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Published 2021-11-18
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Woman Got Thousands After Faking Cancer & Then Got Really Ill!

Medical costs can be too big of a cost for some people and not all procedures can be covered by insurance. In times like this, there are some who organize fundraisers to help with those costs such as a physical event or by using sites such as GoFundMe where people are able to seek help even from total strangers. However, there are some people who take advantage of these sites for their own financial gain. And 28-year-old Hanna Dickinson from Australia is certainly a person who knows a thing or two about taking fundraising money for her own gain. How did this woman fake cancer for several years to con people out of money before becoming ill herself and what other scams did she try and pull? Read on to find out all about the thousands this woman got for her own benefit.

Hanna Dickinson - Her Claims

Dickinson’s plans to fake a terminal illness had started already back in 2013. Speaking with friends and family, Hanna had insinuated that doctors had diagnosed her with leiomyosarcoma, which is a rare cancer that affects smooth muscle tissue. She had confessed to her loved ones that she only had three months to live. While this already seems like a terrible thing to lie about to most people, the woman went much further and hesitated at nothing to support her lies. She ended up falsifying medical documents and informed friends and relatives that she had decided to begin her chemotherapy and that she found great opportunities to undertake the treatment abroad. And just how much money did she get from her lies? Read on to find out.

Hanna Dickinson - The Money She Got

The woman’s elaborate scam had involved faking medical documents which involved one that purports to be from a doctor and another from a surgeon which she used as proof to claim a disability pension. Because of this, the Australian native had fraudulently obtained more than $100,000 in Disability Support Pension benefits between January 2014 and October 2018. Hanna had even scammed her own parents into giving her money for the supposedly lifesaving treatment by telling them she needed funds to travel to Thailand and New Zealand for treatment. Her parents, who run a farm, were struggling financially and asked neighbors and friends to help raise money for Dickinson’s treatment and they ended up raising a whopping total of $41,770.

Hanna Dickinson - What She Did With The Cash

Now some of you might be wondering if Hanna didn’t have cancer and didn’t need to cover the costs of medical expenses, then what did she do? While at first in 2013, Dickinson said she only had three months to live, it was not revealed how she explained the fact that she was still alive. Though what is known is how she had spent the money. It seems that all the cash that people donated to her, concerned about her health and wellbeing, as well as the taxpayer money, had contributed to the 28-year-old living a lavish lifestyle. As it was reported by local media, she had used it for travels and partying. The whole truth came out in 2018, but it wouldn’t be the end of her lies. Read on to find out more.

Hanna Dickinson - The Truth Comes Out

As the saying goes, all good things come to an end. And while lying about a terminal illness is not a good thing, living such a lavish lifestyle for Hanna certainly was. But it all came crashing down in 2018 when one of her victims who had donated money to her fund, had discovered photos on her Facebook profile which made him suspicious about her claims of ill health and so, he contacted the police who then identified a number of other victims of her false claims. One of them was a man, who wanted to remain anonymous, who himself had been discharged from hospital after undergoing his own cancer treatment and who was duped into transferring $10,000 to her for “urgent treatment” in March 2013.

Hanna Dickinson - First Trial

And so, because of all her lies and fraudulent actions the woman had to face consequences for her actions. In late 2018 the woman appeared in a Melbourne court where she pleaded guilty to seven charges of obtaining property by deception and so the 28-year-old was given a two-year community corrections order. It also included for her to undergo treatment for mental health issues as well as substance abuse. At the time, Dickinson’s lawyer had indicated that she would appeal the sentence. Yet this wouldn’t be the end of her problems with the law so make sure to read on until the very end to find out what else had happened.

Hanna Dickinson - More Law Trouble

However, the community corrections order was breached when she was caught falsifying documents and pretending to be someone else to get a $30,000 car loan and was subsequently jailed in June 2020. As it was reported by the Herald Sun, on top of that she had also forged a fake reference letter from her manager at aged and disability support service HenderCare to use in court. As it turned out, her manager had no knowledge that a reference was attributed to her or used in court during a plea hearing. In the end, Hanna was still behind bars in November 2020 when she was given a two-and-a-half-year sentence, that was later reduced to 12 months. This means that after those 12 months, she could be released on a $1000 order requiring her to be on her best behavior for three years.

Hanna Dickinson - It Wasn’t The End

In October 2021, Dickinson had once again appeared in court where she was fined $1500 after pleading guilty to a fresh fraud charge for using a then-friend’s email to purchase an iPhone contract that was worth $2568 back in 2018. She had appeared in court over a video call from prison where she nodded in agreement as her lawyer Felicity Fox had explained that she had spent her time behind bars working with infants of other inmates who were in the same prison and that she had voluntarily undergone isolation to work with infants during the Covid period. As her lawyer claimed, this demonstrated her “human empathy” and “compassion”. Though as it turns out, the woman who once lied about being ill was actually ill herself. Check out the next page as to what is wrong.

Hanna Dickinson - After Lying About Being Ill, She Was Diagnosed

All of the 28-year-olds troubles had begun with her lying about her health and about being terminally ill but as it turns out she had been given a real diagnosis herself. While nothing as tragic and heartbreaking as terminal cancer, during her previous court hearings it was revealed that Dickinson had traits of narcissistic and borderline personality disorders. As she told a court-appointed psychologist, her problems began aged 12 when she began stealing money from her parents to buy things for school peers in an attempt to fit in with them, after she was severely bullied for her weight.

Belle Gibbson - Faked Brain Cancer

Though as it turns out, Hanna Dickinson faking a terminal cancer wasn’t the only such case that Australian courts had faced. An Australian wellness blogger had made $420,000 after building a social media empire and releasing a cookbook and app called The Whole Pantry, a large portion of proceeds of which would be donated to charities. Another thing the woman had done was mislead her readers when she claimed that her brain cancer was cured through alternative therapies and nutrition, according to court records. In 2017, the woman was taken to court with a civil lawsuit and was ordered to pay a fine of $410,000 after being found guilty of misleading and deceptive conduct when she lied about the donations and claimed she had brain cancer which was cured without medicine, which local doctors at the time had called dangerous as it could sway the minds of those vulnerable and really in need.

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