Published 2021-11-29
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Woman Tortured Her One Month Old Daughter. The Police Let Her Go Free!

When it comes to children, it is difficult to imagine how someone would want to hurt them. Even more difficult to understand is why a parent would want to harm their children on purpose. Yet, as terrible as such a thing is, there had been plenty of cases of parents hurting their children with premeditation. That is exactly what happened in one of Istanbul’s provinces in Turkey, where a mother of three was harming her 18-month-old daughter. What exactly did she do to the child? Did anyone realize something was wrong? And despite police intervention, why was she let go? Read on until the very end to find out what happened.

A Seemingly Normal Family Life

For the most part, Elif and Erya K had led a normal life with their three children. The family of five had lived in the Avcilar district in the Turkish capital of Istanbul. According to reports from local media, those who knew the family would not have guessed that something like that would have happened. Yet when their third child, Eylul was born, things took a dark turn for the little girl and her mother. What exactly did the mother do to her daughter? Read on to find out.

No Connection

Unlike when her two older children were born Elif right away felt that something was wrong. As she would later tell prosecutors, she felt no affection for the little girl. No matter how hard she had tried, she couldn’t warm up to her and therefore she couldn’t love her daughter. And so the woman made a decision that she was going to torture the little child. Since Eylul was one-month-old her mother would inject her in her ears, nose, and belly button with bleach as well as liquid soap. She would do so until her daughter had started bleeding.

Initial Hospital Visit

After the mother conducted the heinous acts and her daughter fell ill, she took her to the hospital for treatment. Even there, the mother would continue harming her daughter. When no one was around, she would inject hospital soap into Eylul’s veins. However, given the place where she would inject her daughter, the doctors who didn’t suspect any foul play had sent the mother back home, where she would continue to torture her daughter. On top of injecting her with bleach, she would also start cutting her with a razor in her head, eyes, legs, arms, and chest. But did no one notice what was happening? Find out on the next page.

Dad Becomes Suspicious

At first, nobody would have thought something as terrible as what was happening even could take place. However, after a while, Eray started to become suspicious when his daughter kept getting sick. When things got so bad that the child was bleeding from her ears and belly button, he took her to see a doctor. But once again, to no avail. When Eylul turned nine months old her condition worsened and she was rushed to the Istanbul University Medicine Faculty Hospital. And it was there that the first signs of intentional harm were spotted. The doctors had found that the child’s skull was fractured and that she was covered with severe scratch marks and bruises that covered her entire body.

Police Get Involved

Concerned about the baby’s safety the hospital staff had contacted the police who subsequently launched their investigation into what was going on in the family. However, nothing came out of it. Elif K. was arrested and questioned by police, however, it didn’t take long for her to be released after she managed to convince the officers of her innocence. And so, the mother continued to torture her young child, who continued getting worse and constantly falling ill. But one fateful visit would be the one that would save her life. What happened? Read on to find out.

Police Get Involved A Second Time

It wasn’t long before Eylul’s health got worse again and once again she was admitted to hospital. And just like the first time, suspecting that something must have been wrong in the girl’s home, yet not having any concrete proof of it, the medical personnel called the police. And for the second time, Elif was taken into questioning, and yet again they had nothing on the mother of three and so she was released.

Hospital Visit That Saved Her Life

Given that the child’s condition wasn’t getting any better she was once again taken to the hospital for treatment. However, this time the doctors at the Kanuni Sultan Suleyman Hospital did something that would allow them to put an end to the torture. It has not been specified if they suspected Elif, or they simply wanted the child to not have contact with anyone from the outside to avoid the spread of bacteria, but the mother of three was not given access to her child. And given that she wasn’t able to inject her with anything harmful, Eylul began to recover. But before they were given a chance to alert the authorities, the mother made a move. But what exactly did she do?

Confession To The Police

Given that everything was out now, the woman decided to turn herself in, to the police station and hand herself over to the authorities. According to reports from local media, once there she gave them a full confession, saying how she was torturing her child since she was one month old, and her reasons for doing so. Though it was never specified whether she hoped to kill her child with what she was doing. When asked why she had decided to turn herself in, she replied that her conscience got the better of her. Since then Elif K. had been charged and arrested for torturing her child, however it took a frustratingly extended amount of time to arrive at that juncture.

The Fate Of The Child

The mother of 3 has already appeared in court where the jury had found her guilty. It was reported that Elif K. was waiting behind bars awaiting a further hearing which was set to determine just how long she will be imprisoned, however, there have been no updates about the case at the time the article was written. As for Eylulu, away from her mother, the child has reportedly been making long strides in her recovery, which some had called a miracle. Now she and her two older siblings are in the care of their father.

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