Published 2021-12-16
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Waitress Given A $4,000 Tip Is Fired From Work!

It surely makes a waiters day when their customers leave them a nice tip as a thank you for their service. For some, it could be a nice sum of money they can put towards something they have been saving up for, for a while. Yet for others, it could make a big difference with going towards their bill or rent payments. So you can only imagine the happiness one waitress felt when she was given a $4400 cash tip. However, the happiness didn’t last as she was told to only keep 20% of it for herself, and her refusal to do so resulted in her being fired. What exactly happened? How did she acquire such a big tip? And how did the tip givers react to the news? Read on to find out.

A Shift She Won’t Forget

Sometimes working in hospitality is not an easy job, a thing that many bar or restaurant workers would admit. However, there is one shift that 30-something-year-old Ryan Brandt won’t forget too quickly. And not only for good reasons. The woman, who studied Spanish at the University of Arkansas, was working at the Oven and Tap in Bentonville, AR when Grant Wise and a group of his colleagues had came into the restaurant for a real estate conference. However, the man had another, much more charitable reason for holding it at a restaurant where he was served by Ryan and another waitress. But what exactly happened? Read on to find out.

$100 Dinners Club

When speaking with local news about his initiative Grant Wise who works in real estate, had said that the idea to give large tips to serves was born during the COVID-related shutdowns because he knew many servers who were struggling while left without any work, especially since, across the U.S many servers rely on tips from customers to make ends meet as their pay is low. Wise said that a friend came up with an idea to give back, and so the ‘$100 Dinner Club” was created where everyone present would pitch in $100 as a tip for their waiter. The man had also revealed that the reason he chose the Oven and Tap was that it was his wife’s favorite restaurant.

Staking The Place Out

Grant revealed that when it came to choosing a place for his conference, he made sure to do some research about the place first. Wise told the reporters that prior to making any arrangements, he called the restaurant beforehand to confirm that the place did not have a policy about sharing tips and when an employee confirmed that they did not have such a policy, the man and his wife moved forward with their plan. But just how did their plan go? Read on to find out.

Presenting The Check

And so on December 2nd, the group arrived at the restaurant for their meal where they were served by Brandt and another unnamed waitress. Towards the end of their meal Wise made a speech in which he explained what the $100 Dinner Club is and how everyone there contributed $100, as well as other people through their social media channels, and that in total, they had raised $4400. When presenting Ryan with the cash, he said the money is for her to split with the other waitress who was helping her out. At that moment, the 30-something-year-old broke down in tears, a moment which was documented on video and posted to Grant’s Instagram account.

Happiness Short Cut

As you can imagine, $4400 is a lot of cash, even if Ryan had split it 50/50 with the other waitress, she would have still been left with a nice sum of money. Yet, her happiness at this good Samaritan act did not last. As Brandt would later reveal not long after receiving the tip, the restaurant managers had told her that she would have to split the tip with all of her co-workers, a thing that as she said they have never requested in the three and a half years she has worked there. On top of this, as the woman told FOX 59, having handed the money to her manager meant that she would be going home with only 20% of the sum she received which would be around $880. This devastated the woman as she had already planned to use the cash to pay off her student loans.

Grant Goes Back

Soon enough, Wise had learned what had happened, yet when he got in contact with the restaurant’s owner to ensure that everything was going to be ok, he was unable to do so bar a few text messages to which she soon stopped replying. And so to get everything sorted out the man went back to Oven and Tap to get his money back and then handed it directly to Brandt directly outside of the restaurant. But by December 7th a post appeared on Wise’s social media where he revealed that Ryan had been fired from her job.

Restaurant Response

When reporting on the story FOX 59 had reached out to the restaurant, who it seems has since turned off the comments on their Instagram posts. In their statement to the News team the Oven and Tap officials have said: “After dining, this large group of guests requested that their gratuity be given to two particular servers. We fully honored their request. Out of respect for our highly valued team members, we do not discuss the details surrounding the termination of an employee.” But what has happened to the waitress that was fired? Read on to find out.

Grant Steps In Again

When he learned of the news, Wise posted on his Facebook page about what had happened, writing that he did not understand why something like that would happen to what seems to be such a sweet and kind-hearted woman. He added that he is committed to showing her that there are great people in the world that will do good when they can and so he set up a GoFundMe for the waitress. He also added that he wanted to help her get through the next couple of months and to hopefully help find her a new job opportunity. In a follow-up post the next day he revealed that Brandt was offered a job at another restaurant where she began working there on December 8th.

Amount Of Money Raised

In the end, the GoFundMe turned out to be successful and raised $8732 for Brandt but after that, it was turned off. Though a few days after, after having discussed it with Ryan, Grant turned it back on as they both agreed he should use it to raise more funds and “pay it forward” to the next group of restaurant staff who would get the tip. In an Instagram post, the man wrote that in January they will be hosting another $100 Dinner Club and he invited the waitress to be their guest of honor, adding that any amount of money raised over the aforementioned sum, which at the time the article was written is $14,840, will be given directly to the staff of the restaurant they decide to eat at next.

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