Published 2021-12-23
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Teen Killed His Pregnant 13-Year-Old Girlfriend! Won't Have A Criminal Record Or Face Consequences?

Most recently a case involving the death of a pregnant 13-year-old girl who had been murdered by her 15-year-old boyfriend and the father of her child had shocked a nation. The teen helped police and those looking for the missing teen, as well as pointed out friends and places where she might have been. However, the boy will spend time in juvenile detention however if the judgment will become final, he won’t face a real sentence for the crime committed. What exactly happened between the teens that led to her death? On what basis was the 15-year-old tried? And will he really not face any serious consequences for his actions? Read on to find out more about the story that shocked a nation.

13-Year-Old Goes Missing

The crime took place in Piekary Slaskie, a town in the Silesia region in Poland. There on January 12th, 2021, around 11 pm, 13-year-old Patrycja’s mother notified police that her daughter had not returned home and that she was not answering her phone, and no one has been in touch with her. According to Aleksandra Nowara, a spokesperson for the Silesia police had said that according to their first findings, which were considered to be the main version of events, the girl had gotten into an argument with her boyfriend, then 14-year-old Kacper. That is the version the teen told the officers, presenting the seemingly credible version, that on the evening she went missing, the two got into an argument, and after, around 6 pm she ran towards a bus stop where buses to Bytom, where she was from, were leaving. He also said that he did not know which one the girl got on. But what actually happened? Read on to find out.

Searching For Patrycja

Right away, the girl’s family, friends, and dozens of police officers from Piekary, Bytom, Knurow, and the provincial headquarters in Katowice searched for her. Her boyfriend, Kacper, joined the police and family and friend to help search for her and he drove around with them, visiting her friends and pointing out potential witnesses. At that part in their investigation, police, and everyone involved, were still hoping that Patrycja had simply run away and was hiding somewhere for the night.

Case Breakthrough

The breakthrough in the case came when police had reached a witness who had seen the teen on the bus. However, she wasn’t alone but with Kacper. This fact undermined the boy’s credibility in the eyes of the investigators. According to the police spokesperson, the teen later changed his version more than once, claiming that he did actually go on the bus with her and that later they went to a secluded wasteland for a walk to talk but that some stranger attacked them. He ran away, leaving the girl behind, but after that many different versions of the story had come into play. But what had actually happened? Find out on the next page.

What Actually Happened

The story changed a lot and it was around the 15th time that the 15-year-old spoke with the police that what actually happened had come to light. He finally admitted that he had killed his 13-year-old girlfriend and he pointed out to the officers where he had hidden Patrycja’s body. The girl’s remains lay in a wasteland in the center of Piekary, covered in cardboard boxes and officers had found her phone right beside it. As the Polish media reported, she had died as a result of a stab wound to the heart, and more than a dozen stab wounds covered her chest, abdomen, and throat. The crime was committed with a knife that he took from his house, which was later confirmed by his parents as they revealed that one of their knives was missing. Speaking with reporters they revealed that they still cannot believe that their previously non-problematic son had committed such a cruel murder.

What Was The Motive?

Not long after the girl’s remains were found, unofficial media reports had emerged that 13-year-old Patrycja was pregnant with Kacper’s child and that it was the most likely motive of the crime. Later an autopsy had confirmed that the teenager was in fact pregnant. The same suspicions about the reason for the girl’s death were shared by her parents, who said so in an interview with the journalists, adding that the following day she was supposed to visit a gynecologist with her mother. On January 23rd, the girl would have turned 14. But did her parents even suspect that Kacper was capable of something like that? Read on to find out.

They Treated Kacper Like A Son

Marzena and Grzegorz, Patrycja’s parents, had spoken with reporters about the teen who took their daughter’s life when they had visited the place where her body was found to lay down candles. As they revealed, the two were a couple for over a year and had separated three months prior. Kacper was the one to break up with her but allegedly later they got back together. Their daughter denied it, but the parent’s revealed that they were seeing each other. They revealed that Kacper was often at their house and that they treated him like a son. They had never observed any aggression in the teen and he went everywhere with him such as kayaking and fishing. They also added that the fact that he helped the police look for the girl and the crime that he committed is beyond comprehension.

He Planned It In Advance?

Since it was revealed that Kacper was the one that had killed Patrycja, contents of conversations that were allegedly between friends of the girl and friends of the boy had begun circulating around the web. They had reached the police, and while they might be fake, when it came to the investigation, the investigators had taken them very seriously and no wonder, given that they alleged the boy had planned this much earlier. Allegedly one of the messages from the 15-year-old’s friends read, “I was outside with him one day, and he said that if (Patrycja) was pregnant he would murder her. About a month later we went behind Kaufland and there was this forest and we were standing by these railings, he was talking about there being the perfect place to hide the body”. These messages were also raised in a TV program where the 13-year-old’s friend spoke with reporters. She talked about how he had planned this as early as four months prior to the crime, saying that if she was pregnant before 16 he would kill her. But if the crime wasn’t shocking enough the boy’s sentencing surely was. What happened? Find out on the next page.

The Court Case

After Kacper was detained by the police, the boy was placed in juvenile detention. However, his trial was not a criminal one as the case proceeded under the provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act. It was held before the Family and Juvenile Department, behind closed doors, in accordance with the general rules for such cases. The court, based on the testimony of witnesses and submitted opinions, determined the circumstances of the teenager’s death and in their ruling, confirmed that Kacper had killed Patrycja, acting with particular cruelty. The judge, Aleksandra Mazik, said that “without her consent, he aborted the pregnancy when the conceived child reached the capacity to live on its own outside the pregnant woman’s body”. The court also found that from April 2020 to January 2021 the teen had sexual intercourse with a minor Patrycja which is also a criminal act. According to the ruling, Kacper's parents will bear part of the court costs. According to those present inside the court, once the judge had announced the ruling, the 15-year-old had burst into tears.

No Proper Sentence

Though this is where things get a little controversial. When Kacper committed the crime he was still 14 years old, as his birthday was the following day. According to the general rules of Poland’s penal code, a person under 17 years of age is not liable for a crime unless it is in exceptional cases, such as murder, and can be held criminally responsible at 15. And so as a result of this, if the court’s order becomes final, the now 15-year-old will leave the correctional facility no later than when he turns 21. When he does, all criminal records will be erased and he will have a clean record, which has caused a lot of outrage among people in the country who claim that this is not a real sentence for the crime he committed.

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