Published 2021-12-23
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8-Year-Old Girl Gets Breast Implants For Christmas?!

Every year, many eccentric and shocking things happen on our planet that leave many people completely stunned with their mouths wide open in shock. On more than one occasion we have all heard about or maybe even seen with our own eyes something really bizarre or just downright difficult to comprehend. Many of those things are usually innocent or maybe just so odd that we have trouble wrapping our heads around them however there are times when things go too far. Like a story involving an 8-year-old child who received breast implants as a Christmas present. What exactly happened? How was such a thing allowed? And how did doctors even agree to the procedure? Read on to find out this baffling story.


Crossing A Line

It is clear that there are many things in life that have a limit though there are times when this barrier is crossed when it comes to satisfying a specific person or a group of people. Sometimes things go too far and have some bad and negative consequences, even to someone’s health. Many situations where a line is crossed are also rather unethical such as the story that we are going to talk about that went viral around the internet, and which had many people around the world shaking their heads in disbelief, asking the question of who would think of giving breast implants to a little girl. Though what exactly happened and who came up with such an idea? Read on to find out.

Self Consciousness

There is no denying that there have been many women throughout history that have at times felt at least a little bit self-conscious about the size of their breasts. There, of course, is the age-old stereotype that men prefer women who have bigger boobs however of course that just depends on the man and his preferences. But what can be done to solve such a “problem” when it comes to breast sizes? Well, the most common one is to go to a clinic that specializes in breast surgery and have a silicone implant placed in each breast, thus making them bigger. Well, some women regret getting such a procedure, others have commented that it was a big source of a self-esteem boost for them.

The Decision To Do So

It is true that there have been times where such a procedure may not have resulted in the most natural-looking results in the world however the change that occurs is nearly always evident. Most commonly it is young women who are in their twenties and thirties who opt for such operations but there have also been cases of older women, and even teenagers who had made the choice to increase the size of their breasts. And as we mentioned before, there are certain limits that have at times been crossed and this story is exactly one where such limits have been crossed and called unethical. And you can find out more about it on the next page.

8-Year-Old’s Problem

According to the viral story, an 8-year-old girl from America called Juliet Manson also had a bit of a complex about her body. Although the girl has been described as having an angelic face, she had noticed that some of her classmates were beginning to develop breasts. On many occasions, she had asked her parents why she did not experience these changes in her body, to which they had simply replied that she was still very young, and added that apart from that, genetics had also played a part in the age her body would start to develop.

A Trip To A Psychologist

The young girl suffered from depressive episodes as a result of her concerns and she had felt very bad whenever she would look at herself in the mirror. Knowing they needed to do something to help their young daughter, her parents began to take her to one of the best psychologists in their region: Eduardo Ramirez. After a dozen sessions with the doctors, it was concluded that the little girl had a tremendous lack of self-esteem and so Ramirez had urged the parents to make a decision regarding their daughter’s wishes. And so the parents could think of nothing else but to gift their daughter breast surgery for Christmas. But just how did they do it? Read on to find out.

Seeking A Clinic

As you can imagine, no clinic located in the United States or Mexico where the family initially searched, would perform such an operation. And so, the parents desperate to make their daughter happy had opted to search online to see if there would be any clinics in China that would not have any issues with performing such a procedure. And lo and behold, they managed to contact a doctor who did not show any impediment in doing it. So in December 2016, the family flew to China to satisfy the wishes of little Juliet whose parents had revealed that seeing their daughter smile again was priceless.

Controversial Picture

According to the initial viral story, upon their return back home the parents decided to take a picture of their smiling little girl, showing off her Christmas present and it was something that did not sit well with many people. Internet users were eager to point out what they were seeing was simply unnatural, especially as it showed an 8-year-old girl with breast implants. Many users had begun to insult the parents, calling what they did a real scandal and some even claimed that child services should have been involved. But were things really what they seemed? Find out on the next page.

How It Happened

Though for some, this story did not seem right and after some investigating, it was revealed that this viral story which had shocked so many people was not true and it was all set up. Of course, this had relieved many internet users who were outraged that something so immoral and with a tremendous lack of ethics had taken place, a thing that many compared to child abuse. But then what exactly did happen?

So What Was The Truth?

It quickly turned out that the photo which had gone viral along with the story was actually a result of photoshop. The internet user who was behind it simply placed the girl’s face on the body of a popular adult film star Katee Owen. After he was satisfied with his result, he came up with the story in which he mentioned parents who fulfilled their little daughter’s wish and took her to China for Christmas. One thing that came from the viral story was a lesson in not believing in everything that people saw online.

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