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Message In A Bottle Found While Diving. The Author Of The 1926 Massage Was Found!

We are sure many of you, when you hear about a message in a bottle drifting in the water for a long time, will associate the story with the movie called Message in a Bottle, which was based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. However, today's story shows that such things don't just happen in movies and can be even more unusual! This summer in the United States, ship captain Jennifer Dowker discovered a mysterious bottle at the bottom of a river that contained a message written in the distant year of 1926! Not only is it amazing that after 95 years in the water the note survived and its contents could be read, but also that after so many years it was possible to find out who wrote it and why! How was it possible to arrive at this information? What message was contained in the letter in the bottle? Find out the story…

Message In a Bottle

The 1999 film, based on Nicholas Sparks' novel, evoked streams of tears in its audience. It told the story of a divorced journalist who finds a letter in a bottle on an empty beach while spending a lonely vacation by the sea. Enchanted and moved by its contents, she decides to find the author. When she succeeds in doing so, her life changes completely, as feelings begin to grow between her and the letter's author. As the viewer learns during the further screening, the man carries a great loss in his heart, which will affect his new love, happiness, and life... For many people, the film adaptation of Sparks' book starring Robin Wright and Kevin Costner is one of the most beautiful melodramas ever made. However, these are the fates of fictional characters. What about the story of a letter in a bottle found a few months ago after 95 years in the water? Is there something unusual behind it?

Ship's Captain Jennifer Dowker

This story consists of the fate of not only the author of the letter, which was written nearly 100 years ago. It is also the story of the person who found the bottle at the bottom of the river after so many years. It was fate that Jennifer Dowker became the person who came across the bottle in the water. As she revealed, she grew up in the state of Michigan and began learning to man a boat when she was just three years old. Her dad had a fishing boat that she accompanied him on very often. And as she began to grow up, she discovered a love for scuba diving and spending every spare moment in the water or on the beaches of lakes. After a divorce that occurred years ago, Jennifer became a single mom of three boys. She does not hide the fact that she found herself in a difficult moment in life and had to earn money. She was working as a waitress at the time but managed to pitch an idea to an investor for glass-bottom boat tours that caught on. She started a business that successfully began serving more and more customers.

Long hours spent swimming

Jennifer takes willing participants on trips, boating on the Cheboygan River and Lake Huron. She swims a lot. She takes five trips a day throughout the summer season. She goes through three shipwrecks with her cruisers, passes under a raised bridge, and passes three lighthouses. She even has a historian on board to explain the history of the river. Her sons help the woman run the business, and her youngest often drifts with her on the river, collecting all sorts of abandoned items. However, she never expected that she might ever come across something so unusual...

Unusual discovery

It was June 2021 and Father's Day weekend when, eager to attract a potential client, she made a historic discovery. At the bottom of a quiet river, she first found a giant clamshell, and then right next to it on the bottom, she saw a green bottle with rays of sunlight shining through the surface of the water. The bottle was not large, four inches long and half an inch wide. It was embossed with the words "Moone's Emerald Oil" (it was an old-time remedy). As Jennifer later recalled, when she saw the bottle, she could see that there was something inside, but she thought it was mud. Only when she looked at it did she notice the word "it" imprinted on the glass. She took the bottle on board, opened it, and when she managed to pull out the paper inside and unfold it, she saw the date "November 1926." As she recalls, everyone present on the boat stood completely amazed at what had just happened.

Content of the letter from the bottle

Jennifer was amazed to find and hold a historical artifact in her hands. After all, a long time ago someone had decided to write a note that no one before her, nearly an entire century, had ever found! The contents of the letter from the bottle that had lain in the water for exactly 95 years read: "Will the person who finds this bottle please return this paper to George Morrow Cheboygan of the State of Michigan and tell him where it was found?" The letter was put in the freezer to keep the paper from falling apart, and after a photo was taken earlier, Jennifer decided to post it online…

Searching for the author of a message

With Morrow being a popular local name, the woman, before she even left the marina, decided to post a picture of her find on her Facebook because she thought there might be a chance that she would know the story behind the bottle and the message she found. However, as she confessed, she did not expect what might follow. Instantly, her post went to thousands of people who passed it on. Speaking of the time when she checked Facebook the next morning, her phone exploded with a huge amount of messages and notifications!

Unexpected phone call

As it turned out the very next day, someone had tracked down the family members of George Morrow, the man who had thrown the message bottle into the water 95 years ago. Jennifer received a call from Michele Primeau, who said she got her number from someone and assured her that she was George Morrow's daughter. At first, Jennifer Dowker was skeptical about the call and wasn't sure if she should believe the woman. However, when her caller started to get emotional, the ship's captain believed that she was really talking to the right person.

Author of the letter

As it turned out, even though the message was written in the distant year of 1926, Jennifer was able to learn information about the author of the letter in the bottle. The man's daughter, she said, had told her dad over the years to put notes in bottles whenever he was on vacation, or, for example, to hide them in the walls when he remodeled their homes. Those were the kinds of traces he must have left behind from his early youth. When Michele Primeau looked at the date on the found message, which had lain at the bottom of a river for 95 years, she concluded that her father must have written it on his 18th birthday. Quickly counting, then, the author had no way of knowing who had found his note or where it had been found because he would have had to live to be 113 years old.

The letter was in Jennifer's possession

The story of the letter does not end here. In the fall, Michele decided to come from another state, Detroit to be exact, to meet Jennifer in Michigan. The woman brought with her, her dad's journal from World War II. The handwriting matched that on the message pulled from the bottle. What's more, the daughter of the letter's author insisted that the message and the bottle stay with Jennifer because, in her opinion, it was the best way for George Morrow's story to live on. As Jennifer confessed in an interview, the bottle stands on a shelf in her store, in a display case, along with the letter that Morrow's daughter sent to her after their meeting. The ship's captain also said that she took 5,000 people on the boat over the years and many of them asked about the unusual note. This story is also one that shows how powerful the internet is and how it can help in many cases. Jennifer's Facebook post has received about 90,000 likes and my story has spread around the world.

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