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Woman Pregnant For Over 3 Year! More Women In This Condition Nowadays?

Even with how far advanced technology is there are still many things that we do not know and some that at times completely puzzle us. Especially when it comes to the human body. Such as a story about a woman named Sarah in her 40s, who claims she has been pregnant for over 3 years! According to her explanation, she believes that she is experiencing a cryptic pregnancy, which as she has revealed is an extremely rare condition where her hormone levels are so low that her baby has an extra-long gestation period. But is such a thing even possible? What do her close ones think of all this? And are there any other women who are experiencing the same thing? Read on to find out all about this puzzling pregnancy.

Discovering the pregnancy

According to News24 the woman first fell pregnant in July 2016 and was ecstatic. As she revealed, all her life she had struggled with endometriosis, and in the past, she had nine miscarriages. So when this time she had seen the positive test both she and her husband were beyond excited and they were so happy. At first, the doctors were unable to locate the baby but later had confirmed that the woman was about 12 weeks pregnant. However, the happiness would be short-lived. If you want to know more about the woman’s journey then be sure to read on until the very end.

Learning About The Miscarriage

When she later returned to see her doctor she was met with the news that they were unable to find the baby’s heartbeat but once again confirmed she was pregnant. This left many unanswered questions for the couple who were forced to visit the emergency room to find out what was going on with their child. There, the couple was told that doctors were unable to confirm the pregnancy or miscarried, and instead, she was discharged. But the Colorado native revealed that her belly continued to grow. Speaking with reporters she said, “I knew I was still pregnant, I never thought I’d miscarried at 12 weeks, but I couldn’t confirm it.”

No One Believed Her

Due to the fact that the woman had no way of confirming her pregnancy, many people didn’t believe her and thought she was mad. Some had even gone as far as to call her a lunatic and bully her. Not even the woman’s husband Cornell, also 40, didn’t believe that it was possible for her to be pregnant. However, once she found a support group online and saw similarities in her own symptoms a weight had lifted off her chest, and her husband had begun to believe her. But what was the cause of all this? Read on to find out.

Cryptic Pregnancy Awareness

Of course, all the medical mysteries that were going around Sarah’s pregnancy have caused the woman to do some searching online to find out what was going on. Searching up her symptoms she stumbled upon a charity online that described “cryptic pregnancies” where the symptoms matched her own. Speaking with reporters the 40-year-old said, “The shame of it finally lifted and I felt ready to take on the world. I took the photos to document the growth and when I was able to get the ultrasound, it finally convinced my husband.”

Waiting For The Baby

When it came to getting the ultrasound that finally convinced her husband the woman had said that the technician was able to locate the baby, who appeared to be growing but very slowly, however, the baby was normal and very much still alive. The charity has helped the woman a lot and helped her deal through all her questions and emotions, and have led her to believe that the reason she is experiencing a cryptic pregnancy is that her hormone levels are too low for a baby to be detected. At this point, the woman and her husband don’t know when their baby will be born. However, they are not the only ones going through this. Find more about other women who believe they are experiencing a cryptic pregnancy.

What Is A Cryptic Pregnancy

A cryptic pregnancy is a medically recognized term, which means a pregnancy that conventional medical testing methods may fail to detect. While such cases are not common, they are not unheard of either, and MTV’s “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” was a show that showcased examples of this condition. Sheena Garrett, the founder of Cryptic Pregnancy Awareness, had revealed that these pregnancies involve a hormonal imbalance with various significant causes and due to the lack of, or very low levels of the pregnancy hormone HCG, many women are falling through the cracks. She also went on to add that these pregnancies are typically extended gestation or post-term pregnancies.

Group Of Women Pregnant For “Years”

But Sarah isn’t the only one who has been going through this. There are more women who believe that they are experiencing a cryptic pregnancy and have been pregnant for years. The women who firmly believe that they can feel their baby kick and move, find comfort in online support groups, where they share photos of their ‘growing bumps’ and some even share photos of their ultrasounds despite doctors confirming that images show no signs of life. According to the women, their cryptic pregnancies have a gestation period of 3 to 5 years. The women even buy at-home Dopplers to hear their baby’s apparent heartbeat and post the videos online as “proof”.

Zona on Dr. Phil

A woman named Zona had appeared on the Dr. Phil Show and told the host that she was 1000% sure she had been pregnant for three years, despite the fact she had her tubes tied when she was 20. The woman told the host the reason the pregnancy was possible and was undetectable was that it was in her second, or “back uterus”. Zona explained how her belly had been growing steadily over those three years and she had been experiencing mood swings and other symptoms associated with pregnancy, despite the fact that all doctor’s tests had come back as negative. Dr. Phil had offred the woman to be examined by a world-leading obstetrician-gynecologist, who detected that there was no pregnancy and never has been, which the woman did not accept and took it only as “an opinion”.

Doctor’s Opinion

The claims of women who think they have been pregnant for such a long time had long been slammed by doctors and those who use the fact Doppler’s pick up the sound of their baby as proof had medical professionals tell them that the device picks up other sounds in the body such as the larger arteries, gut noises and static. Though there is no clear explanation why these women believe they are pregnant when they are not, a study in the Indian Journal of Psychology concluded that “one-fourth of the patients had developed delusion of pregnancy after the age of 50”. The study revealed that a possibility for this could be menopause or a psychiatric disorder.

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