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Published 2022-06-01
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TikTok Star Needing Surgery After Adult Toy Accident! Can Things Like This Turn Deadly?

Chances are that when it comes to doctors working in the ER they have seen everything. When it comes to finding things in people's bodies that should not have been there it would, or that should not have been that far that they got stuck, sex toys most likely take the number one spot. And most recently a TikToker had shared her story which had resulted in surgery. What exactly happened? Was the situation serious? And just how dangerous can things like this be? Read on to find out.

Who Is The TikToker?

There are some people that at times might feel a little bit too comfortable sharing things on social media with complete strangers. And once such person was a user that went under the handle sophzaloafs who hailed from the United Kingdom. The video where she told her story had gone viral and racked up more than 145,000 likes before she set the video as private.

What Exactly Happened?

In the video the woman shared a story that some had found unbelievable. Telling her 16,000 followers, the woman revealed that she was spending some quality time alone, getting busy with an adult toy when things took a turn for the worse after she couldn’t get the three-inch toy out of her butt. She shared that it was not possible for her to go to the hospital to that night to solve her problem as her children were sleeping. And so the woman tried to sleep with the vibrator still inside of her, adding that the buzzing continued throughout the night.

Going To The Hospital

Eventually the woman fell asleep and when she woke up the toy was off and so she assumed that the battery had run away. Though she had also decided to seek medical help and so she went to the doctors and had an x-ray done. Speaking to her followers about the incident she had said that the doctors had tried to remove the toy with their hands twice but their only option, in the end, was to have it surgically removed.

Surgery Aftermath

From the woman’s retelling of the story, everything went well but she was in for one more surprise. After waking up in the hospital, she had noticed that the toy was in a plastic bag in a kidney dish on a table nearby and to her surprise…it still worked! In her video, she had said: “I think it must've had some cool technology as part of its spec, you know? It must've had a self-timer, it must've just, you know? Or they thought, ‘She had such a good time. Let's replace the batteries for her completely free of charge.” But while everything ended well for this TikTok user, there had been cases when things turned out to be much worse.

Sex Toy Accident Statistics

While this feels like something that you would expect to see on an episode of some medical drama, it is important to note that these accidents, which aren’t all that uncommon, do happen. While there might not be an official record of them, as per national estimate, roughly 18,547 vibrator and 6,468 dildo-related injuries were treated in the US ER departments between 2000-2019. Though there had been times when they had ended tragically.

Tragic Sex Toy Accident

Back in 2014 a 50-year-old British man lost his life due to a sex toy-related incident. Nigel Willis could not remove the toy from his body and had spent five days lying on the sofa of his house in southeast London. The man, who was a diabetic, was left dizzy, weak, and unable to move. Willis had originally refused to go to the hospital out of embarrassment but finally caved in after a friend had begged him to get help. Once there, the 50-year-old was admitted into intensive care after suffering septic shock. Surgeons had managed to remove the vibrator, which had become stuck so deep in Mr. Willis’ rectum it had perforated his bowel which had led to his death.

Ways To Avoid Accidents

Sex educators have tried to educate people on the matter stating that they should always make sure the toys that they are using on themselves or on others, have something that you can grab onto such as a base, handle, wire, or string. Many recommend that the toys have a flared base which will also act as a stopping point so that accidents like this don’t happen.

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