. In a video released by the girl, she could be seen lying on a table while Libby Adame and her daughter Alicia Galaz, who were taking care of her, did not follow any procedures. The NBC news channel called the footage of the procedure "chilling." After Karissa Rajpaul's death, the video she recorded became evidence in the murder investigation.

No chance of getting help

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, when the women who performed the procedure in their home realized their patient was in danger, they called 911 to summon help. The paramedics who arrived on the scene were unable to help the 26-year-old. This is because the mother and daughter fled the scene and left no information, not even the slightest bit, about what had happened. As a consequence, the paramedics were unaware of the silicone injection and did not know how to treat the girl, she died shortly after being brought to the hospital, in the emergency room.

The injected mix attacked the heart, brain, and kidneys…

The procedure that the women performed involved injecting a liquid silicone substance into the body. This method is illegal and banned because the consequence of injecting liquid silicone into the body is that it can enter the bloodstream and cause an embolism, which can cause serious illness or death. Licensed doctors use fat injections or silicone implants, which have a closed form, to augment the buttocks. The official cause of Rajpaul's death was listed by the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office as homicide, which occurred due to the victim's acute cardiopulmonary dysfunction and the intramuscular/vascular silicone injections that were administered to her. Detective Bob Dinlocker said the silicone mixture entered the blood and likely caused an extensive stroke. It attacked the heart, brain, and kidneys. Authorities say the women used materials used by cosmetic doctors but added harmful chemicals. Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton said in a news release that the suspects: "mixed materials with chemicals and other substances that are clearly not suitable for any medical procedure that would be performed on a human being."

They advertised their services on social media

Police believe that the mother and daughter received no training and performed illegal procedures together without having key knowledge since at least 2012! They recruited their clients mainly through Instagram. The duo of fake medics, Libby- Alicia, also performed treatments in patients' homes. The women who were apprehended usually charged between $3,500 and $4,500 for a single session of silicone injection treatment in the buttocks. Normally, a safe buttock augmentation procedure at a certified medical facility would cost several thousand dollars more. Police Detective Robert Dinlocker said the fake mother-daughter medical duo allegedly pressured their clients into agreeing to a series of three sessions, earning them about $14,000 combined.

Arrested and charged with murder

Although the tragic incident took place in October 2019, Libby Adame and her daughter, Alicia Galaz, were arrested and taken into custody this past August in Riverside, California. They were charged with murder. Despite their detention, Adame and Galez were soon released from custody. They went free after posting bail, which was $1 million for each of them. 51-year-old Adame was released just one day after her arrest. At this point, it is unclear when she will stand trial; her trial date has not yet been scheduled. Galez, 23, on the other hand, left custody two days after her arrest and is scheduled to make her first court appearance on December 8, according to the available information.

Search continues for other victims of the duo

The entire case has been publicized by law enforcement recently for very good reasons. Investigators are trying to locate other people who were victims of fraud and incompetence for the procedures performed by the women. This is not just about finding out how many clients and customers the fake doctors had. Above all, those working on the case are trying to find out if there are people who have been permanently disfigured and if their lives are in danger. The LAPD has asked not only other possible victims but also their relatives or anyone with additional information to contact them. Since news broke of the deaths of Karissa Rajpaul and the fake aesthetic medicine specialists, the police have received numerous reports from other people claiming to be victims. Infections, numbness, disfigurement, and swelling were among the side effects that those who received buttock augmentation treatments from Adame and Galez were cited.

Illegal treatments are not uncommon

Unfortunately, treatments and surgeries like the one conducted by the mother-daughter duo are not uncommon. A big problem and danger are people claiming to be medical specialists. Deaths in unlicensed practices around the world are also plentiful. For example, in 2015, a Maryland woman died suddenly after receiving injections at the office of a fake plastic surgeon in Queens, New York. And in 2020, a 23-year-old Malaysian model wanted to undergo liposuction surgery on her arms before her wedding. She went to a surgery in Kuala Lumpur that she found online. During the procedure, her heart rate began to drop rapidly, and she was taken to the hospital, but her life could not be saved. Police hope that publicizing Karissa Rajpaul's story will help others see the dangers of illegal, usually tempting lower-priced plastic surgeries and treatments, offered mainly through social media.

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