Published 2021-11-23
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She Recorded 200 Videos While Beating Her Son! The Footage Hit The Web And Caused A Scandal.

A young mother from India committed cruelty to her less than 2-year-old son. She recorded the acts of violence on a cell phone, and it came to light because the videos were posted on the Internet. They spread in social media and millions of Internet users could see with their own eyes the suffering of an innocent boy whose body bore the marks of repeated beating and abuse. Many users alerted the police and in late August this year, officers entered the apartment of the abuser, identified as Thulasi, and handcuffed her hands. Further horrifying discoveries were made during the investigation. It was revealed that the woman had created nearly 200 shocking recordings, and the reasons for this behavior shocked the public. Why did the little boy become a victim of his own mother? Was Thulasi's family unaware of her acts of aggression? Read on and learn more about the moving story.

Indian mother abused her child

The violent incidents occurred at a home in the state of Andhra Pradesh in southeastern India. Police were able to determine that Thulasi, 22, intentionally turned on her camera to record her suffering son. While filming, she often glanced at the monitor to make sure everything she was doing was captured. The videos showed, among other things, deep wounds and scars on the boy's body, proving that the woman had been committing cruel behavior for a long time. She even used everyday objects, such as slippers, to hurt her son. And where was the child's father at that time? Why didn't anyone notice anything? Read more to find out.

Woman recorded 200 videos while beating her son

Thulasi made about 200 such videos, all in secret from her family. The husband, 37-year-old Vadivazhagan, testified to police that he noticed wounds on his son's body as early as February of this year. The 2-year-old had injuries to his mouth and knees, and his condition required a doctor's visit. Vadivazhagan did not even suspect that his own wife might have been behind it. He pointed out that they had been in a relationship since 2016, when they decided to get married, and had since had two children, now aged four and two. They lived together in the small village of Manalapadia in Tamil Nadu, but their relationship has not been going well in recent times.

Marital problems

At home, there were frequent quarrels and conflicts, witnessed by the several-month-old son. It even came to the point that a month before the brutal recordings appeared on the Internet, Vadivazhagan separated from his wife, who with the child moved to her mother's house. The man also made a horrifying discovery in late August. He saw videos on his wife's phone showing attacks on their 2-year-old son Pradeep. The abuser was Thulasi, who mercilessly beat the child. Seeing this, the man decided to file a complaint with the police. In it, he mentioned not only the horrifying videos but also the regular conflicts that occurred between him and his spouse.

The arrest of a mother abusing a child

There were nearly 200 recordings on Thulasi's phone and several of them saw the light of the day becoming viral on social media. Sources do not say how they got online, but the fact is that they were viewed by millions of internet users in a short span of time and created a huge stir. The police, also due to a complaint filed by her husband, quickly managed to identify the woman from the videos and she was arrested at her parents' home in late August. During questioning, she explained why she had treated her own son so mercilessly.

Why did a mother from India beat her own child?

One of the police officers involved in Thulasi's testimony revealed to the media a few details of the conversation. The interrogator admitted that things were not going well in her marital relationship, and the constant bickering directly contributed to her behavior, recorded on videos. She expressed the resentment she felt toward her spouse and even stated that she hated him. Domestic conflicts contributed to her anger attacks, and to vent her anger, Thulasi hurt her own child. The innocent little boy was painfully affected by the adults' marital problems. However, there was one more thing that the violent mother confessed to the police. You will read about it on the next page.

She beat her son at the behest of her lover

The woman admitted to an extramarital affair. The officers have managed to establish the details of the lover. He is a certain Prem Kumar. The search for him is currently underway as according to Thulasi's statement, he further encouraged her to be aggressive towards her own child. He allegedly ordered her to abuse the 2-year-old systematically and to record it all with a camera. The videos were supposed to clearly show what she was doing to the child, so while recording her behavior, she would glance at the monitor every now and then to make sure the camera caught everything.

Horrifying footage on a phone

The footage secured by police is horrifying. They show the woman deliberately positioning her son to stay out of camera range while he is being beaten. Tears of pain were also to be seen streaming down his cheeks. The footage created was then sent to the lover, who allegedly forced the woman to relay any recorded acts of aggression to him. The police have so far not revealed any details of the search for the man, but they have decided to check the mental state of the arrested woman.

Psychiatric tests on cruel mother

The ruthlessness with which Thulasi handled her son raised suspicions of mental problems. As a result, the young Indian woman was taken to the Government Medical College Hospital in Mundiyampakkam for specialized consultation. Psychiatric experts concluded that she was mentally stable, but did not rule out a personality disorder or severe trauma that affected her behavior.

Aggression against children in a pandemic

Thulasi was taken to court after her arrest and detailed investigation. It has been made public that so far she has been sent for further stay behind bars. Her case has sparked a heated discussion on domestic violence. A spokesperson of the Indian Council of Child Welfare in the city of Chennai, in an interview with Vice World News, said that there has been a significant increase in recent cases where parents use violence to inflict punishment on their children or use threats against them. He also linked such incidents to the ongoing pandemic, during which there has been the highest increase in acts of aggression against minors.

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