Published 2017-05-19
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What your handshake says about you!

According to a psychology professor, William Chaplin, a person’s handshake is consistent over time and is related to some aspects of his or her personality.” A sweaty palm, not making eye contact, weak grip, these are all the things you should NOT have when you are reaching out to shake someone’s hand! People that shake your hands firmly are always the ones that leave quite a first impression on us and today we will be getting to know their personality more based on the first-hand shake.

1. The Glove

This handshake is the one that is all about comfort and reassurance. Unlike most handshakes, in this one, you take the person’s hand with both your hands to make the other person feel better. You are the type of person that really cares about how others feel. You are always one step behind them to make sure that you are there to support them when they fall.

2. The Push-and-Pull

Push and pull handshake is all about energy and enthusiasm. This way, you are able to express how excited you are to meet the person. You are a friendly genuine person and that will be wired to the one you’re shaking hands with. Just don’t push and pull too hard!

3. The Crusher

This one definitely goes all the way away from FIRM! You might end up crushing the person's hands but that is how you let people know that you are a confident person who knows his way in business! You will achieve whatever you set your mind to.

4. The Wet Noodle

You barely squeeze the person’s hand in this type of handshake. You are a carefree individual. You don’t really like to take charge of anything. Your calm nature makes everyone envious. You don’t care much about what others think about you and go with the flow.

5. The Fast Shake

You are leading a hectic life! You don’t have time for small talks. By shaking the person’s hand in a rush you show that you are the type of person that never beats around the bush and always cuts to the chase of the conversation. You do not daydream.

6. The Lingerer

Social skill is what you are lacking. You just hold on to the handshake more than what is needed and by that you make the person so uncomfortable and he will end up pulling away! You live in the moment and sometimes you hold on to that moment even longer just because you feel like it. Just like your handshake! You are a free spirit and lovely person.

7. The Topper

The person who is controlling the handshake is the dominant one. This is a non-aggressive way of telling the person who the boss is! You are a person with plans. You know what you want in your life and are patient enough to get it.

8. The Fist Bump

Fist bumps are always all about sisterhood or brotherhood however it is an informal handshake. It being an informal handshake indicates how comfortable you are with the person and how thrilled you are to be meeting them. Don’t try this on the first handshake though!

9. The Perfect Handshake

There, of course, is no one who is flawless but this is the best way to shake someone’s hand. According to Forbes there are some important steps to this one, keep good posture, make eye contact, hold your hand out, shake hands firmly, smile, greet the person and repeat their name. It is crazy how every single move of the person can reveal so much about their personality.

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