Published 2018-01-05
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Body language experts compare the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan with Prince William and Kate

It is not only the pregnancies of the Duchess of Cambridge who has been stirring the life of the royal family of England. Another event that is casting the spotlight on the British royal family is the engagement of Prince Harry with the actress Meghan Markle and their Royal Wedding. For those who are not yet familiar with Meghan, she has starred in several movies and television series in the United States. Since 2011, she was cast in the series Suits, which portrays the daily life of a successful law firm.

When we finally heard the good news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially announced their relationship through their engagement news, the whole world was already immediately waiting, breathless, over the couple's first interview with the media. At the same day, when the engagement was announced in public, in BBC we could watch their story told by themselves. The couple's 20 minutes revealed far beyond the details narrated by the two...

The couple's 20-minute conversation revealed new details about how they fell in love, how they worked on the long-distance relationship and how has Prince Harry proposed. During the interview, they looked so in love. But even if you were observing everything very closely, you probably still left too many details unnoticed. Thinking about it, today we have brought a very careful analysis of the life of this couple. That's because couples say a lot through very small gestures, and if you do not know how to look, you're missing out on what they can reveal.

Fortunately, it seems that the body language experts could realize that the world was anxious to know much more of this couple, whether through official pronouncements or not. What they did was to carefully examine the interview footage, and used all their knowledge to draw conclusions about what really exists between Prince Harry and Meghan. Every little change of glance, blink and hand gesture, reveal exactly what is in Harry and Meghan's minds.

The first and most obvious comparison made by experts is that the young prince is much more relaxed than his brother when he appeared in this same situation. Prince William and Kate Middleton sat down for their first couple interview in 2010, one year before their wedding. Both the Prince and his future bride seemed very rigid at the time, which was a clear sign of nervousness and anxiety, but the fact that they "mirror" one another's body language reveals that they were/are deeply in love.

The camera was also able to capture many exchanges of warm, and affectionate looks between the two. Specialists say that using hand gestures like Kate's, especially when Will is telling a story, reveal that she is the most serious and "adult" person in this relationship. But when you compare this interview with Harry and Meghan, it's as if they were the night and the day.

Compared to his older brother and neat and very serious Kate Middleton, the young Prince and his fiancee seem totally relaxed and calm during the first interview together in the media. The first thing you will notice is that they are sitting much closer to each other on the couch, a sign that shows they feel comfortable with each other, and they are also holding hands for almost the entire interview. This is not just a sign of closeness, it is also a way to reassure your partner during a stressful time - like a real engagement and the media that surrounds them.

Both Harry and Meghan exchanged passionate looks throughout the interview, but Meghan kept her gaze for good seconds toward her Prince. "Clearly, they're not hiding anything from each other or trying to hide emotions from us," body language expert Traci Brown told Good Housekeeping. For most of the interview, the couple laughed and joked, but things got serious at two different times.

When the interviewer asks about his plans to start a family, the couple is visibly nervous. Meghan starts to touch her hair and blinks quickly. Harry also interrupts the question, so it seems they want their plans to remain private for now. "When Harry talked about having children, Meghan showed a couple of signs of nervousness when she touched her hair and give a short burst of rapid-fire eye blinks. An increase of eye blinks is an uncontrollable physiological response to anxiety or excitement," Cobb said.

Harry seemed also visibly sensitive and serious about explaining how Princess Diana's diamonds feature on Meghan's engagement ring. Look closely: Meghan rubs her thumb in her hand as she answers this question, assuring him that everything is fine. When Prince Harry was talking about his mother's diamonds as part of the engagement ring, Meghan gently and subtly rubbed her thumb against his hand providing silent encouragement and support. This was a nonverbal way of saying, 'It's okay. I'm with you,'" Cobb mentioned.

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