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11 Incredible photos that show that the ANGLE is everything in a photo

Nowadays, thanks to the development in the field of photography, it is practically impossible not to have a good camera at all times. Whether within the cell phone or in a single device, any excuse is good to be able to take advantage of the ideas we have as much as possible and translate them into a digital image. And it is precisely thanks to this latest advance, which let us have the picture without having to take them out on paper, that the games of perspective and ingenuity have become very popular, such as the pictures you will be seeing throughout this article!

1. Vacuum fall

The first impression we all have when seeing this shot is to think about the reason that can drag a person to love both a bicycle and to be able to risk their lives for it. With an impressive fall into the void in which he will surely die horribly, this snapshot would undoubtedly be an example of love for a material object. Or at least it would be if it were not because the guy is really lying on the ground and not hanging. That or the cyclist's tracks in the area are too expensive. Sometimes you have to know how to correctly look at each photograph to detect the trap.

2. Who is upside down?

At first, we can think that it is an effect of some program of photo retouching, but the truth is that this angry man could not be sitting so placidly if the laws of gravity did their job. Of course, in this case, we have to believe that it is the road that is well placed and that the effect is a physical exercise on the part of the model. It is certainly much easier than changing the physical laws for your snapshot.

3. Vertical pool

Usually, if we pour a glass of water, the contents fall. But we have watched so many science fiction movies, in which authentic physical miracles are shown, that we are already capable of believing anything. On this occasion, however, it is simply about turning the camera, which gives free rein to possible advances in the future to relax. It may be a luxury in space that we will soon be able to enjoy. We will have to wait to see it in person.

4. Death ... Sure?

Few things are so overwhelming like a fall into the void in which you will surely see your own death. And possibly one of them is to see how someone you love is the one who falls into the void without you being able to do anything to save him. Luckily, in this case, it was just another perspective effect because really the person who is "safe" is lying on the ground and the other simply jumping. Although we must admit that it is the best effects on the list.

5. Supreme ability

It seems that this girl has acquired a domain and absolute control over her own balance to be able to climb a ramp like that without falling. Unfortunately, the reality is that his long hair falling in the opposite direction to the direction of gravity betrays the real trick she has used. She is really just walking backward while putting her hands on the ceiling. Surely her idea of ​surprising everyone was left alone in her head. Camera effects do not always arise from programs and technological retouching, but sometimes come from the image itself.

6. Chinese Wall

The largest construction that humanity has ever built, the Wall of China, is undoubtedly one of the most photographed. But few people would have thought of doing it in this peculiar way, seeming to hold a wall quietly, when the truth is that you are leaning on the ground. He may have had to look back, however, to avoid photographing two other tourists who walk by breaking the perspective. Or maybe it was his original idea. Sometimes we play to be gods with the photographs.

7. Giant

Although it may seem at first that the girl in the photograph is not holding any toy boat and, far from it, a real one with her hands. It is an effect of perspective that everyone has done in their lives. What is true is that few of us managed to capture it well without help and much less with as much aim as this girl does. Although if we want a good assortment of blunders in this type of photographs, we only have to go to any emblematic monument such as the Tower of Pisa or the Eiffel Tower.

8. To think

What better place to think quietly than a park where you hang several meters high on a bench that is attached to a wall with grass? Okay, possibly at this point in the story you've already realized the trick. Actually, the boy has been placed kind of upside down, using the backrest as a seat. We imagine that the result will have pleased him, but we cannot stop thinking about what people would think when they saw him in the park so relaxed in that position. The next photograph is a work of art.

9. Work of aquatic art

For those who are not too expert in the art of swimming, to imagine that someone can make such a delicate photograph seems to us as a real miracle. No doubt the composition of the image was something worthy of praise, but even more so is the ability of the model to be able to stay as if it were floating on the water, just the other way around. Let the magic of the capture itself invite us to think how there are people with the ability to capture that exact moment.

10. Water musicians

Again we find an image that seems to be taken from a science fiction movie. In it we can see musicians that appear from a water door, crossing it in a solemn way. Although it is clear that it is actually a group of people who are floating in a pool. What we do not know is how someone can play a wind instrument and stay on the surface at the same time. The magic of photography sometimes exceeds the limits of reason.

11. Superman

As if he were a real Superman, this young man manages to hold a fearful couple using only his hand and without making the slightest effort. Both models may have managed to take good care of the positions, but it is completely clear that this is another perspective game in which both are lying on the floor without doing more work than controlling the looks and movements. But despite that, they deserve to be on the list. In the following photograph, we can find one of the most careful effects.

There is a lot of situations that not only an angle and settings is important but also a right moment of taking them. If you liked the previous photos, you will love also breathtaking pictures captured at the right moment!

1. Fireman with the wings

This picture taken by Ricardo Cuba shows firefighter and it was taken in a very right second so the person seems like a winged man. Although the picture became viral as a symbol of the earthquake in Mexico, it was taken after a small fire in the Ministry of Defense of Peru in 2016. As the author said to the newspaper Lucidez "The photo speaks for itself and I think that's why it's so accepted, it's comparing firefighters with guardian angels who only lack wings because their work is the same, take care of us".

2. Ghost or material?

This photo was taken completely by accident and circulated the internet without the owner's name. It is only said that this is a picture of a photographer's mother who has caught the moment when the woman was brushing off the material. It looks amazing, does it not? As if she shaped the figure that is watching her. Or as if the ghost was approaching her. Probably everyone sees something else in it.

3. Father the hero!

As we can see in this picture that fathers are really amazing. Here is the proof of what love and reflexes can do. How amazing that the photographer managed to capture this amazing moment as well. The photo shows how the father saves his son from a very serious hit. By blocking the baseball bat with his hand he would not let it hit his child in the face. It was pretty close and dangerous...

4. Bumble bee carrying the Sun

Nature is amazing and captivating at the same time. In the picture, we see a bumble bee that carries the Sun. Of course, this is a coincidence and the sharp eye or luck of the photographer who captured the moment in perfect time. We must admit that this photo looks like an amazing film shot that could be found in some animation. Or just like a motivation picture with a lot of love, caring and smile.

5. Treble clef

Someone once said that music is everywhere. Looking at this photo you can actually believe it. A man who was in the subway and watching something on his mobile pulled one of the earphones out of his ear. And it would not be surprising if it was not for the fact that the cables put into a treble clef! It is also amazing that the photographer was able to spot it in the crowd and quickly take a picture. One movement could destroy everything...

6. Funny horse

OMG, have this horse just eaten the smaller one? Why? Of course not. This is only a proof of sharp eye of a photographer, and for the effect called perspective. Who would say that horses have such a great sense of humor? And do you know that horse's teeth grow constantly, about 4 mm per year? What's more, they are systematically rubbed about 2 mm per year, as a result of grinding the food intake.

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