Published 2021-11-26
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Woman Abducted By Aliens Now Professes Her Love For Them!

2020’s lockdown pandemic period was a tough time for many people. Many people were incredibly stressed for various reasons, and some were just plain bored either of being alone or because they had nothing to do. One such person was a London-based actress, Abbie Bela who joked online about wanting an alien to abduct her because she was unimpressed by the men on Earth. And lo and behold her wish came true and soon she had found herself falling in love with her abductor. But what exactly had happened? What did their encounter look like? And why do many people find her claims hard to believe, besides the obvious reason? Read on till the end to find out all about this lady and her extraterrestrial boyfriend.

The Claim That Started It All

The 30-something-year-old’s out-of-this-world romance had reportedly begun not long after she posted a video to her TikTok joking that she wanted an alien to abduct her because she was “bored of the pandemic”. In the video, she had even commented on the fact how she leaves her window open in order to make their job easier. It wasn’t long after, that the woman began to have dreams of a “white light”. And then on May 31st, because a date like that is surely not one someone would forget, Abbie said she heard a voice in her dreaming, commanding her to, “Wait in the usual spot.” Bela had never heard such a voice before but somehow, as she revealed, she knew exactly what those words meant. How did her abduction story read to romance? Read on to find out.

Waiting For The Fateful Moment

Just like the voice told her, the very next evening the woman sat next to her open window and she waited. As she recalled, it was around a quarter past midnight, when she began to fall asleep, that a flying saucer had appeared in her view. And before Bela even had a chance to wrap her mind around this she was no longer in her bedroom as a ‘bright green beam transported her to the UFO’. Many people would have been alarmed by such a turn of events but Abbie claimed that in the past she had many weird encounters in her dreams so this didn’t baffle her. And soon enough, she found herself on board the flying object, face to face with five aliens.

What Aliens Look Like

Upon first glance, the woman said that the extraterrestrial beings were tall and slender but unfortunately she wasn’t able to make out their true forms. That was something they had told her about, telepathically, and the reason for it was because she was not ready to see their true form. However, from what she could see, they had a slight green hue and big black eyes with human features, such as eyebrows. Being onboard a flying spaceship can have someone worried and despite having many weird encounters in her life, for a while Bela did get a little worried that she would be stuck on board permanently but it only took a few seconds for her to realize that it was “all about love”. What has she revealed about her boyfriend who is literally, out of this world? Find out on the next page.

Love At First Sight

Among the five aliens that Abbie encountered, one hand stood out the most to her. In one of her videos, she explained that the two of them connected and he expressed his feelings for her. While she never got the name of her interstellar suitor, she added that the feeling was very much mutual. She described it as, “being in love times 100”. But of course, things haven’t been easy for the star-crossed lovers. Issues number one was that, for this alien race, it was a taboo topic to date humans, however, as Bela revealed, her boyfriend was willing to break the rules. The other reason was that the woman wasn’t sure if she wanted to leave planet Earth and never look back. Despite the fact the beings told her she had to consent to go with them, she never said yes out of fear they took her forever.

Not The Same As Earth Men

And so, Bela left the UFO after just being on board for 20 minutes. Once she was back with her feet firmly planted on the ground she was quick to share her story with the world by uploading a video about it to her YouTube channel. Quickly gaining the media’s attention the 30-something-year-old did an interview with Caters News Agency, in which she talked about the differences between aliens and Earthmen. She added that beings from out of this world offer an “extra quality of care” compared to men on Earth who, according to her, “tell lies and have double standards”. She also highlighted the fact that her space boyfriend doesn’t want her just for sex and won’t lie to her like many men on Earth do. But will she see him again? Find out on the next page.

When Will The Star Crossed Lovers See Each Other Again?

As much as the woman is lovesick and wants to see her partner again, but there might be something stopping them. And that something would be the CIA. Now you may be wondering how? Well, the woman is worried that should he come to visit Earth, he would be captured by the government who would then experiment on him. However, she is now more than eager to visit the Andromeda galaxy with him, which is where this alien race comes from. But until that day comes, Abbie keeps an overnight bag by her window, waiting for the next time that she sees a flash of light from the heavens.

Wants To Normalize Interspecies Relations

However, before she can travel the galaxy with her extraterrestrial partner, she wants to change people’s opinions about aliens, who she claims are vilified but that they aren’t bad. With her relationship, Abbie plans to be one of the first couples to “normalize” interplanetary hookups because to her, that is the next phase of “human development”. But Bela is also aware of how others view her relationship. She recalled that people have told her she’s wrong to think about having sex with an alien, adding that some have even been angry about the dating part. But defending her romance Abbie claims that the practice is only controversial to those “who haven’t considered interspecies dating”, which she compared to being unfairly stigmatized just like interracial relationships in the past. As unlikely as the pairing might seem, what plans does the couple have next?

What’s Next For Them In The Future?

Surely not being together and not really having a way to contact each other, at least not one that Abbie has talked about, would make it difficult to plan a future. But according to a post on her Instagram, the couple has plans to get engaged. Though of course, there is one problem, which she stated is the fact that the couple needs a sponsor in order to buy the rings because being from out of this world, her alien partner doesn’t have any Earth money. Bela posts a lot about their relationship on her Instagram account, where she often poses with a blow-up alien toy. Though it is the reason why some people find her claims hard to believe.

It’s All An Act?

According to Bela’s website, she is an actress who was born in Poland “to the momentous sound of a crumbling Berlin Wall”. And because of the fact that she is an actress, many believe that all her videos talking about the alien abduction and the photo’s on her social media, are just an act from a sketch that she is working on. Especially since, as per her website, she appeared in a dramatic role at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 with Chaika: First woman in Space, where she played the famous Russian cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, which has given some another reason to believe that this is just a prank. Of course, there are also those who just don’t believe in aliens in general so even from that angle to them Abbie’s claims are ridiculous.

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