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Amanda Bynes Freed From Conservatorship After 9 Years! Britney Spears To Thank?

Most recently Amanda Bynes has been making headlines with regards to her conservatorship which had just ended thanks to a judge’s ruling. For a while now, in light of the end of Britney’s conservatorship, fans of the actress had been calling for her to be freed of it as well. But did the Princess of Pop herself have some influence over the decision? Who exactly is Amanda? And why was she placed under a conservatorship in the first place? Read on until the very end to find out.

Who Is Amanda Bynes?

The 35-year-old actress is best known by viewers for her television and film work in the 1990s and the 2000s. Her career started when she was a child, landing a role on a Nickelodeon sketch comedy show, All That which ran between 1996-2000. From then on, she landed her breakthrough role which was its spin-off series titled The Amanda Show which fully thrust her life into the spotlight. Some of her other notable productions included the sitcom What I Like About You, and several movies titled What A Girl Wants, She’s The Man, Easy A, and Big Fat Liar. But what had led to her being put under a conservatorship? Read on to find out.

Amanda Bynes- A Cause For Concern

The problems in Amanda’s life seemingly began in 2012 when she was charged with driving under the influence in West Hollywood. Though with that case, the charges were dropped and she received three-year probation. Then the following year she was once again charged by police, this time with reckless endangerment and marijuana possession after she was caught smoking in the lobby of her apartment building in Manhattan and when the officers entered her apartment, which according to reports was located on the 36th floor, she had thrown a bong out of a window. However, once again this case was dismissed in 2014. But prior to that, in 2013 a few months after the incident at her apartment, Ventura County sheriff’s deputies had detained her after she allegedly started a small fire in the driveway of a stranger in Thousand Oaks. That time, she was hospitalized on the grounds of a 72-hour mental-health evaluation.

Being Put Under A Conservatorship

In light of Amanda being placed under that observation, her parents had filed for conservatorship, which her mother was given as temporary conservatorship over her daughters'’ affairs. Speaking with the press at the time, the Bynes’ lawyer had said that Amanda’s parents had their daughter's best interest at heart, and they wanted to protect her affairs. Though despite the conservatorship, Bynes continued to act out, and in October 2014, taking to her social media, she accused her father of emotional and sexual abuse. After her parents defended themselves, protesting their innocence, the actress once again took to social media and revealed that her father had never abused her, but “The microchip in my brain made me say those things but he's the one that ordered them to microchip me.” By that time, the temporary conservatorship had ended and after another series of worrying behavior, such as trying to flee to an airport after learning that her parents were on their way to pick her up and convince her to enter a mental health facility, the court made the decision to once again make her mother her conservator and in 2018 paperwork was filed for it to be continued until August 2020.

Struggling With Mental Health & Substance Abuse

After being put under the conservatorship again, the actress had revealed that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. But things started turning around for the star. In 2018 she addressed her fans and stated that she had been sober for four years, with the help of her parents. She took the opportunity to apologize to her fans for the things she said and did during the years of substance abuse, adding that if she could turn back time and undo all that she would have. In an interview, she had also come clean and talked about those days and talked about the illegal substances that she experimented with but added that the thing she used the most was Adderall, the ADHD prescription medication.

Britney Spears Conservatorship

When thinking of conservatorships and stars who were placed under one, many people of course think of Britney Spears. As many of you will remember, in November 2021, after nearly 14 years of a LA court deeming the Pop Princess unable to care for herself and placing her under a conservatorship, stripping her of nearly every aspect to control her life, the artist was free. This of course had put a spotlight on Amanda’s own conservatorship and many claimed that this decision was beneficial for Bynes being freed from her own one. Especially as it also led to changes in the way the law treats conservatorship abuse, as several states such as California, New Jersey, and New Mexico had passed new laws that placed more restrictions on conservatorships and, in the case of California, allowing those under it to chose their own lawyers. Some fans had even claimed that Britney was involved herself in helping Amanda, though those were just rumors that were never confirmed nor did they have any basis. But did Spears help in any way? Read on to find out.

Amanda’s Conservatorship Ended

On Tuesday, March 22nd, news had come out that since filing to end her conservatorship in February the judge had granted her this decision, stating “The conservatorship is no longer needed or required. She has done everything the court has asked”. Since the filing Bynes had been taking steps towards independence, with her most recent move being relocating to an L. A rental to move into with her fiance Paul Michael.

Did Britney Help?

While fans were convinced that Britney had in some way helped Amanda, or influenced the decision, it turns out that was not the case. Bynes’ lawyer spoke with TMZ about these speculations and said that this move was not inspired by the Princess of Pop and that it was a long time in the making, long before the #FreeBritney movement began to get vocal. He also added that the filing of the documents a few months after Brit had ended her conservatorship was purely coincidental and highlighted that the 35-year-old had never even mentioned Spears’ own battle.

Who Supported Bynes?

The decision was also achieved by the fact that Amanda had from her parents who were very much supportive of their daughter getting better and ending her conservatorship. This was also backed up by a statement that she had released to People magazine where she thanked them, and her lawyers, for all their support over the 9 years that she was under the conservatorship.

Plans For The Future

Now that Amanda is out of the conservatorship, her fans have been wondering whether she has any plans to return to acting. Well, right now it is not known whether this is something that she will do. In the statement to People, she said that she will continue prioritizing her well-being in the next chapter in her life. She did reveal that she has many exciting endeavors coming up, which include a fragrance line, though she was not able to reveal anything else about this or any other upcoming plans that she has.

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