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Morgue Staff Reveal Horror Stories From Their Jobs. Stories That You Will Never Forget.

There is a saying that if you love your job you never work a day of your life. While that might be true for some people, many others aren’t that lucky. There might be many various reasons as to why that is but either way they need to do something for a job to support themselves. And there are many jobs that would be seen as less idea yet someone has to do them. And work at the morgue may seem like that to some people. Yet while those working there are used to being surrounded by dead bodies and working with them there are still many things that happen that surprise even those long-term staffers. What are some of the scariest and most gruesome morgue stories? Read on to find out!

Moving Bodies

Without a doubt, one of the most common morgue stories is about bodies moving and making sounds not long after the person has died. That is a common occurrence as in those first hours after death the body starts to release any built-up gasses, which at times make noises and even make it sound like the dead body is moaning, making some people start talking about zombies. Other common occurrences are that a body might sit up the arms or legs might move. That is also easily explainable and it does not mean that the person has turned into a zombie. Such an occurrence is known as rigor mortis, which is a postmortem change that results in the stiffening of the body muscles. While staff might be used to it, some others aren’t. One Buzzfeed user had shared a story about how his cousin who is a cop went to a morgue after an alarm went off. As a result of rigor mortis, a body had sat and the startled officer had...shot at it. The poster did add that his cousin got into trouble for that. However, there have been cases where the body moving was not caused by either of these explanations, so read on to find out what had happened.


Not So Dead

Taking to Reddit some people who either worked at a morgue themselves or knew someone who had, often shares some interesting stories. One user had talked about how his dad had picked up a body from a nursing home and brought it to the morgue but when he went to make an incision the lady had moaned and blood started coming out of the cut. In a state of shock that the woman was alive, he called the nursing home and they said a mistake was made. They had sent an ambulance to pick her up and take her back but unfortunately, she passed away for real a few hours later. As it turns out stories of people being wrongly sent to the morgue are nothing new. Another story that was going around the net a few years ago was about a 91-year-old Polish woman who was declared dead, zipped up in a body bag, and later stored in a morgue’s freezer...where she woke up 11 hours later. At the time the staff had found Janina Kolkiewicz moving around inside and when they unzipped her, she complained about feeling cold. The woman later was taken back home and claimed to have been feeling fine though as some sources added she had dementia so most likely didn’t remember the ordeal.

Knocking From The Freezer

While those workers who know that bodies release gas are not startled by any moaning, groaning, or ‘breathing’, hearing a knock coming from one of the freezers would most certainly do the job. This is the situation that one morgue worker had found herself in. Sharing her story online she revealed that they once had a body of a man brought in that had drowned in a lake. Once at the morgue, they had placed the body in one of the freezers and the lady went about her work until she had heard a tapping sound coming from the freezer with the drowned man. Going over to investigate, they opened it and what did they find? A crab. As it turned out when the man died the animal must have gotten inside and made himself at home but once it got too cold for him...he wanted out. And while this might have been an amusing end to a story, read on to find some rather gruesome ones.


Human Soup

One user had shared one of the countless stories told to them by their dad from his 40 years as a mortician. The story was the worst one by far and as the Redditor posted it involved “a human soup guy”. As his dad told them, an elderly gentleman was living alone in a house and he had very little family so no one was checking on him often. The man in question had passed away while taking a bath, with the water still running. It wasn’t specified how long he had been there before someone found him but when the mortician worker went to pick up the body, they said it was just “human soup”. As the poster described it, “the hot water constantly running and the amount of time caused his body to turn to mush”. Apparently, the smell was so bad that when the mortician went back to the officer later that same day, his boss had told him to throw away his suit and that he would buy him another one.

Children At The Morgue

One of the saddest things to many people is the idea of a child dying before it is their time and dealing with their bodies is something that morgue workers have to do, no matter how said it might be. Most staff usually find a way to in a sense detach themselves from the fact that it is a real person but sometimes it gets difficult. One Redditor had posted morgue stories involving children. They had noted that babies look very peaceful because they just look like they are sleeping. Though a case that would stay with them for a long time was for a four-year-old boy who was brought in wearing Batman pajamas. They never specified what happened to him but the reality that it was a little child had hit the poster hard with that case, making it one to stick with them. Another unforgettable case was one of their coworker who had unknowingly gone to pick up the body of his own estranged son who had overdosed in a car. Though even a morgue isn’t without accidents, so check out the next page to find out what happened.

“It’s a good thing she was dead.”

Not a morgue worker but one person shared a story about how one summer while still a university student, they had a job as an orderly at a local hospital. One day they were assigned to the morgue and when a patient had died they would go and bring the body to the morgue once the nurses cleaned them up and the family said their goodbyes. They mentioned one case where a bigger woman who had weighed around 420 pounds, had passed away and it was the poster’s job to assist the doctors to move the body from the gurney-type thing to the slab by grabbing the head. However, they noted the woman’s body was slippered and her skin felt as if it was greased and so they had dropped her and the head smacked into the floor. When they did eventually get her on the slab the doctor noticed blood pooling under the head because the drop had cracked her skull open. Taking one look at her, as the Redditor poster, he said, “It’s a good thing she was dead because that would have killed her.”

A Gun Started Shooting

Another user had talked about how over a major holiday once they had picked up the remains of a woman who killed herself. The family had decided to cremate her remains and on the day, the poster had posted that they put her body in the machine and then later went back inside as they had other duties to do. They revealed that about an hour later they heard five loud pops. Their initial thought was that it was a pacemaker, a brain stimulator, or something else that they might have missed. In the end, they didn’t think much of it and just decided to let the body finish cremating. Once it was done, and they went to sweep up the ashes they were surprised to find a small handgun. The person revealed that it has been 10 years and this case still baffles them because they were the ones who prepared the body after death and did not see a gun anywhere, and so the only logical place for them was that the weapon was hidden inside of the woman’s vagina. Though some cases had totally shocked the staff and stuck with them for a long time so read on to find out what those were.

Mother Who Gave Birth To A Plethora Of Insects

The story from this poster might not necessarily involve a morgue worker but a forensic scientist, an entomologist who works with bugs to estimate the time of death or help find further evidence in a case. As they revealed in their Reddit post the most odious body they ever had worked on involved partial skeletal remains of an eight-month-pregnant mother who, as they wrote, “had given life to a plethora of maggots, bot flies, and moth larvae which were consuming her hair like some monstrous funeral shroud”. They added that the tiny bones of the baby had broken into tiny pieces under the amount of feasting ham beetles, as its flesh was too dry for maggots. As the poster stated, this as well as the fact that it was a drug-induced suicide, made this a case that would stay in their mind forever.

Dogs Ate The Remains & Left The Breast Implants

This story comes from another morgue worker who was tasked with collecting a body for a medical examiner from the person’s house. They had revealed that when they arrived at the location the police had told them that the person’s dogs had “got her a little bit”. Though as they wrote, the morgue worker wasn’t ready for what they saw. Reaching the upstairs room where the body was, they saw it sitting in a chair, facing the door. Though what remained of the woman’s head was just the skull as her dogs had eaten all of the skin of her head. As they recalled the story the person had several small dogs who had first turned to each other, as there were bones of one or two of the dogs scattered around. It was overall one of the worst sights that they had seen and what had made this even worse was the fact the dogs had left her breast implants which had fallen to the floor.

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