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Dad Left Family Right After Daughter Was Born. Years Later He Married Her.

Most people can tell you that family relationships aren’t always easy. Not everyone gets on with each other, there might be some hurt feelings, lies, and even jealousy. Yet there are cases where things really get out of hand. One such case was of a Nebraska man who was jailed after it was revealed he had sexual relationships with his daughter and that the two of them had gotten married. How did it even come to this? Did the pair even say anything in their defense? Read on to find out all about this shocking story.

Samantha Kershner Abandoned By Her Dad

21-year-old Samantha Kershner had lived in Nebraska with her mother and step-sister. She had never known her father as after the woman was born, her father had left her and her mother so that he could go and start a new life with his new partner. When the woman was 17 she had asked her mother to get her in touch with her father as she never knew him and wanted to know what kind of person he was. According to some media reports at first, her mother was hesitant, as throughout her daughter’s life he had not made any effort to stay in touch with her...but in the end, she gave in and arranged for the two of them to meet. But her mother soon would come to regret her decision, read on to find out what happened next.

Initial Meeting With A Twist

Right away when Travis Fieldgrove met his daughter, the two of them had started a normal, father-daughter relationship and nothing seemed to suggest that things would change as drastically as they did. Things were like that for some time but after a while when Kershner had turned 20, the relationship between her and Fieldgrove had turned sexual. Though this wasn’t the case of the 40-year-old man, forcing himself onto his daughter, according to Police reports, the twist in the story is that Samantha was just as eager for the relationship as her dad!

When Did Their Relationship Turn Intimate

The pair has never specified when exactly their relationship turned into something more than a father and daughter one however, according to later police reports, when they both admitted that they had sex, apparently for the first time, it was on September 10th, 2018. Then...not long after that, on October 1st the same year, the two were married in Adam’s County. While some might be wondering as to why no officials had raised any eyebrows, well the marriage licensing requirements at that Courthouse indicate that both parties applying for a marriage certificate must give the names of both parents before being approved but given that Fieldgrove wasn’t listed on her birth certificate, it wasn’t an issue. And on top of that, for that very reason, Travis really didn’t believe he was Samantha’s biological father. But just how did the police get involved? Read on to find out.

Tip-Off To The Police

At first, no one suspected anything but Fieldgrove’s ex as well as Kershner’s friends soon alerted the authorities with regards to this incestuous relationship. Police investigators had soon started looking into these allegations and they were pretty quick to discover that the pair had been bragging about their life together on Facebook. The two of them were arrested in January 2019 and soon enough more details had come to light about the whole situation.

DNA Seals Their Fate?

As we mentioned before the man did not believe that he was Samantha’s father due to his name not appearing on her birth certificate, however, the authorities did not believe that, and soon enough a court-ordered DNA test brought in some results which sealed their fate as it was revealed that there was a 99.9999% chance that Travis was her that. When the news came out, Fieldgrove has since said that he regrets the entire affair and feels embarrassed that it had even happened. But what kind of repercussions the two had faced? Find out on the next page.

Fieldgrove In Court

Fieldgrove, for one, told authorities that he initially didn’t believe he was truly Kershner’s father because his name was not on her birth certificate. He has since said that he regrets the entire affair and feels embarrassed while his attorney has said that he suffers from a brain injury and is not a “high-functioning” person. Following the police investigation, the father/daughter-wife duo faced felony incest charges to which Travis pleaded no contest and was sentenced to the state’s maximum of 2 years in jail.

Kershner Slept With Her Dad Out Of Jealousy?

At the start of the investigation, Samantha initially denied the sexual nature of the relationship to the police though later she recanted that denial. But in its place, she told them something completely different. According to an affidavit, the reason that she got into a relationship with her dad and then proceeded to have sex with him had stemmed from a jealous competition that she had with her half-sister regarding who could have sex with their father. Just like her father, Kershner was initially charged with incest but pleaded no contest to reduced charges of misdemeanor false reporting, according to KHGI TV. But she was a bit luckier than her father as she escaped jail time and instead was sentenced to nine months of probation. But that might not be the end of their legal troubles. Find out what those could be, on the next page.

Banned From Seeing Each Other

However, due to the time that he had already served, as well as coming to an agreement with the law officials for 12 months of post-release supervision, Fieldgrove was released from prison early, according to local media reports. On top of this, he was ordered to not contact Kershner once out of jail. As of the time, this article was written, it is not known whether the two had followed that rule or what either Travis or Samanath are up to, or even if the two of them are still, legally married. According to the Mirror, last November, the 40-year-old man posted on his Facebook where he claimed that Facebook had made him realize something this time and that was that life is too short and he is tired of wasting his life.

More Legal Trouble On The Way?

However, that might not be the end of their legal problems. A local TV station reporting on their story had revealed that the two are also wanted in Adams County on more incest charges for getting married there. And this time Kershner might not get off so lightly, as she allegedly is also facing a charge of making false statements under oath. However, with regards to these potential additional charges, there have been no updates.

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