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Kidnapped Hollywood Producer Converted After Seeing The Afterlife! Now He Tells What Its Like!

There are many stories in all religions that follow the story of someone either converting to the faith or reconnecting with it following some harrowing life experiences. The story of Marino Restrepo, a former Hollywood producer, is a similar story. As the man himself had said many times, it took him being kidnapped by the Colombian Mafia and getting a glimpse into hell, heaven and purgatory to realize that he had spent most of his life living in mortal sin. What exactly happened to Restrepo? What harrowing things did the man go through? What did the visions show him? And just how much did he change his life? Read on until the very end to find out.

Marino Restrepo - Early Life

Before we delve more into what it was exactly that Marino had seen let’s find out more about him to find out just what exactly led to him having these realizations about his life. Marino Restrepo was born in the town of Anserma, Colombia in 1951, to a wealthy family of coffee plantation owners who exported their produce to Spain. He was one of 10 siblings and the huge family lived a pious Catholic life, which this man abandoned at the age of 15 after being sent to school in Bogota. This was in the 1960s and so the teenager, far away from his family, took advantage of it all and began taking drugs, drinking, and indulging in so-called free sex, to which, as he said in one of his talks, he was enslaved to. But how else did his life look like and just how drastically did he change his life? Read on to find out.

Marino Restrepo - Career

When the man was 20 he got a girl pregnant and given that she insisted on having the baby against the will of her parents, the young couple eloped and moved to Hamburg, Germany where they lived for six years. And it was there that the pair had welcomed their two sons. Later the whole family had packed their stuff and headed to the United States, first settling in New York City and later in Hollywood, California, where he began on a career in the show business. The man traveled and earned more and more money as an actor, composer, film producer, and screen-player writer. Though he still regularly visited his family in Colombia and supported them financially. At the time being, he felt fulfilled and happily in control of his life.

Marino Restrepo - Faith In His Old Life

As years later he recalled at the time he wasn’t religious but considered himself a believer because he “professed” all that was fashionable at the time. He believed in reincarnation, conjured up spirits, told fortunes from tarot cards, read New Age literature. On top of all this, he also followed philosophical trends and once spent huge amounts of money to have his house arranged in agreement with feng shui principles. In many of his past seminars, he would call himself an ‘outright pagan’ and confess that at the same time his past self was the focus of his life, where he created his own faith in his own internal kingdom and treated others as if they were his servants. But what exactly happened that changed his life? Read on to find out!

Morino Restrepo’s Christmas Gift

Though the change in his life came in 1997 when Marino flew to Colombia for Christmas. At the time his family was going through a rough time as in less than five years they had lost five family members. Marino’s wife died of cancer, followed by two of his brothers and both parents and the rest of the family were asking themselves, “Who is going to be next”. Then on December 24th, his sister had succeeded in persuading him to join her for church service for the novena to the Infant Jesus, which is popular in Latin America and the Philippines. As Marino recalled, that day he asked the Infant Jesus to change his life for the better, but he did not think of making things better for this family, as his head was brimming over with “horrible ideas for making more money, achieving greater fame and enjoying even greater pleasure “. Though as he did, he did not know exactly what he was asking for, as in his own words he added, “Lord Jesus did not let me down”.

Morino Restrepo’s Wish Came True

It was about 24 hours after the end of the novena, at midnight on December 25th, when Marino was driving one of his uncles back to his farm after the Christmas dinner, that from the brush, six gunmen emerged right in front of the car. They dragged him from the car, bound him, put a bag over his head and a noose around his neck, and pulled him deep into the jungle. As Restrepo noted, it was a typical abduction for ransom, yet the abductors were ruthless. They had detailed all that they knew about his family, the addresses, and the daily routines of its members. They had even told their hostage that even after his family paid the ransom, they would kill him anyway and Marino knew that they were not joking. They had walked for a while and at dawn, they came to shack in the middle of the jungle and led him into the basement which was a cave full of bats, their excrements, and other vermin and insects and it was there that the man was guarded as a prisoner. But the worst was still ahead of him, find out what happened on the next page.

Marino Restrepo Cave Conditions

Due to all the insects and other critters around, Marino’s body had soon become one swollen, painful, and itching wound covered with stings. Yet in an odd twist of fate, the fact that his hands were still tied, he was lucky enough to not make things worse by scratching the stings. As Marino recalled that was not the gift that he expected but now he remembers these horrors as the greatest grace of his life. While sitting in the darkness on dirt, being ‘eaten alive by vermin’ hungry and scared, he began to search his heart for anything that he could clutch at. Even though all the philosophical systems that he knew, all the magic rituals and mantras crossed his mind, he could not find anything that would help in the circumstances that he was in. And when nothing worked, it was only then that he dug up in himself a dying ember of the Catholic faith from his childhood. He revealed that it was so dim that he could not remember any prayer whatsoever.

Life Flashed Before His Eyes

It was at the time that Marino’s whole life to that moment flashed before his eyes. At first, he recalled purposefully destroying plants in his family garden when he was three. After that, it was followed by his next good and bad deeds from his childhood. As he described it, the good ones passed by real quick, yet the bad ones froze in the frame and when he reached those from when he was 12-years-old he began to feel great pain at the sight of his sins. But as he said, it wasn’t physical or mental pain but a spiritual one, especially once he recalled making jokes at those who believed in the existence of sins. It was then that he realized that his soul in the state of mortal sin, had no right to approach God. It dawned on Marino that any good charitable did he did, was followed by purely selfish and vain motivations. The man then understood that only Devine Love counts in life, specifically accepting it and giving it gratuitously to others. Recounting his story in one of his speeches, Marino said, “On this, the trial ended. When the voice of God calling me by name had gone silent, I felt incredibly, unimaginably lonely. I was alone and I felt I was sinking in the abyss of death without God (...) Terrifying silence fell around me.” It was after this, that he got a glimpse of the afterlife. What did he see? Read on to find out.

Glimpse Of The Afterlife

Since then Marino had often attended different seminars and talks and openly spoke about what he saw. Recalling that after God’s voice had gone silent, the man looked down and saw a huge chasm opening under him from the bottom of which inhuman cries and wails had reached him. Despite the fact that he did not want to look, he felt compelled to do so. As the scared man’s eyes met hell he was fully aware that he deserved it. Speaking about this he said, “I saw in it, not hundreds, not thousands but millions of souls! One after another they were falling in there without end.” After the vision of hell, Restrepo saw Purgatory, which included its degrees of purification and the souls begging for our prayers...then finally in the end he saw Heaven, full of saved souls and angels. As he saw the wonders of the pearly gates and beyond, the man realized that Heaven is our true home. After that, he revealed that God spoke to him once again and asked if he would agree to be his ‘instrument in proclaiming the people the need to convert’. Once he agreed God had told him that daily reading of the Bible would be enough because as he claimed “its regular reading purifies man’s senses (...) and gives the power to see people as God does”.

Marino Restrepo - Still In Capture

Still being in captivity, the man condemned to death by his abductors had realized with absolute certainty that for 33 years he had lived in a state of mortal sin and moved solely around the territory ruled by the “prince of this world”. Marino knew that his soul was in such miserable shape that he wouldn’t have a chance to get to Purgatory, let alone Heaven. And despite the fact that his circumstances had not changed, what had changed was his internal attitude who calmed down and prayed, for nothing else but for the grace to not leave this world without the sacrament of reconciliation. But would his wishes be once again answered? Find out on the next page.

Marino Restrepo - Freedom

He was a hostage of the Colombian mafia for another six months until a certain night when quiet unexpectedly and without giving any reason the abductors had brought him out of the basement and told him to go straight ahead along a road without looking back. Remembering what they had first told him, Marino had thought that this was the hour of his execution and as he walked, he waited for the fatal bullet to hit him in the back, yet that never came. After a while he did look back only to see nothing, his captors having retreated into the jungle. Though for that half a year, being told what to do, the man was used to not having a will of his own and so he walked ahead until a bus had caught up with him. Restrepo recalled that as a woman got off he ran to get in and managed to do so despite the driver trying to shut the door in his face. Though throughout the journey the passengers looked at him in disgust as he was unshaven, stank of filth, and the clothes he had on him were in shreds. When the bus reached a town, he got off and headed to a police station. While he did not reveal much of what happened then, he did add that his family had come to collect him.

Marino Restrepo - A Changed Man

After getting physically better he asked for his confession to be heard and as he noted, it was a very long one. After some time back in Colombia, the man returned to California and his adult sons, and then he began to learn how to be a Catholic beginning with the basics and he acted pretty quickly. Marino left Hollywood and made up his mind to become a celibatarian or a lay Catholic missionary. He had founded an organization named Mision Catolica Peregrinos de Amor (Catholic Mission of the Pilgrims of Love) and he had tirelessly traveled the world to carry his testimony and the good news of the Gospel to churches. Since he converted back to his religion, he released several books detailing his journey and as he often highlights, his life took a radical turn as he admits through an incredible grace of Divine Mercy and has been spreading his messages since then.

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