Published 2022-03-18
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Worlde - The Million Dollar Game Is Super Addicting But Makes You Smarter?

If you spend any time on social media such as Facebook or Twitter chances are that you have come across something called Wordle. And if you have not heard of the name then maybe you’ve seen those yellow, grey, and green boxes that people keep sharing, and yeah, that’s a wordle. Essentially it is a simple word game that has grasped the entire world's attention. But why has it become so popular? Who created it? Does he regret his decision? Read on to find out more about this game that had swept the entire world.

What Is Wordle?

Worlde is a simple, daily word game that can be found online and which most recently was purchased by The New York Times. Every 24 hours there is a new word of the day and it is up to the player to figure out what the word is…and then share their results online if they wish to do so, and seeing social media flooded with those colored boxes means that many people are inclined to share. But what are those boxes? Read on to find out.

How Does Wordle Work

Wordle gives the player six attempts to guess a randomly selected five-letter word. If you have the right letter in the right spot, it shows up green. A correct letter in the wrong spot shows up yellow. A letter that isn't in the word in any spot shows up gray. You can enter a total of six words, meaning you can enter five-burner words from which you can learn hints about the letters and their placements. Then you get one chance to put those hints to use. Such a simple word game yet it has caught the attention of many and caused quite a bit of competitiveness.

What’s The Big Deal With Wordle?

Now some of you might be thinking “So it’s just a word game. What’s so special about that?” Well…there surely is something given that, according to The New York Times, over 300,000 people play it daily. To some, this might be surprising but there are a few details that keep the game interesting and that have resulted in all these people going absolutely bonkers for it. What are those things? Read on to find out.


What Makes Wordle Special?

One of the things that makes people come back to Wordle, besides seeing literally everyone else play it, is the fact there is only one puzzle per day. That creates a certain level of stakes for players as if you mess up and do not get it within those 6 attempts then you have to wait until the next day for the next puzzle. It’s also handy that everyone is playing the exact same puzzle, trying to guess the exact same word. Plus sharing your results to your social media is easy, and the good thing is, your attempts are only shown in colored boxes, so you’re not spoiling it for anyone else!

Tips For Wordle

Of course with the amount of 5 letter words there are, it’s not always easy to get it right. But there are tips that can help. A good idea for where to start would be to have a starter word, preferably one that has three vowels and five different letters. Another good idea would be to stop using the gray letters, which are ones that you’ve already used but ones that aren’t in the word. It is also worth noting that letters will appear twice as words such as chill, sissy, and ferry have all been winning words in the past. But who is the person behind this game and what inspired them to create wordle? Read on to find out.


Who Is The Creator Of Wordle?

Wordle is the brainchild of software engineer Josh Wardle, who originally created the game for his partner who he said in an interview is a huge fan of word games. Speaking with the BBC he revealed that the simple game will never become full of ads. Those of you who may spend a lot of time online may remember Wardle as the creator of “Place”, an utterly wild collaborative art project/social experiment that sent the internet into a frenzy in April 2017. It was a shared online space that allowed literally anyone to fight over what was drawn there. It resulted in huge, sprawling communities battling over space on this gigantic online canvas.

Selling Wordle

At the end of January 2022, Josh sold Wordle to the New York Times for a figure "in the low seven figures." Speaking of his decision to do so, he said that this game had gotten bigger than he had ever imagined and that he was just one person who was dealing with it all. While the game ultimately become part of the publication's subscription puzzle service, Wardle has made sure that his game remained free-to-play and that the streaks that players had would be preserved in the move.

Can Wordle Make You Smarter?

While some people have been joking that solving the wordle puzzle quickly makes them smart, some people had actually tried to suggest that it is true. But can such a simple puzzle make you smarter? Well, according to a memory and learning researcher Aaron Seitz, no. It does not. He also added that you're just a person who does well at Wordle versus another person who doesn't do as well on Wordle. Researchers also went on to add that if you're playing Wordle in the hopes it might keep your brain from aging, research so far isn't showing any significant widespread protection from most brain-training games.


Wordle Spin-offs

Though if you still want to keep your brain sharp, and wordle is not enough for you then fear not, there have been plenty of spin-offs that work in a similar fashion. One has been Nerdle which is a numbers game that challenges players to figure out an eight-character calculation. There is also Worldle, a geographical guessing game that shows a silhouette of a country or territory and gives users six chances to work out the answer. But there have been more specific ones such as Lordle of the Rings to Wizarding Wordle (for Harry Potter fans), which work in a similar fashion to test your fan knowledge. But there have been some 18+ spin-offs, including Sweardle, Queerdle, and Lewdle, which have a similar format to the original but use more, er, specific vocabulary.

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