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Published 2021-12-22
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Woman Pregnant With Sextuplets Aborted Four Of The Babies. Now She Is Sharing Her Painful Story.

When going through a very difficult patch in life, some people like to find others who had gone through a similar thing and who could offer them some advice on how they should proceed or tell them what to expect. This might be why forums for expecting mothers are popular and a place where women can help each other out with helpful information during the pregnancy and for once the little one has been born. However, even online forums couldn’t help Lizzie Russell who had found herself in a rather difficult situation that not only put her life at risk but also the lives of her children. What exactly happened that made Lizzie share her story? What hurtful remarks did she have to endure from strangers? And how did her pregnancy end? Read on to find out about one of the most difficult choices a mother had to make.

Doctor’s Visit That Changed It All

Russell was eight weeks pregnant with what she and her husband had hoped would be their second child yet they did not know that soon enough they would be facing a scenario they would have never imagined in their wildest dreams. As the couple went to an ultrasound, before long the ultrasound tech had labeled “fetus G” and as the woman described it, for her, the room swam with tears, and her brain was flooded with fear. No this was not a result of an IVF treatment but fertility hormones that the woman was taking which resulted in seven fetuses. However, six of them were viable and one had already miscarried. But what tough decision did the pair have in front of them? Read on to find out.

The Most Difficult Choice

After they were told the rather shocking and terrifying news, the couple spoke with a doctor who told them their options. One of them was to try and carry all six of the embryos to term. That in itself posed a significant risk with a 50% mortality rate for all of the babies as well as the mother. On top of that, the doctor told them there would definitely be a premature delivery as well as other complication. The second option was to terminate the entire pregnancy. And third, a selective reduction to reduce the pregnancy to twins or a singleton. However, that in itself posed an increased risk of miscarriage.

Why The Need For The Procedure

What should have been a joyful occasion for the couple, soon turned into heartbreak as they were faced with an impossible decision, one that no parent should ever have to make. The procedure that the woman was suggested she undergoes is called a multifetal reduction which, as the name suggests, lowers the number of fetuses and improves chances for a healthy pregnancy. According to reports from medical professionals, the procedure is relatively safe, with chances of problems being small. According to statistics, presented in a paper in the National Library of Medicine, the total survival rate was estimated to be 87.7%, which results in a pregnancy loss rate of 12.3%. Though of course, Lizzie wanted to speak with women who had been through similar things, yet this is where a problem arose. What was it? Read on to find out.

No Help Online

When having to make some tough life decisions such as the one that Lizzie and her husband were going through, it sometimes helps reading about the experiences that other people had who went through the same thing. This is exactly what the woman had hoped to do however when she went to scour the internet for someone who experienced something similar, her search didn’t warrant any good results! And anytime that she would find a piece written by someone who went through a similar situation, most of the comments were filled with negativity and harassment directed towards the person who posted it.

Counseling and Help

Though the woman didn’t give up. In the end, she managed to get in touch with a woman who went through a similar situation, and the two would exchange Facebook messages. It was those conversations, as well as several counseling sessions and multiple discussions with the doctors that helped Lizzie and her husband come to the decision to selectively reduce the pregnancy to twins. She went on to say that as someone who fiercely believed in a woman’s right to choose, she knew that they were making the safest, most logical decision for these babies. Though it was still a difficult thing to deal with as she never had an abortion before, and as she revealed, she was now having four in the span of two weeks. Though was the procedure a success? Read on to find out.

The Procedure

When the day of the first procedure came, the woman had a panic attack and had barely made it into the office. As she recalled the procedure was physically excruciating due to the fact that it involved a footlong needle being inserted through her stomach and into the hearts of the selected fetuses that then injected them with potassium chloride, which had a horrible burning feeling. Two of the fetuses were reduced at week 11, and the other two at week 13. And while the physical pain was awful, the woman revealed that the emotional pain of it all was much different.

The Emotional Journey

While the procedure in itself was difficult, the weeks after it was just as hard if not harder. Lizzie was plagued with questions about how she could celebrate the fact she was pregnant when she lost four of her children? Would their lives have been better if they chose a single child? Or should they have fought to save more of them? However, as the pregnancy progressed the parents had decided to focus on the health of their twins as they tried to reassure themselves that the choice they made was the right one. In her post, the woman revealed that it was difficult to be happy that the pregnancy reduction did not result in a total miscarriage while the fear and sadness had lingered in her and her husband’s hearts and minds. And on top of this, the little quips and jokes that people would make surely would were not helping them. What kind of jokes? Read on to find out.

Jokes That Hurt A Bit

When it comes to pregnancies many women often have strangers who see them make a comment or strike up a conversation about the visible belly and while for the most part, those are harmless and in general pleasant, this couple has found some to be rather upsetting. They talked about how strangers would look at her big belly and jokingly remark “Well, at least it isn’t triplets!”. While for some that might be seen as just a funny comment, for this couple that went through what they did it was rather painful especially as they would then respond with fake chuckles. However, they did find comfort in sharing their story with close friends and family, though the burden of their secret was constantly weighing on them.

Sharing Their Story

The rest of the pregnancy went by without any major problems and the woman gave birth to a son and daughter who are now happy and healthy infants. Yet every time Lizzie looks at them, she can’t help but think of their brothers and sister. She added that while their story is unusual she has learned that women have pregnancy reductions for numerous reasons, including fetal and maternal health concerns. The couple has now decided to share their story in hopes that couples going through similar issues will find some reassurance and so that they don’t have to suffer in silence.

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