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Royal Family Kids - Musician, Ballerina, Athelete. A Hobby Or New Career Prospect?

When thinking of the royal family, most people imagine them to be all proper and maybe even uptight. But when it comes to kids be they from a royal family or not, they like to have fun. Just like anyone else they have hobbies. While they might not spend every free moment they have playing computer games or running around the neighborhood with the other kids, getting up to lots of different things that little ones their age find entertaining. But what kind of things are royal kids allowed to do? Are there any hidden talents that the future of the British monarchy has? What has Kate Middleton been teaching her 3 children? Read on to find out.

Free Time For Royal Kids

It is no secret that the members of the royal family have many talents. Of course, given that they get the top education as well as top instructors, it is no surprise. Several members had been Olympians, best-selling authors, speak several languages and it seems that the future generations might be following in their footsteps, cultivating their talents. Like any other children, the younger royals love to spend time outside and trying out new activities. Be it sports or the arts. But what do they excel in? Read on to find out.

Princess Charlotte A Little Performer

The daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton seems to be quite an active child and she has an interest in different sports. During a tour of Ireland, Kate revealed that her daughter has a passion for gymnastics. The 6-year-old is quite good at doing handstands, and cartwheels, and her mother added that it is all good for her basic skills of balance and coordination. But besides gymnastics, she has another much-loved hobby and that is ballet. As per Hello magazine, it was reported that she had been taking private ballet lessons at a dance school in south London. And to cultivate her interest, her mother had taken her to see The Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House in London.

Princess Charlotte Following In Her Great-Grandmother’s Footsteps

It is nothing new that one of Queen Elizabeth II’s hobbies and passions is horses. The monarch has always had an interest in the animals and had been riding since she was a young girl herself. It seems that this is something that her great-granddaughter had inherited from her. According to reports, the little princess is a keen horserider and started out when she was just 17 months old. A paralympic gold medalist, Natasha Barker, had revealed that when she met Kate Middleton in 2016, the duchess told her that Charlotte had a passion for horses and although she might not feel the same, she vowed to do her best to champion and encourage her daughter.

Prince George The Next Chart Topper?

It’s not just Princess Charlotte that has an interest in the arts. Her older brother George seems to have an interest in music and is even learning how to play the guitar. This was also something that was revealed by Kate Middleton during their Ireland tour. When the royal couple met with a band called NØÖV. During the meeting, the duchess had allegedly asked them questions about when they first started playing. She then added that she wishes she could have brought Charlotte and George with her as they would have loved it. She also told the group that her oldest son is learning to play the guitar.

Love For Sports

If Prince George won’t be topping the charts then maybe one day we could see him on the courts at Wimbledon. Why? Because the 8-year-old shares a passion for tennis with his mum. The Cambridges had installed a tennis court at their country home in Norfolk so that they and their children could practice playing and on top of this, both kids attend lessons. And the boy has even been lucky enough to play with one of the top players, Roger Federer as the Swiss player is a good friend of the Middleton family.

Little Louis’ Hobbies

Given that his older siblings have such creative and athletic hobbies the youngest of the Cambridge children can’t fall behind. And so far, according to reports, he’s keeping up just fine. As per the reports right now, the boy enjoys cycling and his parents had allowed him to cycle to school on his very first day. Sources commented that his parents are happy that he chose such a sport as it allows him to keep fit, and work on his balance. On top of this, he also enjoys some creative hobbies such as creating art using paints. A while back his parents showed an image of the boy with paint all over his hand while creating a rainbow picture to pay tribute to the NHS.

Family Fun Together

Kate Middleton has been trying to instill her own hobby in her kids and that would be sailing. Last summer the children and their parents had been sailing around the UK. They had explored the Scilly Isles off the coast of Cornwall. As it turns out, the Middleton family are avid sailors. A source close to them has revealed that Kate has always been a competent sailor and that Prince William is pretty good too. The duchess had already managed to combine her passion with her royal duties as she was made a patron of a sailing charity.

Queens Other Great-Grandchildren

Of course, Queen Elizabeth II has other great-grandchildren besides the Cambridges. And Zara Tindall’s daughter Mias seems to have also taken after the monarch when her love for riding and horses is concerned. And even more so after her grandmother, Princess Anne, and her own mother both had competed in the Olympics as equestrian riders. But she also takes after her dad Mike and likes to try playing tag rugby with him. Speaking about it in an interview he said: “If I was completely honest, I would really like Mia to go for tag rugby because I think it's fantastic for body awareness, athletic ability, and just a general all-around hand-eye coordination."

Archie’s Hobbies

And of course, we cannot forget the children of Prince Harry. While his youngest child, daughter Lilibet, might right now be focused on taking her first steps, as her father had recently revealed, his son Archie has already is showing interest in sports. According to a former rugby league player and coach Ellery Hanley, the Duke of Sussex made a comment about wanting mini rugby balls so that he could play with his son as they have space on their property for the two of them to have a small game.

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