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Anna 'Delvey' Sorokin - In An Honest Interview She Claims Netflix & The Media Got Everything Wrong?

There has been a lot of talk about Anna “Delvey” Sorokin, an alleged German heiress who was accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from banks, different financial institutions, and her friends. Most recently she has been the subject of a hit Netflix series Inventing Anna and has been facing deportation back to Germany by ICE. Though prior to this she has appeared on a new episode of the Call Her Daddy Podcast series where she had decided to clear things up. What did she have to say about the show done by the streaming giant? Does she feel guilty about what she did? And does she have plans to marry Kanye West to get a green card? Read on to find out more about this con artist and what she has had to say.

Story Of Anna Sorokin

If you don’t know what exactly happened to the woman then we’ll give you a quick rundown. In 2017, she was arrested and charged with defrauding major financial institutions, banks, hotels, and people that she knew for a total amount upwards of $275,000. Fast forward 2 years to 2019, she was sentenced to four to 12 years in prison and is currently facing deportation. Additionally to the aforementioned charges, she was also acquitted of two more charges. Attempted grand larceny in the first degree, regarding a $22 million loan she was set to obtain, and the charge of larceny in the second degree, relating to a $62,000 bill allegedly covered by a friend.

Facing Deportation

For the time being, Sorokin is still on US soil despite many claiming that she was deported on March 14th. According to media reports, she remains at the Orange County Detention Center in Goshen, upstate New York, where she has been for the last seven months. Anna is being held in ICE custody for overstaying her visa and is due to be deported to Germany although it's not exactly clear when, though some rumors suggest that it could be March 2st, though that has not officially been confirmed. But given that the con artist is a Russian native, having moved to Germany when she was a teen, some had suggested that instead of sending her to where her family is, she should be sent to Russia. Though for the time being, no more official information has been released about her deportation.

Call Her Daddy Podcast

Most recently she was a guest on Alexandra Cooper’s podcast Call Her Daddy for which she is interviewed from jail, with her background being blurred out in the final product. In the episode that aired on March 16th, Sorokin had decided to set the record straight about what was fact and what was fiction when it came to the Shonda Rhimes Netflix show in which she was portrayed by Julia Garner. But what exactly did she say? Read on to find out.

Lying About Her Family?

For years the press ran a story that Anna had lied about her family and her family status claiming she was a German heiress when in reality that could not have been further from the truth. In the years following her arrest, her parents had come forward saying that they are simple people and that her mother used to own a small convenience store while her father was a trucker. When faced with the question of whether she lied about it, she said that looking back, she guesses she did. Though she went on to add that she cannot tell the exact moment she did but she is sure it happened, however, she was quick to add, “I never, like, told any senseless lies”. She also stated that she never told anybody she was going to inherit a large sum of money and that starting a conversation and introducing herself as an heiress was just ridiculous. Instead, blamed people putting things together from a DA report at the time which she could not clarify back then, being in jail.

Why People Were Captivated By Anna Delvey?

Of course in light of what she had done, many had been calling the woman a con artist but as it turns out, she does not see herself as one. In her explanation as to why, she said that she never intended to harm anybody so that she would con them out of cash, as she had plans to pay them back in the future. Though some had called her a scammer, a large number of people were also captivated by her. When asked why she thought that was, the Russian native had no idea as her personality was not something that she created as she was just being herself. Even to her, it was a surprise that people were interested in the way she went about things.

Scared To Be Deported?

One of the topics touched upon during the interview of course was with regards to Anna’s deportation. While the fake heiress stated that she hopes it won’t actually happen, she is not too worried about it as it would be a perfect opportunity to go and start anew somewhere else. She said that she can go anywhere else in the world and that she does not have to stay in Germany. Though she did not offer any other explanation as to where she sees herself living should she be forced to leave the USA.

Wants To Marry Kanye West For A Green Card?

While that might sound like an absolute joke to you, then you would be right. It was just that but how did it happen? Well back in February 2021, she had tweeted “willing to marry
@kanyewest for US green card”. Given that he is still seemingly single, Cooper decided to ask if Anna was serious about tying the knot with the rapper. But no, it was simply a joke, and when asked how she feels about the ex of her friend Julia Fox, she responded, “He doesn't seem to be getting the best reviews, so I don't know.”

Feels Sorry For Her Friend Rachel?

Those who are either familiar with Delvey’s story or have simply watched the Netflix series will know she had a friendship with a woman named Rachel Williams. But things started heading south after Rachel was allegedly forced to cover the cost of a $62,000 bill while they were away on vacation in Morocco in 2017. Though here, it is worth pointing out that during a 2019 trial, the jury found Anna not guilty of larceny in the second degree, in relation to the incident. But what did the woman have to say about this incident now? That was a really unfortunate situation. And while that might sound cocky, she further went on to explain that yes she did let her pay it while knowing that there was a chance she might not repay her, but at the time she was going through with her project and was hoping it would work out, which would mean that she’d have the means to return the cash. But as we know by now, that never came to be.

She Tried To End Her Life?

One of the major things that the Netflix series got wrong, or more like created to fit their storyline as Sorokin revealed was the fact that her character was accused of faking a suicide attempt while staying at the Chateau Marmont in an attempt to extend her US Visa. But this was one of the things made up for the plot of the show and not something that occurred. Want to know more about what Netflix had made up? Be sure to check out our video!

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