Published 2022-02-28
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Meet The Amazing Family Of Ukranian President Zelensky. Russia's #1 Target.

In the struggle to stop the invasion and the attacks led by Vladimir Putin, it is important to not forget who is being the most affected by this. And that is the civilians and people of Ukraine. Though one of the main targets of the invaders is the family of the country’s president Volodymyr Zelensky who along with his people is fighting to regain peace and freedom in his country. Whilst doing so, he walks the streets of the capital Kyiv, sending messages of encouragement to the population. For obvious reasons, there had not been much news on his family, as the leader of the country is the main target of the Russian troops, while his wife Olena Zelenska and their children Aleksandra,17, and Kirli, 9, who is in a safe location, are the “number two target of the invading army”. But who exactly is his family? Who is the woman that is standing beside her husband during this hard time? Read on until the end to find out.

Zelensky’s Family Is Safe

For the time being, as we mentioned before, the location where the first lady of Ukraine and her children are right now is not known for safety reasons. And of course with the ongoing Russian invasion, many had been worried about the president’s family, especially after he himself had declined to leave. Addressing the nation President Zelensky had assured the people that his family is safe and, like him, have not fled the country. And although the first lady Olena has not appeared in public for some time, she continues to encourage her people through her official social media.

Less Known First Lady

Olena Zalenska, despite not being very well known on the Western side of the world, is one of the most influential first ladies on the planet. Her official Instagram account has almost 2 million followers, and just several thousand more than that of former first lady Melania Trump, for example. In her social media, the wife of the Ukrainian president has always distinguished herself for being a very active and participative user.

Keeping In The Shadows

Despite her popularity, Olena Zelenska née Kiyashko has tried to keep a discreet background presence which many had commented was a very smart move. However, that has not stopped her from gaining attention and she ended up on covers of such magazines as Vogue Ukraine. On different occasions, when speaking in interviews, she herself had said that she prefers to be “in the shadows” of her president husband, and just “draw people’s attention to important social issues”.

Issues Important To Olena

In her own words, she said that their team had decided to focus on specific tasks such as children’s health, equal opportunities for all Ukrainians, and cultural diplomacy. The first lady works hand in hand with UNICEF and fights for a healthies and nutritious lifestyle for the younger generations, often putting emphasis on healthy eating as that is one of her greatest concerns. Although the dramatic situation in her country has made her for the time being take a different and more important course, which is now the right to freedom and for the people of Ukraine to leave in peace. To amplify her message, Olena has been using her digital platform with much more strength than ever before.

A Touching Message

The first lady of Ukraine has made a post that had gone viral and has touched the heartstrings of viewers around the world to the painful situation caused by Vladimir Putin. In it, she wrote about a newborn baby girl that came into this world during these difficult times: “This child was born in the Kyiv air-raid shelter. It should have taken place in completely different conditions, under peaceful skies. The ones that children should see. But the main thing is that, despite the war, in our streets, there were doctors and caring people next to her. She will be protected and defended.” Along with the post, Zelenska has asked for civilian collaboration, to those who can come out and join the army, and to come out with the best they can within their means.

Call To Action

Many had praised her, saying that Olena is an example of struggle and solidarity with her people. In one of her most moving posts, she had given a glimpse into the unbelievable things that had been happening. In it she also had a message to her compatriots: “Use social media to protect homes and help neighbors who are alone. Offer your home to those who need shelter. Prepare food for those in need. Donate blood for soldiers and victims. Report the movement of enemy vehicles. ( ...) We are the army, the army is us. Children born in bomb shelters will live in a peaceful country that has defended itself."

Olena Zelenska’s Life Before Becoming First Lady

The Ukrainian president and his wife met each other at school and although they had lost touch in the years that followed, they later reconnected many years later when they were both studying at university for their degrees. Olena had studied architecture, while her husband studied law. However, before being elected representatives of the Ukrainian country, both were engaged in things completely different from their careers. In 2003, the same year they got married after having been engaged for 8 years, Zelensky had used his comedy group Kvartal 95, to create a television production company. At that time, his wife started working as a scriptwriter, and he began his career as a producer, actor, and director. Though of course that was all put aside when politics came into the picture.

Ukraine’s First Family

A year after getting married, the couple welcomed their firstborn, Aleksandra. And in 2013 they completed the family with the arrival of Kiril. As First Lady, Olena has excelled long before the war by playing a key role in the development of the National Strategy, which includes security, gender equality, and cultural diplomacy. She had also initiated Ukraine's accession to the Biarritz Partnership, which is a G7 plan for the benefit of women.

Latest news from the Ukrainian president's family

The Ukrainian president said in his own words, in a video statement: "The enemy has marked me as target number one. My family is target number two. They want to destroy Ukraine politically by destroying the head of state. I will stay in the capital. My family is also in Ukraine,”. Prior to his speech where he revealed his family was in a safe location, there had been several unconfirmed reports of his wife being on the frontlines, however as it turned out they were not true. And although there are now several media outlets reporting that Putin’s troops are losing the war, the reality is that it is not known what to expect until soldiers are withdrawn from the affected country.

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