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Man Swallowed By A Whale! It Was Not The Most Horrifying Incident The Man Experienced.

In many different works of literature, there have been mentions of whales such as the famous Moby Dick. But also in more kid-friendly writings such as Pinocchio where the puppet boy and his father Geppetto were swallowed by a whale. And while those had been works of fiction the story of 56-year-old Michael Packard, an experienced lobster diver, would have his own experience with a whale. While humpback whales do not intentionally harm people Packard most certainly would have a reason to fear the creatures. What exactly happened? Did the man sustain any life-threatening injuries? And what did he have to say following the incident? Read on to find out all about the tale of the man who found himself in the jaws of a whale.

Whales Eat Humans?

Although Packard’s experience with a humpback whale might have been terrifying and most likely would keep the most seasoned swimmers away from the waters. However, when speaking with reporters, his crewman Josiah Mayo had commented that he and his colleagues that have experience with being out in the sea believe that the only logical explanation as to what happened was that it was a simple accident.

What Happened?

Though what exactly happened? Packard was diving to pluck off lobsters from the sandy bottom of the sea when the incident happened. When he spoke of what happened, he revealed that during his second dive of the day he felt a huge shove and the next thing he knew was that everything went completely dark. Mayo, who was up, on the surface on their boat, had commented that the animal had grabbed his friend from behind and it seemed as it enveloped him completely. Speaking as to why it happened, the man commented that it was probably feeding, guessing that the whale must have been fairly young either an adolescent or a calf, and did not know very well what it was doing.

Not The Only Incident?

Of course, such incidents are very rare though they have happened. A similar thing took place off the coast of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in 2019, when a Bryde’s whale carried off a marine conservationist who was in the process of documenting their massive migration. Referencing that incident, Josiah told reporters that just as the marine conservationists said back then, what happened was just simply an accident, adding that whales are gentle giants.

What Happened To Packard?

But back to the man who got swallowed by a whale. After initially being swallowed by the whale, the man thought that he was inside a great white shark, though given that he couldn’t feel any teeth and he did not have any obvious wounds. And so, he came to the conclusion that it was a whale. At that moment he thought that there was no way he would be able to come out and that he would die inside of the animal or drown. All he could think of were his 12 and 15-year-old sons.

How He Got Out Of The Whales Mouth?

The man compared to being in the humpback whale's mouth to a submarine or a car but with water rushing around him. All in all, he thinks he was in the animal's mouth for about 30-40 seconds. Prior to his release, outfitted in a scuba fear he struggled and the whale began shaking its head and it was obvious to the man that he didn’t like it. Then it surfaced and Packard saw light and the next thing he knew he was outside in the water.

Action From Above

Mayo also spoke to reveal how things looked from the top and when he first saw the animal burst to the surface, he had initially thought that it was a great white shark. When the whale flung Michael back to the sea, Josiah had picked him back into the boat and then radioed to shore and had to spend back to the Provincetown pier, where the fire department ambulance took him to the Cape Cod Hospital.

Packard’s Injuries

Thankfully the man did not sustain any severe injuries. He had a broken leg as well as some soft tissue damage, as reported by the media, following the incident. The man had also made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show, along with his colleague Mayo, where they had talked about what had happened and made jokes with Packard sitting inside the mouth of a fake whale head. Though surprisingly, that was not the worst thing that had ever happened to the man. Read on to find out what else he encountered.

Shark Encounters

According to what his friend Josiah had said, Michael had spent much of his life diving, even in the shark-infested waters off the coast of California. He had suffered several incidents over the years such as concussions, hand injuries, as well as two close encounters with great white sharks off Cape Cod though as Mayo commented, on these occasions, Packard was lucky to not have been eaten.

Cheated Death

But neither the sharks nor the whales had been the scariest moment in Michael’s life as in 2001 he came very close to death when he was involved in a plane crash in Costa Rica. He had sustained life-threatening injuries but had managed to pull through. During that accident, three people had lost their lives, and four others had survived.

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