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Woman Thought Dead Surprises Family At Her Funeral! Are Such Mistakes Common?

For some people, one of their biggest fears is being buried alive and these are things that do happen at times. Sometimes people had woken up and they were already six feet underground, some in the morgue giving the staff there a good scare, and others shock their loved ones by coming back to life at their funeral. And this is exactly what happened to a woman in Peru. The woman was presumed dead and during her own funeral, she interrupted the ceremony by knocking from inside of the coffin. What exactly happened? And what have been some other cases of people being wrongly pronounced as dead? Read on to find out!

What Happened?

The woman in question was called Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callacas. She had been involved in a serious crash on Lambayeque’s Chiclayo-Picsi road, in Peru. The accident claimed the life of her brother-in-law and left her nephews with serious injuries. As for Rosa, she was pronounced “dead” shortly after the crash and later was loaded into a coffin ahead of her funeral.

Rosa’s Funeral

The woman’s family had gathered for a funeral of the family of their relative on April 26th. But as they prepared for the ceremony and hoisted the wooden structure onto their shoulders, they began to hear odd sounds. Choosing to investigate, they lowered the coffin, and opening the lid they saw the woman looking up at them, very much alive. The caretaker at the cemetery, Juan Segundo Cajo, spoke with the press, “She opened her eyes and was sweating. I immediately went to my office and called the police.”


Being Taken To Hospital

Shocked relatives did not even take Rosa out of the coffin and rushed her to the Referential Hospital Ferrenafe in the town. Once there, doctors found that she had weak signs of life and so they hooked her up to a life-support machine. Sadly, however, her condition deteriorated and she tragically died just a few hours later. Her family, who had to say their goodbyes twice, are now demanding answers. They expressed outrage at healthcare bosses and at the fact that such a mistake took place, to begin with. They suspect that she may have been in a coma following the crash and police in Peru are now investigating just what exactly happened at the hospital. As for Rosa’s nephews who were also injured, local media report that they are still recovering in hospital but are still in serious condition.

Presumed Dead Not So Uncommon

A native of Venezuela, Carlos Camejo woke up during his own autopsy. The man had been involved in a car accident a few hours earlier in which he suffered serious injuries. Doctors took action to save his life unfortunately it was not successful and Mr. Camejo was declared dead. He was taken to the morgue where the autopsy began, which caused some concern to the medical staff right from the start. They noticed that something was wrong when they gently incised the skin of the deceased and the wound began to bleed intensely, but they did not expect what happened a moment later. When they used the scalpel to cut the skin in the next place, the man who was considered dead suddenly woke up and started screaming in pain. It was a real surprise to the doctors, and no less a shock to Mr. Camejo's already grieving wife, who showed up at the morgue to identify her husband's body and found him quite alive and conscious.

Zombie Grandma

It is imperative that we also tell you the story of 95-year-old Li Xiofeng, who was nicknamed Zombie Grandma. The woman who lived in a Chinese village was found dead in her bed one day, or at least everything seemed to indicate that. Since local tradition dictates that a person who has departed from this world should still lie in their home, in a coffin, for a few more days so that their friends and relatives can pay their last respects, this is what was done with the old woman's body. But when, after six days, her son entered the room in which she rested, he discovered to his disbelief that the coffin was empty. However, it did not take long to find the grandmother, for she was sitting in the kitchen preparing a meal for herself as if nothing had happened. So it turned out that the local custom of keeping the coffin in the house actually saved her from being buried alive, and Mrs. Xiofeng herself stated that during the time when she gave no signs of life she simply slept and awoke when she felt hungry.

“Dead” Man Goes To Call Family

A miraculous return from the dead also occurred in Egypt in 1999. It was there that morgue workers in Alexandria experienced horror movie-like scenes when a man, previously presumed dead, suddenly came to life. All witnesses to the event fled in terror, and the would-be dead man got up on his own and set out to find a phone so he could call his family and tell them he was okay.

Scaring The Morgue Workers

Another example is the story of American Walter Williams, who was first to pass from this world in a hospice in Holmes County, Mississippi, and then woke up quite conscious just before the process of embalming his remains, giving the staff in the morgue quite the scare.

How Is It Possible?

All right, but we must now explain how it is possible that there are situations at all in which a seemingly dead person suddenly comes to life again. First of all, this is connected with the occurrence of the so-called Lazarus syndrome, and this name comes from the name of Lazarus of Bethany, who according to the Bible was brought back to life by Christ. People with this syndrome experience an unexpected return of heart function, even though death has previously been declared. However, it is worth noting that it only occurs when resuscitation has previously been performed. Although initially it has no positive effect and the body looks as if it has died, the effects of resuscitation are only seen after some time. This is explained in several ways, such as the fact that drugs given during resuscitation are delayed in taking effect and restarting the heart of the person presumed dead.

Other Theories

In addition to Lazarus syndrome, there are also many conditions that can make a person appear as if they are dead. An example is a catalepsy, which is a trance-like state. When it occurs breathing almost disappears and the body is quite immobile and insensitive to external stimuli. It can last from a few minutes even up to several weeks. the causes of catalepsy are sought in neurological disorders such as epilepsy or Parkinson's disease. We must also mention the so-called locked-in syndrome, in which a person experiences complete paralysis and yet remains conscious. So they can hear everything that is going on around them, including the fact that they are aware that they are sometimes considered dead by doctors, and yet are unable to do anything. Hypothermia, in which the body experiences a potentially fatal drop in temperature, can also be another cause of misdiagnosis of a person as dead, with the heartbeat and breathing slowing down to the point where they are almost imperceptible. According to the opinion of many in this context, the very fact that a person has been pronounced dead is also important. This is because it is believed that doctors simply make a mistake in some cases and declare death too quickly, which can also contribute to the situations you may have heard about in this episode.

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It Doesn’t Always End Well

However, not all such stories have such a cheerful ending, as exemplified by the events that occurred in 2011 in Russia. It was there during a funeral service that a woman named Fagilu Mukhametzyanova, who had been placed in a coffin, suddenly awoke screaming. She had been declared dead a few days earlier after suffering a heart attack, and when she miraculously came to life in the coffin, she was immediately taken to the hospital because she had suffered another heart attack. She ended up in intensive care where, despite fighting for her life, she survived for only 12 minutes, and the doctors concluded without a shadow of a doubt that this time she was gone for good. They also believed another heart attack occurred only because the woman went into shock when she woke up during her own funeral.

It’s Been Happening For A Long Time

Despite appearances, there were quite a few cases of people coming back to life, and imagine that as early as the 19th century, people realized that such situations could occur. This in turn resulted in the invention of the so-called safety coffin, which was patented in 1868. It was equipped with a special cord attached to an alarm bell on the surface so that the buried person could be rescued in case they came to life again. Anyway, in later years, the safety coffin was also supplied with accessories such as a ladder so that the person could get out of the grave after regaining consciousness.

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