Published 2022-04-06
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Model Faces Backlash For Looking Like BlackPink's Rosé. Her Life Is In Danger?!

When it comes to being a celebrity doppelgänger, to begin with, it sounds like a lot of fun. You would be noticed by people, maybe do some look-alike work, and even grow your social media presence. However, one Korean-American influencer would soon realize that this might not be as fun as some people think because once internet users had noticed her resemblance to BLACKPINK’s Rosé, she started being harassed by fans of the k-pop group as well as received several disturbing messages. How did people start noticing the resemblance? What kind of worrying messages has the woman received? And how has she responded? Read on until the end to find out just why this influencer started receiving this hate.

Who Is Rosé?

To those of you who might not be aware we’ll quickly let you know who the lady she looks like is. If you are not well versed in the world of Korean pop, BLACKPINK is a South Korean girl group that debuted in August 2016. The group consists of members, Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé and the latter is who this influencer is being compared to. This 25-year-old artist was born in Auckland, New Zealand who, besides being in the k-pop group, has also released her solo album in March 2021. It sold 448,089 copies in its first week which has been noted to be the highest for a Korean female soloist. But who is the woman that looks like this superstar? Read on to find out.

Rosé’s Influencer Look-Alike!

The influencer in question is a Los Angeles-based model Allissa Shin who has been on the receiving end of negative comments due to her resemblance to Rosé since 2020. But there is a specific reason why this had started. Speaking with a publication titled Next Shark, Allissa had explained how growing up she was bullied for her race which had led her to try and fit in and that resulted in her being ashamed of being Korean and surrounding herself with people of other racial groups.

Trying To Connect With Other Koreans

It was in high school that Shin ended up meeting a friend who made her realize that she should get more in touch with her ethnicity. And so, she ended up joining a Facebook group which was called Subtle Asian Traits, which in the interview she had described as an online community where Asians can find topics they relate to. After she did as advised, her friend recommended her another group, a spin-off from SAT called Subtle Asian Dating. And this is where everything kicked off. But to find out just how that happened, stay with us until the very end.

Claims She Looks Like Rosé

Where the dating group is concerned, the publication had written that in it, “members ‘auction’ single individuals to find friends and prospective dates by sharing photos along with other details”. Allissa had said that she had no idea what it was as she had never even known that groups like that existed and so she just left all that to her friend. It didn’t take long for that post to go viral and become flooded with only BlackPink Rosé comments. From Facebook, someone took the photos to Twitter and from there on fans of the k-pop group began accusing Shin of copying Rosé

Critique From BLACKPINK fans started

At the start, Allissa had responded to the ‘copying’ accusations on her Instagram where she wrote that personally, she did not see the resemblance between herself and the pop star however she was “genuinely glad” that people had thought otherwise. In the post, she had noted that what she took issue with was the toxic behavior and false accusations. She was quick to note that she was not going to change her hair, make-up, or fashion just because people online were saying she was trying to look like the k-pop idol. After that, she had tried to ignore those hateful comments but soon enough things took a much darker turn. What exactly happened? Read on to find out.

Shin’s Family Are Targeted

As a result of all the hate that she was receiving, Allissa’s mental health had suffered a lot. The controversy, that she and her close ones said was unwarranted, broke her heart. But not only that, soon enough it began impacting her loved ones as well as those that were supporting her. In light of that, she once again took to her Instagram to reveal that she and her loved ones had been targeted by threats of violence. As proof, she shared several screenshots that were brought to her attention by her follower who Shin said was a young girl and an anonymous user. Those messages had appeared to coerce the girl into harming herself in exchange for Allissa’s personal address. According to what the model told the publication, the girl told her that she did harm herself, but also admitted to her that it was something she had thoughts of doing for a while and that she would now be seeking therapy.

People Alleged They Had Harmed Shin

But that wouldn’t be the end of things. Several of her supporters had received messages from anonymous users who tried to dox her. Another story that she had shared was sent in from another follower and showed messages from an anonymous person who claimed to have just stabbed Allissa after following her through an airport. The model revealed that the girl was then sent graphic images as “proof” of the stabbing. As a result of this, Shin had to take to her Instagram Story to clarify that she had in fact not been injured. But this also affected her personal life. In what way? Read on to find out.

Police Had Been Involved

Given the nature of these messages and the fact that her loved ones and supporters were being threatened and told to harm themselves, the influencer decided to get the police involved. Speaking with the publication she said that at the start when she received death threats and break-ins, calling the police did not help. However, after some time the police department had taken her case and had detectives investigate it. Though given the fact it was an active case, she could not comment any further on it but added that she was taking the appropriate legal action to handle the entire situation in a logical manner.

The Hate Affected Her Life

But despite the police being involved, this had a negative impact on Shin’s life. The threat to her safety and that of her loved ones had made the model to be more cautious about the places she visits and the people that she spends time with. In the interview, she said that she rarely goes outsides and does not spend time in her favorite places such as restaurants or hotels. It also affected her friendships, and she does not see her friends anymore as she cannot tell who she can trust at the moment and that has majorly affected her life.

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