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A Housekeeper's Job - Disgusting Guests And Trash Are The Least Of Their Profession's Problems!

When renting a hotel room, customers not only pay attention to its design, equipment, or convenient location. An important issue is also cleanliness, and according to research, up to 97% of travelers decide on accommodation on the basis of opinions about the tidiness of rooms. Nothing scares you more than seeing the word "dirty" in guest reviews. It is the maids who are responsible for the condition of the rented accommodation and not many people are aware of the reality of this job. What unpleasant situations do cleaners have to deal with? What do they find in guests' rooms while performing their duties? What were the most disgusting finds? Do maids always leave a hotel room perfectly clean? Read to the end and find out the secrets of this profession and real stories that hotel cleaners have decided to share online.

The maid profession is not for everyone!

The profession of a maid is not an easy one, as almost all people in this profession can attest. It's physically demanding, because every day you have to clean up to a dozen or so rooms, and very often it happens that guests can leave behind quite a mess. Some of the maids even confess that when they see how the rooms look after people staying only a few days, they seriously wonder if such people have similar trash in their own homes. But that is not all. The maids also tell of awkward situations they have had to deal with and even incidents of harassment. What's more, guests can take their anger out on the cleaners, they are unkind, and the worker can't get into discussions and usually has to put up with any teasing with a smile on her lips. Therefore, the profession of a maid is not for everyone, and in addition to good shape, which is necessary during several hours of cleaning, you also need a strong psyche. And what are the most shocking stories of people engaged in this profession? Read on to find out.

Shocking maid stories

Of course, not all guests are uncultured people, and maids confess that extremely unpleasant situations are rare. At the same time, it is such events that are remembered the longest. An employee of one hotel revealed that sometimes guests order the so-called room service or housekeeping, which is a cleaning service performed during their stay. According to the rules, before anything else, you have to knock several times on the door of the room, and when there is no answer, you can go inside. The maid did just that one day. However, it turned out that in the room there are still guests who said that they did not hear knocking, and in addition to the view of the cleaning person reacted very aggressively. There was some very aggressive behavior with vulgar words and insults, and this was not just a one-off incident.


Maids harassed by hotel guests

On the other hand, a cleaning lady from a hotel in the U.S recounted an incident when she entered a room while performing maintenance service, and the man renting it stood in the middle waiting for her completely naked. Fortunately, he did not harass the maid, but some guests actually cross this line. Female staff members sometimes get inappropriate advances from visitors, and there is even physical contact. Gentlemen renting a hotel room, for example, have touched the butts of maids, in which case the incident is usually reported to the management. A 2016 study of Chicago hotels found that more than half of the employees in the cleaning section experience harassment from incoming travelers, and the incidents are so common that it was decided to introduce so-called panic buttons that maids carry with them and use them to alert them to abuse.


Disgusting things found in hotel rooms

Behind the scenes of the maid's work, there are also stories of damage done by hotel guests and things left in the rooms. Interestingly, the scale of these phenomena does not depend on the standard of the establishment, because in both two- and four-star hotels it looks similar. The maids spoke of broken furniture or damaged TV sets, excrement found on the carpet or in the beds. Sometimes guests, for unknown reasons, do not satisfy their physiological needs in the toilet, and urine stains are found on beds, couches, or the floor, right in the middle of the room. Hotel maids can also find the most disgusting scenes in hotel bathrooms. One of the stories tells about a rich director of a corporation, who during his stay in the hotel handed out tips right and left to the staff, was polite and talkative, and when he left the room it turned out that in the bathroom everything was smeared with his own poop. He soiled the tiles, bathtub, and even the mirror, and the smell was so bad that the entire floor had to be shut down for several days.

Condoms or sanitary pads - what do hotel guests leave behind?

The maids confess that the travelers who leave their rooms often do not flush the water in the toilets. After a night of heavy drinking, they can puke in surprising places, e.g. behind the bed, and then have no intention of cleaning it up themselves. Vomit is also often found in ice buckets, delivered to rooms together with ordered alcoholic beverages. There are more disgusting things left behind by tourists! These include used condoms thrown into drawers or soiled sanitary pads stuck to bed sheets. Sometimes the room looks like a real garbage dump. People scatter alcoholic beverage cans, papers, or leftover food on the carpet, and maids on their knees pull such things out even from under the bed. There are more shocking finds! You will read about them on the next page…

What do maids find in hotel guests' rooms?

Maids find all sorts of erotic gadgets for adults, and it is worth mentioning that some guests when they realize that they have left them in the room, are able to come back to collect the lost item. However, the most common finds are items of clothing, jewelry, or chargers, which is why hotels sometimes create lost property warehouses where they are kept for up to several months. Stories about things left behind by guests abound and one of them also tells of a surprising case when a maid found a thick bundle of money under her pillow. The person who rented the room was notified as soon as possible and it turned out that he decided to have such a hiding place because he was afraid that he would forget the code to the hotel safe.

The worst kind of hotel guests according to the maids

The disorder left in hotel rooms apparently does not depend on the nationality of the guests. For example, some maids on online forums consider the British or Italians to be the biggest mess makers because they are usually very chaotic people who do not want service during their stay, so when they leave after a few days they leave a real mess. Most often, however, if you ask the maids about the worst kind of guests, they unanimously say that they are rude and insulting to staff. And what should you know before you go to a hotel? Read on to find out.

Cleanliness in hotel rooms

Tourists use hotels primarily during the holiday season. The turnaround of the rooms is so high that maids sometimes have only several dozen minutes to clean between one guest and another. This is quite a problem, especially when the room is heavily soiled and some of the hotel workers confessed that it happened that the room for the next visitors was not cleaned as thoroughly as one could expect. Deficiencies are also evidenced by complaints from travelers or investigations of cleaning services, which confirm that rooms prepared for guests may appear clean only on the surface. Of course, this type of situation does not happen everywhere, but it is worth knowing in what condition you can sometimes find a hotel room.

Not All Maids Are Honest?

Undercover reporters of the Today Show decided to check how the maids in New York do their duties. The result of the investigation was frightening, as it turned out that cleaners sometimes did not even change the bed linen, especially pillowcases, after previous guests. Any dirt or hair was merely shaken off and the unchanged pillow put back in the bed. A similar practice was used for sheets, and an investigation by Inside Edition found that three out of ten rooms, in hotels located in central New York, had dirty linens. Bathrooms were also far from perfect and showers or countertops were not cleaned enough. In some cases, the maids did not even wipe the toilet seats. It was discovered that glasses or cups left in the rooms for guests to use were not properly sterilized, and usually just washed in the sink and wiped down with dirty towels left by previous guests. Lots of germs were found on furniture, especially chairs and sofas, and it is interesting to note that perhaps the dirtiest item in the room most often turned out to be... the TV remote, which was almost never disinfected. Hotel workers, wishing to remain anonymous, also confessed that there were situations when luggage left in the rooms by travelers was searched by curious maids, and guests' clothes were tried on. There were even petty thefts.

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