Published 2017-06-19
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What your handwriting can say about your PERSONALITY!

Have you ever paid attention to the way that you write? We are not dealing with how well you can write or how cursive your handwriting is. In today’s article, we will give you an insight of what your handwriting can reveal about you. Based on the research done by The National Pen Company in the U.S, your handwriting can reveal 5000 different personality traits. Studying your space between letters, your sign, even how you connect letters can say so much about your personality.

Graphology is the study of handwriting especially used to infer a person's character, personality, and abilities. Today they use your handwriting for different purposes like criminal investigations or even your health. It can be used to diagnose and track diseases. Take a piece of paper and a pen. Write whatever that comes to your mind on that piece and let us analyse it together. Are you ready? Let’s start!

Be meticulous, pay a lot of attention to every detail of your penmanship. Based on The National Pen Company in the U.S., the size of your handwriting can indicate your personality. Large Letters mean that you are outgoing, quite people oriented, eloquent. You are fond of being in the spotlight which may also mean that at times you put on this confident face for people to see.

The average size of handwriting means that you are flexible and get adapted easily. However, people with the smaller size of handwriting are the opposite. They are quite shy and timid. The positive part of these people is that they are diligent and studious. They are concentrated on whatever they are doing and are extremely meticulous but the size is not the only thing that matters. The space between your words also says a lot about your personality.

If you are one of those people that enjoy leaving large gaps between your words, you enjoy your freedom and you don’t like to be tied to the rules. You don’t like to be in places that are overcrowded and you hate to be feeling overwhelmed. On the other hand, if you are leaving narrow space in between, you love to be surrounded by people and hate to be alone. You are intrusive.

What about the way you write the letter ‘l’ and ‘e’? These two letters are quite important when it comes to revealing personality. The type of looping that is being created is the key. Narrow ‘l’ loops mean you are restricting yourself which might lead to feelings of tension. Now, if that loop is wide, things change. In this case, you are quite relaxed and spontaneous. You can easily express yourself.

What about ‘e’? The same loop rule applies here. If the loop you create while writing ‘e’ is narrow, you are prone to be sceptical of others. Feelings won’t get into you. You tend not to be swayed by the emotions of others. However, in the case of having a wide loop, you are an incredibly open minded person. You are open to new idea and love to experience new things. You enjoy experiencing and trying.

Think about all the letters that need dots. How do you dot them? Think of ‘i’. If the dot is high over the base, that means you have a great imagination. If it is on the left that means you tend to be a procrastinator. Right over, means you are detailed-oriented, organized, and empathic is whatever you say. But what if none of these is the case? We still have two more options. If you are slashing your dots, that means you are overly self-critical. You are not patient enough for inadequacy and you cannot stand it when people still make the same mistakes.

The pressure with which you write also can reveal some traits of yours. For instance, if the pressure is heavy, you are excellent in commitments and taking things seriously and when people don’t do that, it sickens you. If the pressure is too excessive then you can be aggressive. You tend to be uptight and when someone criticizes you, you don’t hesitate to fire back.

On the other hand, the light pressure depicts how sensitive you are. You show an empathy for people but also have a lack of vitality. The speed of your handwriting is just as vital. If you write quickly, you are impatient and dislike delays. You don’t like to have your time wasted. Unlike the previous group, if you write slowly, you are more organized and self-reliant. There are so many other factors that can reveal so much of your personality but we only mentioned these.

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