Published 2022-01-14
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Woman Gives Up Baby & Sues Sperm Donor After Not Liking His Race & Education?

A woman who had given birth to a child via a sperm donor has left people outraged after it was revealed that after giving birth, she gave the child up for adoption after she found the man who fathered her child had lied on his applications about a number of things that for her were important to her. Since then the woman had decided to sue the man, escalating the story and causing it to hit the news. What exactly happened? Just what exactly did the man lie about? What is the basis for the lawsuit? And what has happened to the child? Read on until the end to learn the story that outraged many.

Turning To Sperm Donation

The woman in question is a Tokyo resident, in her 30s. The woman already has a child that she shared with her husband and the two of them were planning on expanding their family and wanted to have a second child. However, after the woman had learned that her partner had a hereditary disease that she wasn’t aware of before, the two of them had decided to find a sperm donor on social media. Their reason for this was while their first child was healthy, they didn’t want to take risks with their second one. But how did it come to the man falsifying information about himself? Read on to find out.

Sperm Donation In Japan

Though finding a sperm donor wasn’t all that easy. In Japan, a country with 126 million people, there is only one commercial sperm bank and according to an article by Vice, only 12 hospitals across the country offer such fertility treatment. Though besides the limited amount of places offering fertility help, artificial insemination by donors is limited to only married couples and it excludes single women and LGBTQ couples. The reason sperm donation is difficult is because of the country’s “right to know” law which allows children of donors to legally look for their biological parents.

Underground Network

The lack of choices has forced many Japanese people to look for alternative ways of obtaining sperm. And people took advantage of that, creating a whole underground market. Many of the transactions, take place on social media which makes it easier for women/couples to find willing donors. These networks often offer cheap, or even free options for donations. Though of course, not being regulated by the government and doctors, such donations come with added health and legal risks. What kind of lies had warranted one man to face a lawsuit? Read on to find out.

Finding The Right Donor

And so the woman and her husband had set out to find a donor on social media who would end up fathering her child. After looking through several candidates the pair had settled on one man who, according to a Japanese newspaper Tokyo Shimbun, had claimed to be Japanese and a graduate of the prestigious Kyoto University, in his 20s and who was single. As per the publication, in order for the woman to get pregnant, the woman and the donor, who was not named in the article, had sex 10 times before she got pregnant.

It Was All A Lie

It was June 2019 when the woman was pregnant as well as some worrying information about the man who was the sperm donor. As it turned out, he had lied on his application about the things that were important to the woman. First of all, he did not attend a prestigious university but a completely different one. The man had also lied about his ethnicity and marital status as it turned out he was Chinese and married. It is unknown whether the age he gave the woman was correct. What led the woman to then file a lawsuit? Read on to find out.

Too Late For An Abortion

Given that the man had lied about the things that were important to the woman, she decided that she no longer wanted this child. Though unfortunately by the time she had learned of the man’s true identity, her pregnancy was too advanced for abortion and so once the child was born, she gave it up for adoption. It has not been made public whether the child has since found a family that had adopted them and the last news update about it was that it was placed in a child care facility in Tokyo.

Criticism For The Decision

As you could imagine there was a lot of criticism that the woman was met with not for using the underground network to find a sperm donor, but due to her decision to give the child up for adoption. Speaking with Vice, Mizuho Sasaki, a child worker in Japan, had branded the woman ‘shallow’ for ‘treating the child as an object. He also went on to add that he thinks it’s best that she made the decision she did as the child can be left with someone who can be a good foster parent.

Filing The Lawsuit

Despite the fact, some time has passed since the ordeal, last month the woman had filed a lawsuit against the sperm donor for 330 million yen, which is around $2.86 million. Her reason for this was emotional distress. Her lawyer was cited by Japanese broadcaster TBS news claiming that since the ordeal the woman has had problems with sleeping disorders, confirming that she had given up the child. He further went on to add that the reason she sued was that she wants to prevent future victims from being targeted by the man.

Knew The Risks

While the outcome or the status of the lawsuit is unknown at the moment, a woman who had also gone through the same route to find a donor, known as Misa did comment on the difficulty of finding one in Japan. However, she went on to add that the woman who filed the lawsuit had still decided to go through the underground process, highlighting that she surely wasn’t aware of the risks involved. Though in light of the situation she also went on to add that the best outcome that could happen would be for proper laws to be in place which would make it safe and easy for women/couples to find sperm donors which had been verified in one way or another.

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