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Published 2021-11-19
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She Spent Over $87,000 For A Perfect Look! But Is Still Making Adjustments!

Given how far technology and medicine have progressed it is not difficult for people to undergo a procedure to change something about their appearance that they don’t like about themselves. They can be useful for people who have been born with visible defects or for those who are trying to get better after some horrific accident. Though with making such a decision there come risks to health, risks that the person won’t look as they imagined, as well as financial costs. And despite all this, one woman in Italy has spent around $87,000 and 16 years trying to look her best. Who is the woman who thinks that she still has a long way to go until she will be perfect and why did her family abandon her? Read on to find out all about Fulvia Pellegrino.

Fulvia Pellegrino - Who Is She?

For the most part, Fulvia’s life began normally. She grew up with two brothers and was raised by a strict religious father who was also a pastor. Though even while on the outside nothing seemed out of the ordinary, when she was a teenager she had began to feel that she was different from her peers. And there was a very good reason for this because Fulvia was born as Fulvio who had secretly dreamed of becoming a woman. But being afraid of what his family would say about it, he hid his true self and did everything that men did such as go hunting, get drunk, played soccer, and bring expensive cars. As Fulvia had said years later in an interview with the New York Post, her family was very narrow-minded and very religious and added that her father had three sons and he wanted three sons only. But it wouldn’t be for a while until Fulvia became her true self. Though how did her close ones react to the news? Read on to find out.

Fulvia Pellegrino - The Wedding

When Fulvio was 24, he met a doctor named Marisa. The two felt some sort of a connection and began dating and not long after their first meeting the two of them got married. There was a wedding, declarations of love and promises yet even back then as he stood at the altar, Fulvio had still felt different. Though despite marrying a woman, he continued living out his life the way he dreamed of and did everything to preserve this double life. Fulvia had begun visiting gay clubs and while home alone, hiding in the garage dressing up in women’s clothes and putting on makeup. As she later said in an interview, “I was feeling trapped in my body[...] I never showed that side of me because I was ashamed of it.”

Fulvia Pellegrino - Confessing to Marisa

Though after several years of marriage, Fulvio took a bold step and decided to tell Marisa the truth. And so after 16 years of masquerading, he came to the conclusion that he couldn’t deceive her any longer. And so he told her everything, also revealing that he wanted to change his sex and go by Fulvia. But much to her surprise, Marisa had no intention of leaving Fulvia at all and she decided that they would support each other. Of course, it wasn’t easy to start with, appearing in a mini-documentary feature about her husband, Marisa had said that after visiting doctors, both a psychologist, and joining Fulvia on her visits, had helped her see and understand better what she was going through. But not everyone was as understanding as Marisa. Read on to find out how Fulvia’s father had reacted.

Fulvia Pellegrino - Rest of the Family Reacts

And so as Fulvio became Fulvia, she was accepted by her wife and even her two brothers. However, where her parents were concerned, it was a different story. In a mini-documentary about her life, the woman revealed that when she told her parents, her mother had pushed her away and her father spoke to Marisa and asked her to sign a paper that would send Fulvia into a psychiatric institution to make her change her mind. Even when her father had passed away, the family had banned the pair from attending the funeral because they were ashamed of them, with some outlets claiming that they thought she was a prostitute.

Fulvia Pellegrino - Wants To Be Like Allanah Starr

A name change wasn’t enough for Fulvia as she wanted to completely transition and in order to do that, she would need to undergo several plastic surgeries that would help her achieve her desired look. She did have an idea of what she wanted to look like and that someone was Allanah Starr, an American transgender porn star. And so, Fulvia began her transition and even had sought out counseling to help her come to terms with her new look. However, she still isn’t happy with how she looks! Read on the next page to find out why.

Fulvia Pellegrino - The Surgeries

In order to go through her transformation, the woman had to get the help of a plastic surgeon. As it was reported by the New York Post, she had spent 11 years perfecting her looks, spending on it a whopping sum of over $87,000. The procedures that she underwent involved more than 150 lip and cheekbone filler injections, four breast augmentation procedures, two rounds of liposuction, and at least one butt lift, among others. And while some would simply say that Fulvia is addicted to undergoing these procedures but she herself that it is “not a drug but something that people like her need”.

Fulvia Pellegrino - For Her It Is Not Enough

You would think that after undergoing so many procedures to achieve her dream look, Fulvia would finally be happy. Yet it couldn’t be further from the truth. As she revealed in an interview, she is not happy with her ‘perfect’ body because to her that is not what it is. To her, perfection is something else. She revealed that she is not happy with her face and other parts of her body, adding that once she reaches her vision of perfection maybe then she will stop with all these surgeries. But have there been any other changes in her life besides her look? Check out the next page to find out.

Fulvia Pellegrino - Relations With Marisa

Despite the fact that Fulvio became Fulvia, Marisa has stuck by her husband and the two women still live together. However, as they both had said, their relationship is no longer like wife and husband, but more like two sisters. In an interview, Marisa herself said that to her it wasn’t what was on the outside that counted but what was on the inside and there was affection between them so she stayed. Though Fulvia later added that their relationship is just platonic because her wife is not gay, therefore there is no physical attraction, jokingly adding that maybe it is a good thing because, despite the fact she has male genitals, they are ‘retired’ due to the effects of the hormone therapy.

Fulvia Pellegrino - Results Of Her Changes

And while Fulvia can now freely be herself it didn’t come without any problems for the two women. Due to the fact that Fulvia, who used to run a restaurant, no longer works, the women struggle financially. She has revealed that in the past she had to sell her guns, cars and a house in France so that she could cover the costs of the expensive surgeries. Right now the two of them live off Marisa’s wage as a holistic therapist and while she supports her wife’s quest to achieve her desired look, she also is the one to deal with finances out of fear that Fulvia would spend it all. The two had also faced issues from the inhabitants in their town of Peveragno in the North of Italy, who have gone out of their way to exclude the two of them. Even Fulvia herself had said in an interview, that she is seen as the ‘clown of Peveragno’, adding that people point at her and talk about her, inventing stories that she is a prostitute. She also added that besides Marisa, who is always there for her, all her friends had vanished as they didn’t accept her.

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Photos are from Fulvia Pellegrino’s Facebook.

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