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4 Most disconcerting magic tricks were revealed for the public...

Most of us have grown up with numerous series, movies and science fiction books in which we saw many of its protagonists use supernatural powers to live enviable adventures. Who has not heard of "The Great Houdini", "Harry Potter", "Alice in Wonderland", "The Wizard of Oz", "Mary Poppins", "Merlin the Magician",... or at least, if you are one of the youngest, from "The Wizards of Waverly Place" or "Frozen"? And when Christmas arrives, who do we expect to bring us our gifts?

In spite of the general assimilation of the fictitious character that magic has, the mere observation of practical reality shows that it is a fundamental part of our development and socialization process. Magic condenses many of our hopes to live, to escape, to be something else. It is one of those things that our mind needs to accept despite the thousand pieces of evidence against it that reason presents.
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In fact, contrary to what the majority believes, we do not stop believing in it because of our inability to explain its fit in reality and its principles. We stop believing when we lose the illusion and accept the stability of routine in our lives as our highest aspiration. Magic dies with our dreams of living the life of the child we carry inside. But, this remains, because it is a vital part of us, and the day that ends, we finish.

That is why from time to time, although our infantile self-remains buried for 99% of the time, we still have the possibility of letting it fly for a few seconds. Moments that we enjoy. And precisely this explains how, even when we are already in mature ages, we still have these doubts about whether the trick has been real when we sighted a magic show. For a few thousandths of a second we all doubt, and even if we come to the conviction that everything is a trick, we often prefer not even to know it.

"It must be too complex," we tell ourselves. "That guy must be a genius without a doubt, very skilled." We say this when the truth is that we may not want to know the organized truth behind the show. And, if we learned, we would lose the pleasure of surprising ourselves. And in times so empty that we live, it is difficult to find anything that excites us, that makes us vibrate deep inside. We want to believe, what we need to believe.

For that reason it does not seem unreasonable to consider if when we go to a magical spectacle, we are the ones who accompany our friends, children, cousins,... or if they are the ones who accompany us. However, there are always exceptions to the rule, and people who prefer to know. Therefore, in this article, we bring you the truth that hides behind the most common tricks that we usually enjoy in magic shows. If you are one of those who choose to continue being surprised, do not keep reading!

Likewise, we would like to clarify beforehand the explanation of these magical secrets, that we profess great respect towards what is usually said about good magicians: "a good magician does not tell his tricks". Even so, we also want to leave a record, so that if it is necessary to warn, that in the modern era of technology, hiding from the viewer the tricks that hide behind each game that the magicians pose, is quite complicated.

If we observe 1,000 times that photo or video of the trick you went to see last weekend, it is much more likely that you will end up discovering something that you would not have had any idea about in the past. The same happens if you search the internet for numerous information related to a particular trick. Between so much theory, you will always give something and the probabilities of hitting multiply. So, without further delay, we began the announced process of destruction of illusions only suitable for the most daring.

1. Run over by a truck

We started the disembowelment of the most known tricks, with one of the hardest we usually witness in these shows. It is often called "truck overrun" or something similar, although what it really consists of is the passage of a large vehicle over the magician in question. For this reason, it is not technically an outrage, although with this name the game sells more

Well, the way to circumvent the effects that should really have this trick if we attend to the principles of physics on the body of the practitioner is putting counterweights in the back of the truck. With the counterweight there is no pressure and the defenseless person does not suffer any harm, since the weight he supports is much less than he supposedly should. Obviously, these counterweights must be located in the region referred to so that they are hidden from the public.

2. Read the mind

We now talk about another of the great topics of the world of magic, the trick of reading the mind. All games related to this type of work are based on the most basic psychology, and what wizards usually do is to choose according to this the response that appears most likely. For example, when a magician poses to his audience the trick of the "The Grey Elephant From Denmark", a well-known game that usually amazes everyone.

The artist is engaged in asking some questions from his audience about mathematics, after which the answer will always be the same. So usually start by asking us to choose a number from one to ten. In second instance, depending on the chosen figure, we will be asked to carry out a certain mathematical operation (x 2, divide by 2, add 8, subtract something,...) with the objective that the result is always 4, you will believe that you have reached this number casually, but it is all thought ahead.

Then he will ask us to relate it to the letter of the alphabet corresponding to his order, with the result that this will always be the "D". Then he asks us to choose the letter that happens to the latter, that is, the "E". Finally, the magician asks you to think of an animal that begins with that letter and that you try to imagine the color of this beast along with its country of origin. Coincidentally we will always get "Gray elephant from Denmark".

3. Cut a person with a saw

We are facing that in all likelihood is one of the oldest tricks of illusionism. It was performed for the first time by the magician Torrini, in the year 1809. A person gets into a box and the magician claims to be able to keep it alive despite going to cut his body with a saw. In fact, after making the cut, it will separate the boxes and put them back together in order to prove their ability. And obviously, the volunteer of the box will end up in a one-piece trick. So what is behind it?

The trick is based on the perspective of the boxes with respect to the spectators, as well as in false holes present in this rectangular container. The truth is that there are multiple different variants of the same trick, but the most legendary is that it consists of placing two different people in each of the parts of the box that is going to be cut. From one of these we will see only the upper part, and from the other, the lower one, with what will appear as one. But in reality, they are not, and this is the way in which the box can be split and separated without anyone getting hurt badly.

4. Convert coffee into coins

This famous trick by David Blaine is famous all over the world. The game begins with the taking of a pair of coffee cups made of plastic material, from which the magician will cut one in half and then fill them with coins. Then he will make a small hole in the base of the larger glass, and later he will place a sponge inside. Finally, put the glass with coins on top of the other, and put your finger inside the hole, action with which you will get the smaller glass to move up and leave the coins free. The coffee will end up absorbed in the sponge.

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