Published 2022-02-17
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Horrifying Case Of A Phone Stalker! The Calls Were Coming From The Family's Home, Was It Haunted?

Nowadays it is a common thing for everyone to have a phone, which many use on a daily basis. Whether to connect with friends, consume media, use it to learn new things, or as a form of entertainment. But what if your phone suddenly started causing you problems, sending out messages to your close ones that you did not write? What if suddenly you were getting threatening calls from an unknown number yet when the call was traced it came from inside your house? And no matter how many times you changed your number it continued? Well, this is what happened to a Washington family in real life and as the threats intensified, there were no answers, their daughter became the number one suspect. What exactly happened? Did the phone creep ever get caught? Read on to find out.

The Start Of Their Problems

It all started in 2007 in Fircrest, Washington, when a 16-year-old girl named Courtney Kuykendall out of nowhere began receiving text messages from her friends. When she looked at them, she was confused by what she read as he friends were asking her why they had gotten a text from her that simply read “gay”. Now, of course, this could have just been the teens playing pranks but there was one issue, Courtney did not send that to her friends, at least not herself. Despite the fact that she was confused, she just brushed it off and didn’t think more of it. But neither she nor anyone else involved could have guessed just how much worse things were about to get. What happened? Read on to find out.

The Calls Soon Escalated

While the teen tried to ignore those messages things soon escalated and her friend and family were all receiving them. But it wasn’t some random words but ones of a threatening nature and it wasn’t just texts but phone calls from an unknown person with a "scratchy" voice. The family would refer to the person as Restricted as that is what appeared on their Caller ID whenever a call would happen. The mystery person would regularly threaten to kill or rape their human targets, attack the schools they attended, and even threaten to kill their pets. These messages and calls were coming in at all times of the day and night on both the family’s landlines and cell phones.

Attempts To Stop This

Of course, these calls were unnerving to the family, and as it was reported to ABC News at the time, it instilled a new kind of fear in them. Of course, they had tried to stop the harassment Restricted was subjecting them to and so they switched phones, changed their numbers, and turned their phones off, though nothing seemed to work. In the end, the Kuykendall's went to seek help from law enforcement but here things took a turn for the worse. Once the police who in 2007 was still warming up to the idea of modern phone hacking, had started looking into things, they traced all those calls and threatening messages to Courtney’s phone. But the odd part was that it was still happening even when her device was switched off. After one meeting with the cops, when the family returned home they noticed that they had a voicemail, which was a recording of a conversation they had with investigators. Still without any answers, and partly believing that their 16-year-old daughter had something to do with it, they took her phone away but that did not help and things only escalated. Read on to find out how.

Restricted Spying On Family

However, the family would soon have to invest in a brand new security system because Restricted was not only able to hear what they were saying but was able to see them, even when inside their house. When the family had set up their new passcode, the person called them letting them know that he knew what it was. Among other things he made comments on what they were doing and the clothing that they were wearing. But even their neighbor Andrea McKay wasn’t safe as one day when she was in her own kitchen cutting limes, Restricted had sent her a text message saying that they preferred lemons. According to reports at the time, there were three families involved, the Kuykendall's, the Mckay's, and the Prices, with Courtney’s aforementioned friend even stating that there were times her phone's ringtone would just change itself, to the gruff voice that had bothered them.

Restricted Could Not Be Stopped

Throughout this ordeal, there was one night where an unknown person had banged on the Kuykendall’s door before running off into the night. At this point the family was going out of their minds, nothing was working. Not taping their camera lenses and not even removing the batteries from their devices was able to stop this stalker. Whoever this person, or people, were their motives were unknown. The harassment that they were experiencing seemed like something out of a horror movie: there were no answers and the family was continuously terrorized by an unknown person who didn’t show any signs of stopping. And the most distressing thing was the fact that even the police officers were baffled. But did this ever stop? Find out on the next page.

The Mystery Calls Stopped

After about 4 months the calls stopped yet for reasons that remain unclear to this date, the mystery of Kuykendall’s phone stalker trails off there. There had not been any new follow-ups, arrests, persons of interest…nothing. There were a few sources that hinted that possibly the FBI got involved but that was never confirmed officially. If that was the case, and they had found whoever was responsible for terrorizing the family it was never released to the public, the local law enforcement, or even the victims.

Was It A Hoax?

In the years following this strange stalker, there were many theories as to what could have happened. One of the most popular ones was that this was all just a hoax that Courtney, who it all started from, was behind. After all, it was her phone, and many claimed she did this to get on TV. Since then, the teen had responded to these accusations saying, “Why would I do that to people I care about? Why would I harass my own family?” While many were eager to point the blame to her, Mrs. Kuyendall had always defended her daughter.

Phone Stalker A Hack Or Virus?

One of the other main theories was that Restricted could have been a complete stranger spying on this family, by gaining access to their electronics by hacking or a virus. Some experts had put forward their ideas that something like that could have been done through inside help or by someone smuggling the devices out to give the person access to tamper with them. Though one of the more feasible suggestions was a household member unknowingly allowed Restricted to do this such as by visiting a certain web page or downloading a file online.

Was It Technologically Possible?

Another question many had asked was was all this technologically possible to pull off in 2007? Commenting on the case some experts have said that some military-grade technology would have made it within the realm of possibility in accomplishing such a feat, though it still would have been extremely hard to get physical access to it. Though what is interesting is that Courtney and her family, as well as the other victims, did live near the McChord Air Force Base, and her brother-in-law worked there. It was even reported that he received a text from Restricted which read: “McChord needs us”. Though as some had pointed out this could have been the stalker messing around rather than it is a clue to their identity.

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