Published 2022-05-27
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A Deadly Meteor, 2 Million People Disappearing & Mysterious Creatures. Time Travelers Warning For Our Future?

Reports of the world coming to an end due to an asteroid or some other event that leads to extinction have been around for years. Whether it be due to a prophecy or the alleged spotting of some comet those kinds of articles have been around for a while. But now it seems they have taken a completely different form and that is TikTok videos. There had been several videos on the app that had popped up from self-professed time travelers from distant years who bring news with regard to the future of our planet. What exactly did they say? What major event is supposed to occur this year? Read on to find out.

Contact With Aliens?

One of the anonymous time jumpers claims to have come from the year 2236 and has warned users of the social media site about a number of things that people in our current timeline have to “look forward to”. First, in the clip, the man stated that he knows that people won’t believe him but he stated that he really did come from the future. He then went on to reveal that in 2022 people will have their first real alien contact. The species is called Azarx and they are supposed to touchdown on the south side of Alaska on July 7th.

A Haker Deletes TikToks

There were two other predictions that the man made. The second one involved a hacker by the name of Stak that will supposedly delete over 36.7 million TikTok accounts due to their strong beliefs against social media and that is set to occur on August 13th. And while many commented that this one actually sounds probable the next one was looked at with a bit more skepticism.

A Deadly Meteor

And the third event that’s supposed to happen was the biggest bombshell and that involves a meteor. The man claims that on October 12th, 2022, there will be a deadly meteor named ‘The Draconids’ which is set to hit Europe. He did not give much information with regards to the event but added that there will be many casualties.

Mixed Reactions

Of course, as you can imagine, not everyone believed him. The clip which has gotten over 100,000 views was met with some backlash. Some users made jokes asking why a person from the year 2236 would come back to the present time to make TikTok videos. Others noted that the man previously made predictions that had never come true and to try and make himself look more believable would go back and delete those videos. And yet some had praised him for his thinking that despite the predictions being wrong, he still gets views and followers, which was a smart tactic.

Not The Only TikTok Time Traveller

But he wasn’t the only one. There has been another TikTok user who in one video gained over 6.7 million views, claimed to have gotten his hands on some leaked documents from one time traveler, and talked about three key dates to remember. One of them was July 14th, 2022, during which they reckon that America’s biggest ever earthquake will occur. It will be nicknamed ‘The Great Split’. Some people who study earthquakes and weather patterns have commented that with the extreme changes in weather that had occurred in recent years, such an occurrence wouldn’t be something that would never happen.


Thanos-esque Snap?

The second date to watch out for is August 9th and it sounds like something from a Marvel movie. That is all because, according to the TikTok video, on that day around two million people from all over the world will mysteriously disappear. Though it has not been clarified with that occurrence will be linked to the earthquake in any way. Some TikTok users also noticed the comparison to the Marvel movie, with one such person making a joking saying “bro is living in infinity war”.


Mysterious Creatures

And the third date is October 3rd and on that date mysterious, unknown creatures which are known as Stalkers will begin to start showing up around the world. Though it is worth pointing out that no further information was provided with regard to what these creatures are supposed to look like, and what their intentions are.

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