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TikTok Stars - 61 Years Old Wife & 24 Years Old Husband Are Trying For Their First Child!

For years now people have been claiming that “age is nothing but a number or that “love is blind” and there are plenty of people who prove that. Such as one couple who have become quite popular on the video-sharing app TikTok where they show off their love. Quran McCain, 24, and Cheryl McGregor, 61, have made quite a noise around their relationship given that there is nearly a four-decade age gap between them. Most recently the two had internet users in shock and some quite outraged when they announced they would be trying to have a baby of their own. How did this couple meet? How are they going about trying to have a baby? And just how did their families react? Read on to find out about this love story that has shocked many.

First Meeting

Prior to starting a romantic relationship the 24-year-old and the 61-year-old had actually known each other from work. They first met back in 2012 when they both had worked in the fast-food chain Dairy Queen when Quran was just 15-years-old. There were no romantic feelings involved at the time and the two lost contact for a while but later reconnected on November 4th, 2020 when the younger man saw his former co-worker and mom-of-seven, working as a cashier at a convenience store in Rome, Georgia where they are both from. As he would later tell the press, sparks flew between them right away and they decided to take their relationship further. But just how did everyone react? Read on to find out.

Starting A TikTok

To share their love, and ultimately show that there are times where age doesn’t matter, the couple had started a TikTok account where they dance to music, take part in different trends, and at times answer questions from their curious followers and where their videos often get millions of views between them. However, despite cute clips of them kissing or cuddling and just generally having fun with it, there have been plenty of negative comments aimed at the couple. While some had been simply calling the two of them disgusting due to their age gap and claiming that Cheryl is old enough to be Quran’s grandmother, there have also been many comments that call their romance a sham, pointing out that it’s all most likely only for views. There have also been plenty of remarks about the 61-year-olds appearance, shaming her ‘wrinkly’ face, asking if she has teeth, and claiming that the only reason that the much younger man is with her is that she is ‘rich’.

Calling Out The Haters

In a TikTok Livestream the pair had talked about their relationship and what they think about the hate that they receive. Cheryl went on to point out that you don’t judge a book by its cover, adding that people’s perceptions of them are very far-fetched, especially when it comes to material stuff. When it comes to comments on how the 61-year-old looks that is also something they discussed pointing out that people can’t help the way they look but what is important and what truly matters is what’s on the inside. They know that their relationship isn’t hurting anybody, all they do is dance and spread good vibes, and given that Quran treats her right, there is nothing for them to be concerned about and no need to let the haters win. After their feelings for each other were made known privately and publically, the couple decided to take their love to the next level. How did they do that? Find out on the next page.

Saying “I Do.”

It seems that no amount of hate and criticism from strangers online was going to stop the couple who according to the grandmother-of-17, have great chemistry and fantastic sex life. To take their relationship to the next level, the pair had decided to get married. They had tied the know in September 2021. Their wedding was a small and intimate one, attended by their close families and friends and…their thousands of TikTok fans as the pair decided to include them by live-streaming their nuptials on the platform.

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Expanding The Family

Given that the pair is already married, they have now decided to expand their family. This was new that they announced recently and it shocked a lot of people. Mostly due to Cherly’s age. The 61-year-old has noted that she knows that she won’t be around long for her child but she has complete faith in her husband, knowing that he will take care of the child. McGregor already has seven children of her own, all older than her husband, and from them, she has 17 grandchildren but it seems that she still wants to expand her family further by having her eighth child, her first with Quran. And despite the woman’s own big family, the two of them feel like they deserve to have a child of their own. But what difficulties are they facing? Read on to find out.

Difficulties With Children

Despite knowing the chances, the pair had tried to get pregnant on their own but seeing as due to Cherly’s age that wasn’t going to be possible, they had decided to turn to surrogacy or adoption. Where adoption is concerned, they had both revealed that they would be looking for a biracial baby so that the child would know that it has ‘half black and half white parents’ and also so that the child would feel like the 61-year-old and the 24-year-old were their true parents. They had also thought about surrogacies and the fact that the best way to make sure their child was as close biologically as possible to them would have been to ask one of the woman’s children for help, however as Quran revealed in an interview, unfortunately, both of her daughters have had hysterectomies in the last few years, being it impossible.

Seeking A Surrogate

But between adoption and surrogacy, the couple prefers the latter, however, even here they have concerns. The Georgia natives had revealed that they’ve seen a lot of people be embroiled in legal complications far after the child was born and they are worried that something like that could happen to them. To ensure that it doesn’t they are looking for a ‘nice surrogate’ who is willing to sign a contract that would state she wants nothing to do with the child after it is born. Cheryl also went on to highlight that they don’t want someone trying to have their baby for financial gain because she and her husband aren’t that financially inclined themselves. But what do their close ones think of their relationship? Read on to find out.

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McGregor Family Not So Accepting

Unfortunately, as Quran revealed in an interview when they had first started dating none of Cheryl’s family were ‘accepting’ of their relationship. He admitted that everyone had thought they were just joking, adding that some of her seven kids even turned on her because she was dating a younger black man. This had upset her grately not because no one believed them at first but because she raised them to not be like that. But that didn’t affect their relationship and as Cheryl explained, love had found her and to her that was amazing.

Patching Things Up

But since then, the 61-year-old’s family has come to terms with her relationship. They are also very supportive of the pair’s decision to have children, despite being a bit hesitant at first. But now, they have all come around and accepted the fact that they have plans to start a family, are together and that they share their love with their million followers on TikTok.

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