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18-Year-Old Threw Newborn In Trash. Did The Baby Survive?

The year 2022 started off with news of a newborn baby being found abandoned in a cardboard box in Alaska, and while the story, about which we have an article, had made national news, there was another story just as tragic that has caught the nation’s attention. Three people dumpster diving in Hobbs, New Mexico had found a newborn baby who had been dumped in the trash behind a clothing store. What exactly happened that the baby ended up there? Who was responsible for this? And what is the baby’s condition? Read on to find out more.

Finding A Baby In A Dumpster

According to news reports, three people had pulled up to the dumpsters behind Rig Outfitters in Hobb, New Mexico. According to reports from local news, the group was ‘dumpster diving’ looking for anything of value that the store might have thrown out. It was then that they had heard whimpering coming from inside. Searching for the source of the sound they had eventually pulled the correct bag, thinking that the crying might have been a kitten but as soon as they picked it up, they could tell that it was too heavy. And so, opening it up, they had picked up a baby boy, wrapped in a “dirty, wet towel” covered in dried blood and with the umbilical cord still attached. But how did the baby end up there? Read on to find out.

Rescuers Response Was Pivotal

The good Samaritans who had saved the baby's life had been identified as Michael Green, Hector Jasso, and April Nuttall. Local police had praised the trio for their quick response as it was pivotal in saving the baby’s life. While Nuttall was the one who fished the child out of the bed and immediately cradled him in the towel, Green had called 911. Within minutes, police had arrived on the scene.

What Happened To Baby Found In Dumpster?

As for the baby, not much is known about what happened to him after. An ambulance had taken him to a nearby hospital and from there the child later traveled by helicopter to another one in Lubbock, Texas. According to reports, he is in a stable condition, however, acting Hobbs Police Chief August Fons had declined to release any other additional details about the newborn baby. But what exactly happened and who was the mother? Find out on the next page.

Search For The Abandoned Child’s Mother

While the child was safe and stable the next important thing for the police to do was to find out who the mother is and how did the baby end up along with the store's garbage. They had contacted Joe Imbriale, the owner of the shop, to ask him if his cameras in the back were working because they had a crime scene on their hands. At first, the man had thought that someone had broken in but when he was told by officers that they were looking for someone who dumped black garbage back in the trash, right away he knew what this could have been about and turned to officers saying, “Please don’t tell me it’s a baby”. Though officers right away assured him and others present in the room that the baby was fine. Looking through the footage, around the 2 pm mark they saw a woman pull up in a white can and toss a black bag she got from her backseat before driving off. But who was she?

Abandoned Child’s Mother Found

Thanks to the CCTV footage, it didn’t take long for police to find the mother who they identified as 18-year-old Alexis Avila. The name of the baby’s suspected father has not been made public due to the fact he is still a juvenile. According to news reports, the 18-year-old told investigators that she did not know she was pregnant until a week prior to giving birth when she sought treatment for abdominal pain. Avila gave her to the boy in her parent's bathroom and panicked so she allegedly stuffed the baby inside the two plastic bags, one with other trash in it, and left it in the dumpster.

What’s Next For Alexis Avila?

The police had charged the young woman with attempted murder and child abuse. Though according to updated news reports, she has been released on a $10,000 bond placed on house arrest and has to wear an ankle monitor at all times, until her trial the date for which has not been announced yet. The judge who made the decision, also added that she may leave her house to attend church service if she wishes, however she must be accompanied by her parents at all times. Other exceptions for her leaving her house include going to work, school, or doctor appointments.

Alexis Avila’s Mother Defends Her Daughter

The mother of the teen, who has been named Martha Avila, has since spoken out in defense of her daughter. Speaking with a Daily Mail reporter outside their family home in Hobbs she had said, “People can preach all they want, they can judge all they want, but we only care about the judgment of one.” She also backed her daughter's claims of not knowing that she was pregnant. Speaking with the police she had also revealed to them that Alexis’ ex has been banned from visiting their house because he allegedly “battered” her daughter in June, which according to Fox News was confirmed by a previously filed criminal complaint.

Store Owner Speaks Out

One person who most certainly disagrees with both the mother and daughter is Joe Imbriale. The owner of the store in whose dumpster the baby was found and whose CCTV had helped in finding out the mother’s identity did not shy from speaking with Fox News reporters about what happened. The man questioned the timeline that the 18-year-old said when she claimed she visited a doctor on Jan 4th for prescription pain meds. Joe questioned that wouldn’t the doctors have done a pregnancy test on a girl this young? Adding that her version has a lot of holes in the story, he criticized her mother by saying, “She's trying to defend her daughter, why doesn't she stop shouting her mouth off and take ownership of how she raised her daughter. Stop trying to protect her now. You screwed up, you raised a terrible daughter."

Other Options To Give The Child Up

The reason that many had criticized Alexis for her actions was that she had other options if she didn’t want to keep the child. That is because all 50 states have “safe haven” laws that allow newborns to be dropped off without criminal penalties. Those places most often include locations such as police and fire stations, churches. According to the National Safe Haven Alliance,127 babies have been saved through Safe Haven since 1999. In 2020, the latest year for which statistics are available, only 37 babies have been illegally abandoned in the U.S. In New Mexico, a baby must be directly handed to a Safe Haven provider, but in some places, there are safe haven boxes, also called “baby hatches,” where a woman can anonymously leave an infant.

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