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How Many Kids Does Vladimir Putin Have? Daughters With Changed Identities Or No Father On Paper.

Many political leaders around the world, for the sake of a warm image, are often depicted with their children, whom, within reason, they allow to lead lavish lifestyles and take part in important affairs. Some help their fathers run their country, some pursue careers in the media, and some attend the most prestigious universities. Although there are those whose lives are so private and protected that if a newspaper published new photos or information about them, they would be immediately shut down. Today more than ever, the Russian president protects the identity of his children, after all, the eyes of the whole world are on him after the attack on Ukraine. But in the digital age, not everything can be hidden anyway. So who are Vladimir Putin's daughters? Why was their identity so protected? Read on to find out.

Who Are Putin’s Daughters?

After causing war, today everyone knows who Vladimir Putin is. But let’s not talk about the political side of things but more about the personal affairs of the Russian president. In 1983, the politician married Lyudmila Shkrebneva, with whom he later had two daughters. Maria Vorontsova was born on April 28, 1985, in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg, and Katerina Tikhonova was born on August 31, 1986, in Dresden, Germany, where the family lived during the man's activities in the KGB. Both girls are named after their grandmothers. Maria is referred to as Masha and Katerina as Katya. But what was their life like with Putin as a father? Read on to find out.

Childhood With Putin As A Father

As children, Putin's daughters did not often see their father, their mother once admitted that she was the one who actually took care of their children. However, in his contacts with his daughters, the president reportedly did not hide his emotions. He spoke to them tenderly, hugged and pampered them. Their mother Ludmila admitted that she had to play the role of a strict parent. But she also pointed out that there was no way that her girls would put their best foot forward, as is the case with most girls who are daughters of daddies who spoil them. As the former president's wife said: "No one is going to wrap Vladimir Vladimirovich around his finger."

Life As The Presidents Daughters

When the family moved to Moscow in 1996, the girls attended a German-language school. However, when their father became acting president in 1999, Katya and Masha were taken out of school, and from then on they were homeschooled. Putin's daughters' last public appearance was when their father took office. In an interview the president gave with her family, Katya confessed that she was angry at her parents who took her and her sister out of school and decided to homeschool them. She also complained about intrusive security guards.

Putin An Overbearing Father

Since the very beginning, Putin did not like it when his daughters left home unattended. He always checked who they were meeting, where they were going, and kept explaining to them that it was for their safety and that he was just worried. However, Ben Juda, the author of the book "Fragile Empire: How Russia Fell In and Out of Love with Vladimir Putin", said that in his opinion the safety of his daughters was rather a secondary issue for the leader and that it was all about protecting the image of the president.

What Do We Know About Maria Vorontsova?

Therefore, from that point on, all we knew about Putin's daughters was only what the Russian leader himself decided to share with the world. And only after years of silence did an update appear on the Kremlin website. It stated that Maria graduated in biology from St. Petersburg State University and is a medical graduate from Moscow University. She is also a doctoral student at the Center for Endocrine Research in Moscow.

Putin Is A Grandfather?

She married a Dutch businessman with ties to Gazprom, Jorrit Faassen, and reportedly moved to his homeland. Out of concern for her privacy and security, she changed her name, so she is listed as Maria Vorontsova-Faassen. The couple reportedly has a child, but the gender of the child is unknown, something that seems to have been confirmed when Putin admitted in 2017 during an interview with filmmaker Oliver Stone that he was a grandfather. When Stone asked if he plays with his grandson, the Russian president replied: "Very rarely, unfortunately."

Who Is Katerina?

Katerina, on the other hand, studied at the same university as her sister, but majored in Asian Studies. She also has a master's degree in physics and mathematics. It should be added here that both girls studied under false identities to ensure a normal life that would not be affected by being the daughters of a Russian leader. Today, the woman is listed as Katerina Tikhonova, and the name she now uses belonged to her grandmother. What's more, Putin's youngest daughter is also the director of Innopraktika, a $1.7 billion development project to create a science center at Moscow State University. In addition to her academic work, Katya is an acrobatic rock'n'roll dancer. Katerina and her dance partner Ivan Klimov placed 5th at the 2013 World Championships in Switzerland. That same year in 2013, Katya married Russian billionaire Kirill Shamalov, who worked in a high position at Bank Rossiya. His father was reportedly a friend of Vladimir Putin. However, the couple divorced after 5 years of marriage, which was worth $2 billion, according to Business Insider.

Putin Romance With Olympic Gymnast?

In 2008, the Moskovsky Correspondent reported that Putin was engaged to Russian Olympic gymnast Alina Kabayeva, who won a bronze medal at the Sydney Olympics and a gold medal in Athens. The rumors were denied and the newspaper was shut down. But after the president and his wife divorced in 2013, speculation about his relationship with the gymnast exploded anew and included reports that Putin and his mistress had even lived to have three children, which the couple denied. Though in 2015, for example, the woman actually gave birth to a child at the St. Anne's VIP hospital in Ticino, Switzerland. Kabayeva is said to have lived to see a daughter and two sons with Putin, but the father of her little ones is officially still a mystery to this day.
There were also rumors that the couple was even supposed to get married secretly. This information was never confirmed, but Putin showed up several times in the company of Alina.

Putin’s Secret Daughter

It is still nothing, rumor has it that the Russian leader in the late 90s had an affair with cleaning lady Svetlana Krivonogich, who in 2003 was to give birth to another daughter of Putin. Yelizaveta Vladimirovna is now 19 years old. On her trail fell journalists, who on a detailed analysis of photos determined that her resemblance to Vladimir Putin is more than 70 percent, and in her birth shares are missing information about the father. The president allegedly gave her a luxury apartment in Monte Carlo worth $4 million, bank shares, a ski resort, and other real estates as payment for her silence, because, as always, he did not want this kind of information to reach the public. Anyway, Yelizaveta was living a luxurious life, which she boasted about on Instagram. However, after her alleged background was revealed, the girl ended her social media activity in October 2021.

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