Published 2022-03-11
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Bishop Stripped Of Power After Marrying An Erotic Novelist With Interests In Satanic Themes!

When most people think of the clergy, they think of someone of someone who had dedicated their lives to God and their calling. However, there are cases where some turn from that path for various reasons. Sometimes by choice, and others not so much. One clergyman who had left the church was a bishop from Spain and in doing so he had made the headlines around the world. Why? All because he had decided to break his vow of celibacy and married a woman who was an erotic novelist with an interest that went against the church. How did the two meet? What were the woman’s interests that had shocked many? And what happened to the bishop after leaving the church? Read on to find out.

Who Is The Bishop?

The bishop in question is Xavier Novell i Gomà. Already prior to his decision to leave, he became quite famous in his community. All because in 2010 at the age of 41, he had become Spain’s youngest Bishop in Solsona in the north-eastern region of Catalonia. According to reports by the BBC, he had backed so-called conversion therapy for gay people and carried out exorcisms. Novell was traditional in his remarks on abortion but his strident views on homosexuality and outspoken support for Catalonian independence were controversial. So how did this famed Bishop cause so much shock? Read on to find out.

The Bishop Was A Rising Star

The youngest bishop was seen as a rising star in Spain’s Catholic Church and so when he had decided to resign with the approval of the Vatican, it was a surprise to many who could not understand why. As the news broke, it was revealed that when it came to making his decision to leave the church, the man had met several times with Vatican officials as well as the Pope himself.

Bishop Under Scrutiny

Though soon enough, the now 53-year-old former bishop, had found himself under scrutiny. All because along with the news that he resigned from his post on what he termed “strictly personal grounds”, also came reports from the local newspaper. Religion Digital had shocked its readers when they reported that the reason the bishop left was that he had fallen for divorcee Silvia Caballol, a clinical psychologist who became a novelist in 2015. But what about it shocked many? Read on.

Bonded Over Shared Interests

Around that time it was reported that Xavier had told his friend that he has fallen in love with a woman for the first time and that he wanted to do things right. Spanish newspaper El Independiente had reported that the pair had bonded over a shared interest in demonology, which given that the bishop performed exorcisms, did not necessarily surprise many.

The Bishops Chosen One

But who exactly is the woman? Silvia Caballol had worked as a clinical psychologist until 2015 when she changed her career path to becoming an erotic writer. Some of Caballol’s most popular titles include “The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust” and the trilogy Amnesia. In the blurb for one of her works, the reader is promised a journey into sadism, madness, and lust and struggle between good and evil, God and Satan, with a plot to shake one’s values and religious beliefs. So as you can imagine, not something that the church would look kindly on. It was also reported that the woman had an interest in Satanic themes.

Response From The Church

While the Pope had accepted the former bishop’s resignation, it did not free him from the oath of celibacy. This meant that by marrying the woman the clergyman had committed a grave sin and a canonical offense. While at the start he had not been completely expelled from the clergy and formally remained a priest, that soon changed. After the pair tied the knot on November 22nd, 2021, the Spanish Episcopal Conference released a statement that stated that Novell was now forbidden under canon law from “exercising any of the rights and duties inherent to the episcopal office”.

Life For The Former Bishop

According to reports, the pair are now expecting twins, though that has not officially been confirmed. As for Xavier’s life after leaving the clergy, he already had a degree in agricultural engineering which he achieved prior to being ordained in 1997. According to the local press, he has since been working for a company that extracts and sells pig semen.

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