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The Woman With The World's Smallest Waist. Wants The Record Regardless Of The Price?

A slim waist is a dream for many women, but can you imagine a waist measurement of only about 13.7 inches? Su Naing, a 23-year-old from Myanmar, is the owner of this size. But that's not all, she says, because nature made her that way! Is it really possible without any radical methods? Do you know any other women who have a wasp waist? Or even - is it possible to get even thinner? And are there any health consequences? Read on to find out all about the woman that has shocked many.

Title Of The World’s Slimmest Waist?

Not knowing why a pattern has been established that a woman's ideal figure is close to the dimensions of 90-60-90. Meanwhile, Su Naing has a waist of only 13.7 inches or about 35 centimeters. Such shapes have not only become the reason for her immense popularity, but also an argument to claim the title of the world's slimmest waist woman. So, does she have a chance to enter the Guinness Book?

What Is The Record?

The record in this category was set back in 1939 and was only 12.9 inches! It is still unbeaten to this day. Thus, Su Naing is not yet able to beat it, but it is noteworthy that the slimmest waist in history was created by wearing a corset, and not due to a natural predisposition. But who was the record holder anyway? It was Ethel Granger, born in 1905 in the United Kingdom. The woman married astronomer William Arnold Granger at the age of 23. Probably at that time it did not even cross her mind that this marriage would lead her to hold a world record. Mr. Granger was a fan of corsets and it was at his insistence that the woman began wearing them. Although her measurements were close to ideal, as her waist measured about 56 cm, Ethel decided to make it slimmer to satisfy her husband's desires.

How Did It All Happen

In the beginning, she wore the corset only during the day and eventually also at night. The effect of this, after about 10 years of almost uninterrupted wearing of the garment, was the mentioned 12.9 inches in the waist. This made her a record holder and one of the first pioneers of body modification in Europe. But this is not the end of her interesting story. Read on to find out the rest.

Ethel’s Complete Look

Ethel wore not only super-tight corsets but also extremely high-heeled shoes and countless earrings. There were up to twelve of them in each ear. She also had earrings on her cheeks, on both sides of her nose, and in her septum. There was no lack of them in the nipples either. While such a look may not surprise everyone today, for those years, and we are talking about the time after World War II, it was a real barrier-breaker. Interestingly enough, Mrs. Granger's love of decorating her body was also dictated by the desire to fulfill her husband's expectations.

No One Broke Ethel’s Record

But let's get back to the topic at hand. No one has yet managed to achieve dimensions like Ethel Granger's, although there are other women who have come close. One of them is American Cathie Jung, who currently holds the world record for the thinnest waist among living women. She is 82 years old and has achieved a waist measurement of 15 inches. Her result is also a result of using a corset, which she would wear for up to 23 hours a day. Cathie, at the age of 22, decided to reduce her waistline after having three children. In addition, before she started wearing the corset her waist was 27.9 inches.

Reason For Her Look

Her reasons for undertaking such a body modification were, as she herself mentioned, her love for Victorian fashion and wearing dresses straight from that era. And their obligatory element is a corset and a wide, flared bottom. Cathie admitted that she has over 100 outfits of this type and she loves to wear them. Besides, in her youth she was a big fan of the film "Gone with the Wind", and wearing a corset was to make her look like the main character Scarlett O'Hara, played by Vivien Leigh.

Ukraine’s Living Barbie

That's still not all. Ukrainian-born Valeria Lukyanova, also known as the "living Barbie doll", used not only a corset but also the intervention of a specialist to achieve her extremely slim figure. In fact, she underwent more than 30 operations aimed at transforming her body and making her look like the most famous doll. She had her breasts enlarged, her eyelids corrected, and to achieve a wasp waist she had two ribs removed. Thanks to that she measures 18.5 inches at the waist and does not increase this result thanks to proper nutrition and a corset which additionally narrows her to 16.9 inches.

Valeria Changes Her Mind

Valeria admitted in an interview with GQ that in the future all women will look like her because everyone strives for perfection. According to her, everyone wants to be slim and improve their breasts. The woman explicitly called it a global trend. Interestingly, sometime after this interview, Lukyanova changed her mind, claiming that she herself is completely natural and her appearance is due to her genes and well-kept inner life. And in one interview she even said, and we quote: "I don't think I resemble a plastic Barbie. I think I just look like a classy girl. It's also due to diet and exercise. I eat mostly raw fish, fresh fruits, and vegetables."

Record Hopeful From Germany

Following the trail of the world's narrowest waists, meet German Michele Koebke, who also used the slimming properties of a corset to achieve her effect. It was made on special order and the girl wore it almost continuously for 3 years. As a result, her waist has shrunk by 8.2 inches and is only 15.7 inches. However, the woman does not want to stop here, because her goal is to beat the Guinness World Record. That is why she is still working on improving her result. What can we say? We're just keeping our fingers crossed.

Smallest Waist In The UK

But let's go further. The owner of the narrowest waist in the UK is Birmingham resident and burlesque dancer, Nerina Orton. The woman started wearing a corset when she was 14 years old and now, while wearing one, she reaches a waist measurement of 15.7 inches. But Nerina doesn't deny that she doesn't intend to stop there and her goal is also to beat the current world record holder, American Cathie Jung, who is 14.8 inches.

Inspiration From Dita Von Teese?

Well, as you can see the corset allows you to achieve spectacular results and for many women, it is a way to achieve a slim figure. Celebrities and front page figures also take advantage of their qualities. An example is the "queen of burlesque" - Dita Von Teese. With the corset on, her waistline is just 16.9 inches, and she also uses it as part of her stage image.

The Disadvantages Of A Corset

However, not everything is beautiful and colorful, because we cannot help but mention the dark sides of wearing this item of clothing. Despite the historical aspect, and the fashion of the past, among the unpleasant effects that women could feel, in addition to the previously mentioned deformation of the body, was the difficulty in breathing, or the occurrence of internal bleeding. Long-time use of a corset also caused muscular atrophy, so after a longer period of time women could not do without it, not only to avoid pain but also to avoid hunchback. The tightness in the belt also made it difficult to move, walk or run. But in the pursuit of a perfect waist, a straight back, or a prominent bust, women were able to endure anything. In the past, the women themselves made sure that the corset was as tight as possible, and to achieve the strongest possible effect they even had the help of other people when putting it on.

Confirmed By Many

The women we spoke to earlier also confirmed this fact. In interviews, Michelle Koebke spoke of a stomach deformity that prevents her from eating a normal-sized meal and that she can no longer even stand without a supportive corset. Nerina Orton mentioned constantly feeling the movements of her bowel. And yet they chose not to discontinue their use.

Su Naing Did It Naturally?

Knowing the above examples and the history of this item of clothing, let us, therefore, return to the figure of Su Naing. After all, to achieve her figure, the woman reportedly did not use any extreme measures. So how did the Asian woman achieve such a waistline result? She cites genetics and healthy eating as the main reasons for her extremely slim waistline. In an interview with Daily Mail she confessed, we quote: "I have a healthy disposition and I follow a healthy diet, so there's nothing to worry about. I don't think there is anything wrong with my appearance." Su Naing also admitted that she has always been exercising to stay fit and healthy. The woman speculates that there was once such a case in her family too and now she has inherited her predisposition in her genes.

Accusations Against Her Look

The young Asian girl is eager to show off her shape on social media. And so she can be found on Instagram under the name summoning. The woman points out, however, that by sharing her photos there she is often accused of editing the pictures and that she used drastic measures such as wearing a corset or even cutting out her ribs to achieve such a silhouette. She maintains, however, that none of her photos have ever been edited. She admits to wearing a corset, but as she stated it was only to shape her stomach. Well, despite the negative comments, under her photos there is no shortage of positive feedback from people who admire Su Naing's figure. And as the girl herself admitted, we quote: "I like to pose for photos and show off my looks. The compliments are very flattering. People agree that I have a beautiful appearance."

Other People Who Have Such Natural Shapes?

So we checked if there are other people in the world who, thanks to no interference, can boast such unusual shapes. And so meet Ann Ward, winner of the 15th edition of America's Next Top Model. In this popular show, the girl delighted the American jurors, especially the supermodel, Tyra Banks. At 6’6 tall, Ann has a waist that a grown man can embrace with his hands. But is her size close to Su Niang's 13.7 inches? Well no, Ann Ward has a waist measurement of 23.2 inches

Romanian Model

We will also mention Joanna Spangenberg. This Romanian model claims to have a very good appetite, but still cannot put on weight. She mentions that she started losing weight when she was young although she did not deny herself heavy or fattening meals. Today, at 1.68 meters tall, her waist is 50 cm. hmm still 15 less than Su Niang…

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