Published 2022-03-18
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OnlyFans The Reason 35-Year-Old Woman Can't Find Love?

When it comes to relationships it is nothing new that people at times turn to dating apps to try their luck at meeting some new people. And while for some that works out and they can count themselves to be one of the success stories, others have completely different experiences. Some have no luck, some have the misfortunate of meeting people they deem to be ‘creeps’ and in one case some have their profiles deleted due to having too much interest in them. That is exactly what happened to 35-year-old Daisy Renegade from the UK. What exactly happened with the woman? And why does she think her job is the reason for her profiles being deleted? Read on to find out.

Who Is The Woman?

The woman, on her social media, goes by the name of Daisy Renegade. The 35-year-old hails from the West Midlands region in the United Kingdom. While it is not known if that is her day job, the woman posts 18+ content to the popular site OnlyFans. But could that be the reason that her profiles are being deleted? Read on to find out.

Starting Out On Dating Apps

Like many young people, Daisy had taken to dating apps in the hopes of finding love. She had been active on various ones for two years and for a while she was attracting lots of attention from possible suitors. Speaking with the British tabloid the Mirror, the said that at one point she would have more than 10,000 matches on just one app.

Things Take A Different Turn

Though her success on the app did not last long because as her list of potential suitors had started to grow, she began to realize that everything had started slowing down and she could spend days without any matches at all. Commenting on the issues she revealed that it was as if the apps were making her completely invisible, to the point that she not only stopped receiving messages from people she had already matched with but the existing matches were disappearing.

Paying For Premium Did Not Help

To make matters worse, Daisy was paying for premium versions of the app but she wasn’t getting any benefit from them. The boosts that were part of the benefits were supposed to put her on the top of the list for the people in her area. But despite being more visible, no one was swiping on her. That was then she came to the conclusion that a so-called “shadow ban” was placed on her account which meant that despite the fact she was active, it was not appearing for any other user.

Disappearing Accounts

It wasn’t long before Daisy realized that her accounts on the dating apps began to disappear without any warning or explanation as to why. In order to combat this, she had purchased new SIM cards and began creating new accounts with different phone numbers but the same thing happened every time. In her frustration, she decided to contact the technical support teams of the different apps to find out once and for all what on earth was going on and why she was being banned. But according to what she told reporters, she never received a proper explanation.

Reasons For Banned Accounts

But why would a dating app delete someones’ account? Where Tinder is concerned, their help site states that such a thing would occur if users would violate their Terms of Use or Community Guidelines. The reason they delete an account right away is that to them user safety is their number one priority and they don’t take violations of their policies lightly. This is also why the infamous Tinder Swindler also had his account banned not only from Tinder but any other dating apps for allegedly scamming women out of thousands of dollars.

Can You Get Your Account Back?

Many other dating apps state the same reasons for deleting users' profiles if they feel something has been violated. Where Tinder is concerned, the company states that for the time being, they don’t offer formal appeals to get an account back so if you’re out, you’re out. They, like many other apps, also state that once you’ve been banned you won’t be able to sign up for their platforms either by using an external profile such as Facebook or by using a phone number. However, when it comes to premium accounts, they do state to cancel the subscriptions as future payments might be taken out of the account.

Daisy’s Reason For Being Removed?

While she might not have heard a clear answer as to why her account has disappeared, Daisy claims she has a good idea why that was. This is where her OnlyFans account comes in. The 35-year-old claims she is being discriminated against for being “pretty” and for having an account on the platform. She claims to have never advertised it on her dating app profiles, and the only link she has on there is to her Instagram account which is private but it does link to her OnlyFans. She revealed that she had a lot of people message her, claiming that she’s only on the dating apps to advertise her 18+ venture but she revealed that is not the case but that she does want to be upfront with her matches about that to avoid surprises later.

She’s Being Discriminated Against?

She claims that many people don’t like the way she makes money and that she wants to find a date so honesty is important to her. Although for the time being, she can never really know for sure why her accounts keep getting banned, to her the most reasonable explanation is OnlyFans. The West Midlands native had said that it is a possibility of the companies not liking sex workers in general and that they are stigmatizing something that shouldn’t be an issue. Speaking with reporters she said: “We live in a society that encourages women to be open and free, but as soon as we talk about sex or being liberal with our bodies, we’re punished. I think it’s misogynistic as hell.” As of the time, the article was written, no clear comment was presented by any of the dating apps.

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