Published 2018-05-04
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A test done by a renowned psychologist! Choose a key and discover your hidden personality!

We occasionally like to present fun personality tests that are enjoyable and also you can learn something interesting about human nature. Maybe you will even discover details that define you and about which you had no idea before. A simple choice can reveal your tastes, preferences, strengths or weaknesses and many other things. How is that possible? All thanks to a psychological phenomenon which consists of all the unconscious factors, personal tendencies, and deep desires. Specialists are able to reverse this process and find the factors that influenced our choice.

That is why today we invite you to try this test with us and to know the hidden corners of your personality. All you have to do is to choose one of the keys you can see below. Do not think too much and do not look for details and answers. Concentrate on what you feel and you will see that there is always a key that catches your attention in particular.

1. Single key

You have chosen the simplest and most common key from all presented. It has no ornaments and is the most effective key to open the doors and you are the same. In other words, you do not concentrate excessively on your outlook and on the "adornments", but you have well-defined ideas, goals in life and you know what you serve. You are a very rational person, analytical and very determined. The lack of decorations may mean that you are not always comfortable with other people, especially in the case of artificial situations. Your way of being is so direct and simple that you can feel vulnerable and fragile, but you are able to go through all kind of situations as long as you focus on your goal.

2. The reliable key

If you pay attention to the key number 2, you have to know that you have chosen the reliable key that is able to open any doors in an enchanted castle. It is said that others see you as a charismatic, innovative and trustworthy person. You know how to value friendship, you are faithful and expect the same from your friends. That's why your circle of friends may not be the most extensive in the world, but it's a small group that you can always trust.

3. The rare key

If you have noticed the key with number three, you have chosen the strange one. What does it mean? Surely you are a very confident person and you believe in yourself. Otherwise, would you risk choosing the rarest key? The teeth of this key can be very misleading and you cannot know for sure if the door you want to open will actually be opened. You are a determined person and your head is full of a thousand ideas. If you are challenged, you accept it without thinking twice. You like to have the control of your life and you are always willing to undertake any adventure that waits for you around the corner.

4. The clover key

Have you chosen the key number four? And did you notice that this key is shaped like a four-leaf clover? Yes? No? Probably yes! You are a very cheerful person, relaxed and always optimistic, who looks at the good side of every situation. Unfortunately, your great joy can lead you to make impulsive decisions. Anyway, you have a great gift that many people want: the ability to spend their lives with a smile from ear to ear.

5. The decorated key

You have chosen the most decorated key of all presented. It is similar to the keys from fairy tales and princess' rooms in fantasy stories. That means you are a creative dreamer with a curious personality and a vivid imagination. You are a true artist and if something defines you more than anything else is that you love with all your heart. You take things personally and sometimes your unique and incomparable personality is very badly seen by others. That is why you can feel bad received by the group, excluded and not understood.

6. The classic key

Have you chosen the classic key? So we are sure that you are very rational and you are guided by logic. You can concentrate easily but at the same time, it is very difficult for you to leave your comfort zone. That's why you can become overprotective with everyone you love, including your family, your partner or your friends. You became mature very fast in life and you have only clear ideas. You are admired by others although you can feel the lack of spontaneity and madness in your life.

Did you like this test? Have you discovered anything new about yourself?
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