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Tinder Swindler - Claims Innocence In First Ever Interview and Starts Hollywood Career?

Ever since the Netflix documentary Tinder Swindler has come out everyone has been talking about Shimon Hayut. Or Simon Leviev as he was known on the dating platform. The man was accused of cheating several women out of thousands of dollars and funding his own lavish lifestyle. And while many were sympathetic with the victims it seems that Hayut’s career is suddenly taking off and he’s gaining fans. Most recently he spoke with Inside Edition in his first official interview, where he touched upon the documentary and what the real truth is, according to him. What does he claim happened? How did the man defend himself? And what kind of opportunities have come his way since he became famous for this alleged crime? Read on to find out.

Leviev’s First Interview

Speaking with Inside Edition in his first interview, Hayut had spoken with reporters about his life following the release of the Netflix production The Tinder Swindler. He claimed that he has been a victim of a witch hunt and that his past dating life was exaggerated in order to make it interesting for television. Simon rebutted the production saying that it was “all presented as a documentary but in truth, it was a completely made-up movie”. The man added that he is not a monster that everybody has created and that he was just a single guy that wanted to meet some girls on Tinder.

How He Made His Money

Hayut has claimed that the women weren’t conned or threatened. When asked about the accusation of lying to be a son of a billionaire diamond mogul, he replied that not once has he done that. But if he did not con the women out of the money and he is not the son of a billionaire then how does he afford his lavish lifestyle? Well according to the man himself, he is a “legit” businessman who got into Bitcoin in 2011. Though he refused to disclose just how much his investment is worth now.

Wanting To Clear His Name

After being portrayed as a scammer in the series Simon says he feels sorry for what he has been put through since the documentary had aired. When asked if he feels bad for it all he replied with, “I feel bad for something that I didn’t do? No, I feel bad for whatever happened to myself.” His goal now is to clear his own name and tell the world that none of this had happened. During the two-part interview, he was joined by his Ukraine-born Israeli model girlfriend, 24-year-old Kate Konlin, who appeared on covers of fashion magazines, including Vogue Japan. She does not believe that he scammed these women because he had never borrowed any money from her and she cannot believe how someone could “build such a fake story”.

He’s The Biggest Gentleman

Since the release of the documentary, it would not be surprising to say that many people around the world are judging Hayut due to what was revealed. He has revealed that many people had been calling him a fraud or a fake, including those women, but that is not the case. He claims that since people don’t know him personally, they cannot judge him. He had even gone as far as to call himself “the biggest gentleman in the world” which his girlfriend had seemingly agreed with.

He’s Blaming The Women?

Though it is worth pointing out that while the man is now banned from Tinder, as well as a plethora of other dating apps, he was indeed on Tinder. That is one thing that he does not deny and, as mentioned before, he just wanted to meet some girls and in the interview, some internet users had pointed out that it sounds like he might be blaming the women involved after he said that what had surprised him the most from his experience on the app, was just how many girls had offered to travel to meet him without even knowing him properly.

Plans For Hollywood

Even prior to this interview news had come out that Simon had plans to take on Hollywood and use the fame to establish a career for himself. He already has signed with a manager in the city, namely Gina Rodriguez with Gitoni Inc. And according to sources that spoke with TMZ they already have plans to play into this Netflix fame for profit. As per the publication, some of the potential ideas include a dating show that would include women competing for his love, though seeing that he has a girlfriend that might be out of the window now. The sources also revealed that Hayut is interested in sharing his dating advice and all the dos and don’ts by creating his own podcast. As it also turns out, Netflix allegedly is planning on turning the hit documentary into a full-fledged movie, according to reports from Variety. Sources close to the publication had told them that it is all still in the early stages and it is unclear if Leviev, who declined to participate in the original documentary, will be involved with the film.

Already Making Money

According to media reports, he’s already started making money on the site Cameo. TMZ had reported that sources with direct knowledge about it have revealed that he joined the site recently and since then he had got a wave of requests from fans to make messages. According to reports, the man has found this to be his new side hustle, as allegedly within his first 3 days he made $30,000, charging fans $200 for a personal video and $2000 for a business video. People have paid for things such as birthday videos, shoutouts, pep talks, anniversary videos, and more, and the man is more than happy to be on Cameo and wish people whatever they need. It has also been reported that he made a few videos where he joked his enemies were after him, which is what the women on the show alleged he had said to get them to give him money.

Already Spending His Hard Earned Cash

However the man earned his money, the recent infamy is not stopping him from living his lavish lifestyle. Most recently he was seen in Tel Aviv, Israel, at a luxury car dealership, most likely planning on getting himself a new ride and as per media reports, he had his eyes set on Ferraris especially one set at $250,000 MSRP. He was allegedly followed everywhere by his security guard, who followed his every step. So as it seems be it his side hustle, allegedly scamming women out of millions, or investing in cryptocurrency, Simon Hayut won’t be leaving the lavish lifestyle behind him anytime soon.

Who Is Simon?

In case some of you aren’t familiar with the man, the documentary alleges that he had conned multiple women out of money, to a sum set in the millions. According to their claims, he pretended to be the son of the “king of diamonds” Lev Leviev, a famed Russian-Israeli diamond oligarch, and would then borrow money from them under the guise of his own bank account being frozen and his enemies being after him. All this has left several of the women in debt to this day. If you want to know more about the man and the allegations against him then be sure to check out our video.

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