Published 2022-01-04
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Disgusting Things Found In Food - Mice, Condoms...

Eating is one of the most enjoyable activities in the world. Unfortunately not for the unlucky ones who have found some truly disgusting and unbelievable things in their meals. And while news of tropical spiders crawling out of bananas is no longer surprising, used condoms in the burgers of famous chain stores or dead animals in cans of famous drinks are. These situations happen more often than you might think, and the list of undesirable additives in food is much longer. Whether you cook at home or like to dine out, after reading the horror stories of people who found disgusting things in their meals, you will certainly be much more careful about what you put in your mouth. And what disgusting things can you accidentally swallow? What insects or rodents have been found in food? Who put a severed human finger in their mouth thinking it was candy? Find out…


Chicken head in a box of nuggets from McDonald's

American Katherine Ortega took her children to McDonald's for lunch. Among the items ordered was a bucket of crispy chicken nuggets, which, as it turned out, contained a chicken body part that was not very appetizing. It was a chicken head, with the beak and comb clearly visible, fried in a golden batter. The Virginia resident almost put it in her mouth if not for her son, who yelled at the last moment not to do it. The restaurant manager offered two weeks of free meals as compensation, but Ms. Ortega, for obvious reasons, had no intention of eating there again. Who else steers clear of McDonald's? Read on...

Condom in a Big Mac

The Big Mac is the most famous sandwich at the famous chain with the logo in the shape of a large letter M. It was also William Smith's favorite burger in Easton, Pennsylvania until the American found a condom between the buns that looked like a used one. The staff offered several discount coupons for other meals at the establishment as an apology. Mr. Smith, however, did not accept the gift and decided to sue McDonald's, claiming that after the incident he suffered from emotional disturbance. However, the complaint was rejected by the court.


Syringe needle in Burger King sandwich

Angelica Cruz, who in 2001 ordered a breakfast sandwich with sausage and egg and a surprising addition in the form of a syringe needle, will always remember to be on guard at Burger King restaurants. The sharp medical waste pierced her cheek while she was eating, and the woman sued the restaurant for $11 million in damages after this trauma. However, it is not known what the finale of this case was.

A razor blade in ice cream

Just because ice cream melts in your mouth doesn't mean you can't hurt yourself eating it. Stephanie Granger from Texas is a prime example. While eating a Walmart-bought "Peanut Butter Stars" frozen dessert, she suddenly bit into a sharp object that cut the inside of her lip. Granger assumed it was a piece of aluminum foil, but to her disbelief, she discovered that the blade was much more dangerous because it came from a broken razor blade. When she called the store the next day to complain, she was told on the other end of the line "we're sorry and we hope your day gets better", but was that the right response to "I found a razor blade in the ice cream I bought from you"?

A severed finger in the pudding

Clarence Stowers, a North Carolina resident, pulled a severed human finger from a frozen dessert served at a restaurant in 2005. At first, he thought it was a sweet addition to his pudding, so he started licking it. But after a moment, a shrill scream came out of his mouth when the man realized he was dealing with a real part of the human body. It turned out that the finger belonged to one of the workers who had been seriously injured by the food processing machine. The hand fragment ended up in a container of frozen custard, and the medical assistance called in did not ask to find the finger. It was eventually found, however, but in a Clarence Stowers goblet.


Frog in frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables purchased at a store in Michigan had a meat insert in the form of a frog hibernated by low temperatures. The amphibian was found by the Hoffman family, who made the sickening discovery while preparing dinner. The matter was reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and an investigation was conducted throughout the Meijer supermarket chain.

Dead frog in a Pepsi can

Fred DeNegri of Ormond Beach, Florida, decided to quench his thirst with his favorite canned Pepsi drink. After just the first sip, he sensed something was wrong. When he shook the can, a sticky mess emerged from the opening which could not be identified. So the contents of the can were tested by a laboratory at the Food Regulatory Authority. The results were both shocking and disgusting because there was a dead frog floating in the Pepsi. The company was also explaining itself for another incident when it was sued by an Illinois man who found a mouse dissolved into a jelly-like substance in his Mountain Dew.

Mouse in bread

One bakery in Bicester, UK, definitely needed a cat and a lot of money when a man named Stephen Forse found a mouse in one of its loaves of bread in 2009. The rodent stuck to the bottom of the loaf had apparently baked along with it, and the bakery had to pay several thousand pounds in fines for such an oversight.

A scorpion in bananas and a spider in grapes

More than once, menacing spiders have crawled out of store bananas, painfully biting unsuspecting customers. However, these are not the only frequenters of these tropical fruits. A no less frightening find was made in Boston when a black widow was found in a package of organic grapes. She gave a good scare to one of the city's residents, but fortunately, she did not bite anyone.

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