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Woman Recognizes Herself In A Photo Of A Girl Missing Since 2000!

In the last several year's technology has come a long way. DNA testing has helped law enforcement to solve many cases, even those which were labeled as unsolvable. Such testing comes especially useful in the cases of missing people. And here one woman from Indiana has made police re-open a missing child’s case that has long been shelved after coming forth with some brand new DNA evidence. And what exactly had happened? The woman claims to be the child that went missing in 2000! Who is Brittany Renee Williams and what happened to her? And why does Kaylynn Stevenson think that she is her? Read on to find out this shocking story!

Who Is Brittany?

Before we venture into why the Indiana woman thinks she’s the missing girl, let’s find out what exactly happened. Brittany Renee Williams was reportedly born in Virginia in 1993. Her mother, Rose Marie Thompson, had been diagnosed with AIDS just three months before her daughter was born and once the day came, the doctors had also revealed that the virus had been passed down to the little girl. From that moment on, Thompson would make routine travels with her daughter to a local hospital so that they could both receive treatment. And it was there that the ill mother had first met Kim Parker, who had presented herself as a charity worker that was devoted to caring for children in need. What part did Parker play in all this? Read on to find out.

Who Is Kim Parker?

Back in 2019, Brittany’s aunt, Brenda Martin, had spoken with WWBT during a report on the case and she touched upon Kim saying that the woman “basically pounced” on the mother and daughter, saying “I can do this for you”. From what Brenda had said, Parker had an independent foster home which was called Rainbow Kids. Later when the charitable woman’s case went to court, attorneys would reveal that she had taken in as many as 50 children throughout the 1990s and many of them, like Brittany, had serious medical conditions. And so, believing that Parker would provide the best possible care for her daughter, Thompson had signed over custody rights in 1996. Shortly after, she had passed away as a result of her illness when the little girl was just 3-years-old. Despite the death of her mother, and Brittany being ill herself, her aunt Brenda would later recall that she was a “happy child”.

Kim Parker - True Colors

As the years went by, some worrying things had started coming out about the woman and her Rainbow Kids home. According to reports, the home was later described by witnesses as filthy and unkempt. Allegedly child protective services were also called many times over concerns of child neglect. In addition to all this, Parker was accused of going on a publicity campaign to raise donations for her charity under false pretenses. As a result of this, she was later brought up on fraud charges. In 2003, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison for committing Medicaid fraud, after it came to light that she’d collected more than $16,000 of Brittany’s money, even after the child had disappeared. An attorney in her case has said that the Rainbow kids operation was her entire existence and the money that was coming in was how the woman lived. He also told WWBT that Parker had begun collecting the girls’ social security and Medicaid benefits as soon as she took her in which could have been the reason she wanted custody of her. But speaking of the child what exactly had happened? Read on to find out.

Brittany Goes Missing

It was August 2000 when Brenda Martin had received a shocking phone call from Kim. According to reports, she sounded like she was at the end of her rope, telling the girls aunt that she couldn’t handle Brittany anymore, claiming that the child was “flirting with men who were coming to work on the house”, and allegedly saying that she would “end up like her mother”. From what Brenda had told reporters, Peters also claimed that the girl lived much longer than she expected her to, before telling her that Martin needed to take her or she would give her to two women in California. When the woman called her back two days later saying that she’d be able to take her she replied, “You’re too late.”

Brittany Williams Investigation

Despite Kim being arrested and sentenced what happened to Brittany, and whether she was dead or alive, remained an ongoing mystery that police had never been able to solve. At the time, the girl was 7-years-old and despite Parker’s claims that she had sent her to live with another couple in California, Henrico Police couldn’t find any evidence to prove that was true, and the couple in question had denied ever taking the child in. Not long after a proper investigation was launched into her whereabouts. Police had even gone up as far as to dig up Kim’s yard in their quest to find the missing kid. But as days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Virginia authorities were never able to locate her and eventually assumed that she was dead. Their reason for that conclusion was the fact that with her illness, she couldn’t have survived that long without her medication. But could the police have been wrong? You can find out on the next page.

Kaylynn Stevenson Shocked By Her Discovery

Fast forward two decades later and the woman from Ohio said that seeing a photo of Brittany she couldn’t believe what she was seeing as she recognized herself in the photo of the young girl. Speaking with WWBT about it she said that the first thing she did was wake up her wife Ladajah Kelly to tell her about the discovery. The woman had agreed with her saying that they have the same hairline, ears, smile, and chin. She also added that even the mole on her neck is the same and so as they started putting the pieces together, they realized that it was really a picture of Stevenson.

What Happened To Kaylynn Stevenson?

According to Kaylynn she had never gone to live with two women in California as Parker had claimed but instead was raised in Ohio by two adoptive parents before later moving to Indiana. As she revealed in the interview digging into her past was disturbing but things had begun to make sense. She had some hazy memories of her time in foster care, and she knew that she had lived at a place called Rainbow Kids which was run by a Kim Parker. However, hearing the rest of the details of the case was upsetting and it was only recently that she started looking into her biological family, which she had done thanks to some preliminary research and new developments in DNA tracing. What exactly did the results say? Read on to find out.

Family Speaks Up

While searching for her family, the results took her to Richmond, Virginia where she was able to get in touch with a woman named Anastasia McElroy who turned out to be the first daughter of Brittany’s mother Rose Marie Thompson, who was also adopted by another family. WWBT had helped the two women meet and when McElroy had first seen photos of Kaylynn she had started crying because she knew that it was her sister by her smile. Stevenson also had revealed that she looks just like her, as do her half-sister’s children, which in her mind further proved that she was Brittany. But just to be 100% sure the women took a DNA test and the results from the lab had stated that they had a 95.83% probability of being half-sisters. Kaylynn had also revealed that since then she has been going by Brittany as she doesn’t want anything to do with her adoptive name as that is not her.

There Is Some Doubt

Despite the uncanny similarities there are some things that don’t add up. For example, Stevenson’s birth certificate does not match the birthdate of Brittany Williams. However, the most major thing is the fact that, unlike Rose Marie’s daughter, she does not have AIDS. She added that in her life she’s had blood work completed multiple times and has even donated blood. Though she also does have many of the scars that were listed in Brittany’s original missing person’s poster which included feeding tube and catheter scars from various medical treatments. Despite asking, Kaylynn had revealed that she has been unable to get answers from her adoptive parents about her adoption or get a hold of adoption documents. As a result of all this, investigators had said that they are looking into whether or not Stevenson’s hunch is correct, and a spokesperson confirmed to WWBT that Henrico Police are “committed to a thorough investigation, into this cold case and any news leads”. They had also added that to solve this and get the answers that everyone wants, they are working alongside the FBI.

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