Published 2017-06-09
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Choose a window to learn more about your personality!

Psychological and personality tests are very popular. Based on our decisions, our favorite activities, skills, and interests, we can say a lot about what kind of person we are. This time we invite you to take a test based on a photo.
Look at the picture, choose the window that you like best, which is the first that gets your attention, and read what this choice is telling about your personality.

1. Window 1

You try to be a very enterprising person. You wish to have your own business that will allow you to administrate your own time. You are certainly a brave person who likes to take risks. You know how to influence others, direct and lead people. You care for profit and you are a successful man.

You perceive yourself as a socialite, self-confident, energetic person. But at the same time, your trend of not being very affectionate in relationships can distance you from people by your side. By others, you are seen as bright, ambitious, but also emotive and impulsive. You need to learn to trust your loved ones more.

2. Window 2

You like to enjoy home and time that you spend with your family. Nothing makes you happier than silence and peace which your home brings to you. At work, you belong to this group of people who like to do a task in a group. You like to advise, explain and care for others or teach them.

You are the empathetic, understanding and patient type who like to help others. That's all that makes you an ideal candidate to be a mom or dad or a perfect coworker. You are perceived by others as tactful, patient, friendly. People around you also think that you are accommodating, cordial and generous. Aren't you sometimes too sensitive?

3. Window 3

You like showing to others how independent you are. You love freedom and you cannot stand stiff rules. You are an individualist and do not like to direct other people. You tend to disciplined people and you are very strict in your convictions. You have the ease of intense thinking and you are good at expressing yourself, but you avoid situations that require leadership.

You are perceived by others as intelligent, educated, independent but also introverted. You have a small group of people you trust. To the loved ones, you are a very loyal person. But you have to learn how to be more flexible in relationships especially when it comes to judging others.

4. Window 4

You’re a natural romantic. Very sensitivity type. You are a person of imagination, open to the environment, optimistic. You are a person who avoids routine and established rules. You prefer unusual situations and creative behavior. But sometimes you have trouble making a decision.

By others, you are perceived as a complicated idealist, unusual, sensitive, creative. However, by the people that surround you, you are also considered to be careless and impractical. You must watch out because the emotions of other people can affect your moods. And think about what you're doing, because you often blindly follow your dreams.

5. Window 5

You are concentrated in the world and you really enjoy life. You love people, and when they sense that, they cling to you. You do not like negative emotions, even indifference can hurt you. You do not like liars, cheaters, lazy people, thoughtless, shallow people. You are convinced that you do everything best by yourself.

You can be incredibly absent-minded. You do not pay much attention to order. You do not remember what you have already done, and what else you need to do. Often, you quickly forget about the idea, generating new ideas that are also very original. You have a problem admitting to guilt. And since you are very sociable, you have problems maintaining a proper distance with other people.

Using psychological knowledge is easier to understand other people. This often positively affects relations with friends, family, co-workers. The ability to define personality allows you to recognize and appreciate the virtues of others, as well as understand and accept the faults of them. Such a knowledge is fascinating each time.

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